24 to 30 October 2016 Weekly Love Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope


I suspect you've been rather confused lately. A niggling, centred-less feeling keeps getting to you. As if, as if something is missing in your love life, but you can't quite grasp what it is. And Jupiter's continued battering effect, means that trying to discover what this lack of something is - rather like trying to build a sandcastle with the tide coming in - keeps getting washed away. But there's an equally powerful feeling of something bigger and better out there. Romantic escapades, deeper love, new challenges on the horizon. And building a sandcastle of dreams on the beach of love depends now on starting it well away from the incoming tide, just above the high tide mark.


Frankly, there are times when a little provocation often brings out the best in you. Air your grievances, but do so with that amazing ability to see his point of view too. The last thing you want is for him to react the wrong way when everything seems to be going right.  Single or attached, romance is in the air again, and you're ready for a mutual adventure.  But gently remind your lover that you do need to have space to yourself, and you also need to divide your time between your friends, work and your relationship. Let your partner know that you trust and believe in him utterly. But it's also important that he trusts and honours your needs too. One-way love usually leads only to a one-way street out of a relationship. Make sure you're both truly earning your two-way ticket to paradise.


Think about this carefully. There are two faces to Gemini. One who utilises her charm factor, diplomatic skills and love of romance to keep relationships light-hearted and creative. The other (the shadow side), who will do anything to seek approval, and who doesn't really love herself enough to
take responsibility for her choices. And I'm sure you've been in those situations where you respond automatically by saying 'yes', or you feel uncomfortable in a crowd unless everyone's attention is on you.  But this week the face in the mirror is more self-aware. If single, you draw intelligent characters into your life. In fact, you are natural, seductive, authoritative and balanced.


With Venus's enlightening influence in the most expressive part of your chart it's time to dump emotional angst and start to be more open about your true feelings. Rather like your 'true colours' they are shining bright right now. The more you activate the truth within, then the more likely you are to meet someone who can share in the process.  It's time to relinquish self-sabotaging behaviour (don't keep telling yourself you're not good enough to be loved). Give up on that cognitive distortion where you pick out something negative about your man or admirer, and dwell on it to the exclusion of anything positive. (Your vision of reality will then only be inky and dark)  Welcome the positive, and you welcome true love into your world.


'Tell me who you love, and I will tell you who you are' said the writer, Houssaye. And this astute quote wll have much meaning for you this week, as romance take you by storm and you're either falling in love with someone new, tangled up in a love triangle or about to tie the ultimate knot. Of course, you might simply obey the 'rules' of the love game and play safe. But if you're at all like any of my Leo friends, then I'm going to stick my neck out and say that when it comes to rebellion versus obedience, the former will always win. Can you honestly say that you will 'obey' anyone apart from yourself?  Don't kid yourself or anyone else. Go your own way and honour your freedom.


Don't jump to conclusions or conclude without any evidence that your partner is acting negatively towards you. It's time to listen as well as speak, touch souls as well as physically merge, and to open your heart to what you truly want. Reflect on Blaise Pascal's well-known line that 'the heart has its reasons which reason knows not of'. And if you are loving your partner because of his visions, his DIY or sexual skills, then please remember that this is who you are too. And if you are falling in love with someone, then who he is, will tell you who you are. The planets simply confirm to you that loving yourself, means you need to maintain some kind of independence so that you can love someone with body, heart and soul. It's never too late to be ambitious in love as your are in work.


I know you can solve everyone else's problems, juggle the budget and still look gorgeous. But after an unusually busy, yet satisfying few weeks, you're ready to collapse into the loving arms of someone close. Walking the fine line between crusading for others, and being true to yourself is a difficult act. So remember to cherish some personal space. This week, you have every opportunity to achieve great personal happiness in any new venture.  But remember, now that Saturn is a constant in your sign, there will be times when you feel like you're having to battle a lover or partner to be heard. Enjoy a little light-hearted banter and chaos.


This week could become the arena for some pretty pleases and some difficult decisions to be made. There's really no choice but to open up about your own personal doubts, liberate your inner voice, and show that you have as much right as anyone else to live according to your values. If they gel with those of your partner or lover, then that's fine. But make sure you're not deceiving yourself. Consider whether you feel under some obligation from others, from your partner if attached, or if single, just from your own sense of, "well if I give up now, then maybe I'll never find anyone else". There IS someone special out there, and it won't be very much longer before you realise who it is.


There is something curious about your feelings. A strange psychic awareness that the cycles and rhythms of your physical and emotional behaviour are beginning at last to be more consistent with a partner or admirer. And if single, a knowledge, intuitive rather than empirical, that you're about to embark on a course of personal awakening to sexual happiness. "Love is the magician, the enchanter that changes worthless things to joy........with it, earth is heaven and we are gods."  And as we dig deeper with the Scorpio sun, you're going to feel like a goddess in body and spirit. With a sparkling links this week, you discover exactly the truth about your own feelings and his. So let love work its magic for you - it's now or never to make a commitment to your happiness.


So which is to be? Floundering in confusion, unsure of what you want or need, or creating a new solid foundation with the one you're with? And if single, the empty place and emotional gap can now be filled by the kind of lover or partner who understands your need to be number one in the relationship. Look, Mars is simply creating ego conflicts and the odd power battle out there. Mr Right is probably more worried about his 'alpha male' status than he is about any spiritual affinity. But behind that male ego is also another lonely child, like your own. And behind that hardened male scepticism is a soul. This week you can start to make romantic tracks again towards the twin flames of a true soul-mate.


This week, we can equate this divergence of roads with something powerfully divergent in your life. In fact, you are about to take the one less travelled by, and if you do so, I promise you, it will make all the difference to your love life for the better. There's a kind of cyclical feel to relationships. If single, one ending, a chapter closing, or one beginning. If attached, maybe just a realisation that it's time to diversify, to welcome change, to evolve together rather than apart. This week, relationship wounds are dumped, but more importantly,  you can free yourself from the chains of your attachment to those wounds.


This is a time of emotional healing, but it's also a time when if you deny that you need some kind of re-vision of the way you love, you simply end up deceiving yourself. Similarly, you might deny your desire for someone, saying 'no, of course I don't feel that, who me?' So that 'feeling' is something you've got to acknowledge, honour and express. I suggest you do the following to awaken you to your true needs in a love relationship. Write down on slips of paper a word for each feeling you believe you do NOT experience right now, whether it's anger, hate, joy or resentment. Then simply toss them in the air, and catch one randomly. Then try to express that feeling honestly, and it will make all the difference to your love for someone else, as well as love for yourself.

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