3 to 9 October 2016 Weekly Love Horoscope

Weekly Horoscopes


An ancient Greek philosopher said 'what difference does it make how much you have? What you do not have amounts to much more."  So, let's say it would make no difference if you had the kind of love in the world that we are all perhaps seeking. Romantic tete-a-tetes, the knowing smiles, anticipation of the sexy nights head, and most of all respect, and unconditional acceptance. Then let's say you don't have any of the above, and actually it feels empty. A vast landscape of nothing, where even the clouds don't pass by, and nothing grows. We fill it only with our personal demons - like fear, resentment, anger, envy and self-deception. And they seem larger than life, their presence menacing, monstrous and sometimes impossible to squish. This week it's time to fill your life with love for yourself. It's your right.


This week you're feeling the need to start afresh, or to make the odd sacrifice. Like giving up the things or people who aren't appropriate as you move forward. Or like saying you're going to put an end to stupid imaginings and illusions in the love department. And, of course, there's nothing to stop you except yourself. We all do it, don't we? Believe that the kind of love that is right for us will eventually happen. That two worlds will collide, magically, coincidentally or ill-met by moonlight. And when it doesn't exactly go according to the book, we feel desperately inadequate, or that life isn't being fair. This week, you realise that things are about to change for the better.


Right now with Jupiter and Uranus making tense aspects to your natal sun, it's hardly surprising you feel something's 'missing' in your life. Even if you're attached, a fleeting thought occurs that maybe you could have more, do better, have more space and so on. Yet the planets this week herald a new
direction. One where you're in command. Where you can at last say to someone current or someone new, 'look I'm pretty sure I know what's right for you, but I've forgotten myself in all this. I need to honour my needs.' And with Mars brandishing self-motivated swords of desire and determination left right and centre, it's time to slay those personal demons of self-doubt and be a champion for a very important crusade. Your own.


Lovers and friends expect a lot of you. In fact, you're exceptionally skilled at being an impartial, non-judgemental observer of their crazy deeds. And you delight in pointing out it's their right as an individual to do what they must do. And subsequently, they're guiltless and enriched for knowing you. But what about your own feelings? You probably know about every psychological theory under the sun, but do you really know what your emotional needs are all about?  Perhaps this week, you can address that fear of feeling. Don't be embarrassed by emotion, don't treat is a weakness or a flaw in your character, because after all, you're only human. Let someone into your private world a little. Join the humanity club -  it's a world-wide one. And it's healing.


If attached, who is this person you live with? Do you really know them, do they really know you? If single, why is it you keep falling into the same relationship patterns which don't work? How can you break free from that? But the planets are giving you an awareness of yourself. Like any human being you have a right to be loved in the way that suits you. So don't sacrifice those needs and desires because others say 'I know what's best for you', or 'darling, you really look awful in that colour", or 'who do you think you are, anyway?" Be vain, merge and leave again, accept that you're capricious at times, consistent at others. This is you. Look at yourself with honesty and awareness and 'Know Thyself'.


Don't let lovers or admirers distort your sense of love or your sense of who you are.  Gaze within as well as without, and take responsibility for how you want to be loved. It's your autonomy that's now at stake.  And if you're not already a 'Star Trek' fanatic, then this week, you're going to have to act like one at least.  'To boldly go where no woman has gone before' could be your catch-phrase. Now outer space and the distant galaxies beyond the solar system have little to do with sun-sign astrology. However, there is something about all that unexplored cosmic infinity that niggles you. It's not that you literally want to jump into a space ship, but outer space is a rather nice analogy for being 'out of one's mind' about new romance, or when we fall headlong into an infatuation. This week you can enjoy this kind of trip.


Romance beckons, and whether single or attached you just can't but help wondering if there's more to life than mere coincidence. Is this meant to be? Is the cosmos telling you something about the synchronisty of life and love? Especially when you fall for someone for no apparent reason (what's reason got to do with love anyway?) They have the right look, the right eyes, body, smell, whatever. Infatuation puts you on a high and the object of your desire is equally infatuated with you. With Venus's influence, you have the energy, cheek, and charisma to move closer to someone, get your way, or fly off to the milky way and leave them floundering in your wake.


There's a mirror on a mantelpiece or chest of drawers somewhere on your home. And if you look carefully at your reflection, you will see yourself in a new light. You may reach out to touch your reflection, but it's just an illusion. You cannot touch yourself in the mirror, but you can see yourself. This is the elusive nature of you, and how sometimes you are more like the one you're with, than yourself. I believe that you're searching for something utterly profound through your love relationships but you're not quite sure what it is. Love too, runs and hides, and 'whoosh',  disappears in a puff of smoke each time you try to claim it, or attach yourself to it. This week, things become much clearer, the mirror reflects your honesty, and you become a lot wiser. Love is intangible, you can't touch it, but you can imagine and see it coming your way.


Are you are ready to climb mountains for love, to free yourself from the chains of routine or boredom and discover real joy in life's adventures? Well, this week Joni Mitchell's song comes to mind. "I am on a lonely road and I am travelling, looking for something, what can it be?" It's likely that you literally either want to upstick and move on down that road, or truly find a new meaning in life and love. So ask yourself, what is it I'm searching for?  Are you happy to be in a long-term committed relationship with the accompanied responsibilites? And if yes, doesn't that relationship require equality,friendship, mutual respect for each other's independence and freedom? Or do you seriously want to go it alone? Time to set your personal record straight.


How honest are you? Perhaps too honest, and this week, you might side with tactless opinion. And the candle that illuminates the truth of your real desires could turn into an explosive stick of dynamite - in fact, you end up expressing yourself with about as much sensitivity as a politician. You stamp your foot, stare at your face in the mirror and wonder, just wonder what it's all about. This life, this love, or lack of it. And if single, you begin to realise that you have the spirit to start afresh. It's time to get on with loving yourself. Whether in love, attached or single, there's a strong desire to go your own way, or find a new way to relate, because admit it, it's not just domestic bliss you're after, but glorious adventure too.


Like Atalanta, the Amazonian huntress in greek mythology, it is possible to commit yourself to one man, but only if he can outrun you. Atalanta never wanted to marry, she preferred the company of warriors and heros, won races against them, and drove men wild with desire. It was only Hippomenes who beat her by scattering golden apples in her path. Curiosity overcame her and she stopped to pick them up. How could she resist someone who could match her for ingenuity? The resonance of this myth to your life right now is particualrly revealing. Because like each golden apple on the path, it is the next romance , the next place, the next journey which drives you on. If your man or admirer can chuck a few of those choice apples down that road, then maybe, just maybe this could be a chance to stop and pick one up. Maybe you've met your match?


Probably your pals are wishing they could be like you. Compassionate, funny and optimistic. But you do have a dark side. We all do. What they don't know, is that you do find it hard to live in the so-called 'real' world, because this so-called tangible place is filled with limitations, and it's hard for you to accept the human side of yourself when you'd rather be off with the fairies. However, this week, you come down to earth a little bit thanks to Mercury's rationalising influence.  Generous, excited and ready for anything, you prove that however much envy you create in your wake, it's your 'joie de vivre' that rubs off on those who truly count.

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