21 to 27 November 2016 Weekly Love Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope

All Signs Weekly Horoscope 21 November 2016 

Some loved ones have an air of authority about them, others seem to be fazed and a little dazed by anything from which vitamins to take to which to avoid. And this week you want them to entertain you. However, the classsy self-controlled family members will turn out to be insecure and vulnerable, their worries revealed on the sofa as you listen with complete sincerity to their woes. The fazed lover or partner will come alive, they have visions, imagination a direction to follow and want you to join them on their travels. Wisely, commit yourself to no-one, just yet. Otherwise the months to come will belong to those who value power over you, rather than love for you.

I'm always going on about self-belief. How we need it in bucketloads if we are to move on, free ourselves from emotional chains, start afresh or move with our partner onto a different level of loving and acceptance. But, of course, self-belief isn't something you can buy off the shelf. And neither does it just suddenly appear by wishing it. In fact, it's a rather hard quality to identify with or 'feel'.  Elusive and challenging, we see other people with oodles of the stuff, others with none, and wonder if we 'have it' or we're imagining it. This week, you have all the help from the cosmos to analyse those doubts and fears about love and transform it all into a strength that encompasses not only self-belief, but self-value too.

For quite some time now you've been unsure of one love interest. Whether they've been around for yonks, or if single, someone new. If this is a current partner, perhaps the initial infatuation has now begun to wear off. You fell in love, tumbled into the pit of romantic idealism, and have recently come out again, wishing you hadn't. But the reality is before you.
This stranger that you love, or live with, is not who you thought. You projected your hopes, desires, best qualities and not so good ones onto them, and now they can't carry this for you anymore, and they're just them. Someone with teir own characteristics, inner child and the mature adult without. Can you love this person for who they are, not what you want them to be? If single, make your choice with care.

Long-term love and passion are not mutually exclusive. Yes, you can be a companion and equal and still have moments of perfect symmetry and sexual bliss. But it all comes down to want you really, truly want. Especially when your dear partner wants this, you want that. But with insight, and that magical peppering of confidence from the cosmic line-up, you realise that talking about love is how to keep it healthy. Transform that niggling disappointment that perhaps love or your partner has let you down, into a realisation that it's just an illusion generated by your own idealism. Suddenly, you're no longer a lonely wanderer in love's crazy pathways, and you are no longer travelling to avoid yourself. In fact, you are journeying to complete yourself.

Well this week's change of energy is is what I would seriously call 'the witching hour' for your relationship world. But why? Well, for starters Venus, lovely and seductive as she is, brings a sparkle to your eye and a kind of renewed faith in your own self. A realisation that you are enigmatic, loveable and giving. OK, you may be moody and unpredictable, but you're also passionate and loyal. And it's that apparent contradiction in yourself which others find hard to understand. They cannot quite see how you can be two sides of the same coin.  No doubt,  friends or family, or even partners accuse you of not being mature about love. You've probably heard the lines ' you don't seem very secure, you're so erratic, so changeable.' The only answer you can give right now is to tell those who cannot see beyond the end of their own static little noses, that change, transformation, and a little unpredictability are what make you feel good to be alive.

This week's full moon will push all kinds of love buttons. You feel like swooning in front of someone's feet if single,  you wish you were back in the days of 'great, fantastic, mind-blowing sex', if attached. But those feelings need activation. Don't just let them fester within, make them real in the external world. Make that big sex thing happen with your partner, or get out and about and socialise and take a chance on new romance. After all, life's too short to take a back seat, isn't it? In fact, you're suddenly propelled into thinking and acting in a very different way from the past. Destiny is in your hands, and you can take control of the future and create something beautiful, real and long-lasting if you honour your individual needs and desires rather than try to shove them into a tin like mushy peas.

There's two ways of looking at your chart this month. The first, you're absolutely besotted with someone to the extent you can't eat, drink, or exist without thinking about them. The second, you feel trapped in a relationship and can't for the life of you work out why. Almost like the Lady of Shalott, who cried 'the curse has come upon me!" A sense that you can't move on or out or up or away from something or someone. We can put this all down to Saturn. Gradually it lumbers on, clamping you to the rails like a Suffragette, forcing you to see that the obstacles in your life are actually ninety-nine percent self-imposed. The key to the lock is in your hand. Dare you use it?

Oh Scorpio, Scorpio, what a week to be sure. The full moon is blazing your name in the heavens - is this love coming your way? But you still can't escape this feeling of imprisonment. It's easy for me to say, snap out of it, take responsibility for your actions, learn to love from afar, accept there are no conditions in love, etc etc, but I know that these words will be falling on empty ears. The planets will simply inflate all your feelings out of proportion. But when you see a vision of what will be, don't ignore it; when you touch someone's heart, soul and spirit and know there is a way forward, don't judge them, or yourself, or let go of that touching. Love with the light of yourself, rather than in the shadow of others' expectations. You are about to be set free.

You may not notice Jupiter as it lingers in the sky each night. There could be clouds in the sky as penetrating gusts of wind chill the winter evenings. This weather keeps you inside and you prefer to snuggle up to someone or to the cushions. There are other reasons you might not see Jupiter. A party, yours perhaps, in full swing. But you will know Jupiter is there. This strange influence brings regrets, desires, love and emotions full circle from this time last year to now. Did you stand beneath the stars before and wonder if your hopes and dreams would ever come true? So how will this week effect you, and how will you know what will be there for you?  Well, if you can't see it, then you will feel it. It will stir your bones, send shivers down your spine, make your hair stand on end, and remind you that deep down inside, feelings never go away.

Think back twelve months ago. Who were you with? The one you are with now? Another? Alone? And think back to what you felt and what you cried for or what you yearned for. And now are they the same things? And if so it's time to finally free yourself from the wounds and embrace a new direction. You can start to breathe fresh romantic air if single, or complete the next stage to mutual understanding and acceptance of each other's needs, if attached. There is a part of you that has grown, evolved and changed, another which clings mercilessly on to the consistent, painful or not. But it's up to you to make sense of all that is love. It's up to you to be realistic, it's up to you to put your foot down where it hasn't been before, and it's up to you to make a plan for long-term contentment.

This week's full moon allows you to realise that you hold the future in your own hands. Fate is you, what you are is what you attract into your world. What you love loves you back, and so on. You can free yourself from the chains of thinking 'what might have been', and living your life full of regret. This week,  'If only' flips to 'let's move on.'  Monogomous may not exactly be your middle name, but a fly-by-night you're not. Time to let in passion in with the moonlight. Then you will see this week's full moon for what it is. A reflection of your deepest self: the wild one, the sensual one, the pagan one and yet the sophisticated lover and artist of life. Don't squish this part of you, start to honour it.

There's a bit of you that wants to see the light.  I mean, the bit of you that speaks of time and knows the past. The bit of you that is magician, angel, guardian spirit or lover. And the bit of you which wants to create something materially secure, appreciated and of value in the world. Perhaps it's time to be a permanent home-maker and forget about juggling your lifestyle around family and work? Or do you want both? Or do you just want romance and nothing but?  The wake-up call from the full moon this week give you the strength to tell partners, colleagues or loved ones what your real relationship goals are. For now, modify your plans, communicate those ideas, and the days will be suddenly filled with joie de vivre and excitement for what is to come.

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