7 to 13 November 2016 Weekly Love Horoscope

Love Horoscopes (week beginning 7th November)

We are all capable of projecting strength, sensitivity or competitive qualities on to the man we fall for, just like sprinkling a cake with icing sugar. The very qualities we fall for in someone else, are the ones we believe we lack in ourselves. We desperately want to import these into our lives.  Then we end up finding our partner's not so easy to live with after all. "He's too power-driven, he's so selfish!"  The poetic type gets a harder time: "what a wimp, he's useless with a screwdriver!"  This week, thanks to the planets, there may be huffs and puffs of green smoke, and sulks and tantrums, but the air is gradually clearing. Thanks to the changing energy, you can express your fears, mobilise your needs, and get in touch with love's true spirit.

You miss him when he's not there. When he's there, you wish he'd miss the train or bus occasionally and give you time to yourself. It's natural. We all do it. And if single, you'll understand that sentiment too. You go on a date, it feels great to have someone adore you, but it's also great to have the bathroom to yourself, and organise the kitchen in the way you want. Inevitably, we get swallowed up in guilt about being self-centred if attached, or panic about being alone and old, if single.  And you've probably feel this dichotomy within you more than usual.  But this week, suddenly you are aware of what you want and who you love. This week you can lift your face to the dull November sky and sing that old Beatles song, 'tomorrow may rain, so I'll follow the sun."  The sun of your own heart.

Right now, there's a subtler, more instinctual urge to rip down the metaphorical wallpaper that hides the cracks in the emotional walls in any relationship. To free yourself from illusions of perfect love and the perfect woman. Embedded deep in our psyche (both male and female) is the archetypal feminine - the all-encompassing mother, lover, wife, vamp, houri, goddess.
And living up to the ideal of the feminine, isn't exactly easy for simple mortals. What I am suggesting is, that nurturing your own company is the key to good loving. So hold up a mirror around the 16th and what do you see? Or what are you not willing to see? Not so much the wicked witch, more the wicked goddess of love within you who is desperate for expression. Let her out.

Time seems to holds things together. It binds, organises, regiments, gives structure and space to our daily living. We obey it. Yet this week, you're not only feeling a tad rebellious in the love department but also in the timings of your social one too. You form new allegiances with people with similar interests or end ties with those who put down your current mission. You meet up with someone out of the blue who you haven't seen for years, and time suddenly seems to have no boundaries. Instead of neat lines and edges and punctuality and clock-watching, you're suddenly timeless, careless of when one minute ends and another starts. In fact, two hours nattering with your friend over coffee has none of the constraints of beginning and end. It is however, time well spent because you did not measure it. You are beginning to experience the 'eternal now' of love.

A many splendoured thing is love, apparently. And this week there's a real feeling of romance in the air and that you're at last free from hostility or confrontation and harmony rules again. Not that it's been awful. But you have had the odd nagging thought in your head that you've been too worried about making your feelings known. Right now the planets are urging you to wake up to the romantic in you. It's time to write down a script of how you envisage your relationship will be for the months ahead. Decide what role you would truly like to play. Make a list of scenes, and give yourself an appropriate outcome (until script 2 is ready for production at least) and then start to act it out. With responsibility for yourself and your choices, the magic, romance and splendour of love you seek will come your way.

You've been acting the passive role model, willing to please, ready to agree to his every word for fear of not being loved. Remember, dependency in a relationship isn't love.  And whether single or attached, you really have to come to terms with what you expect and what is actually realistic in relationships.  Neediness can blind us to the truth, it can create and fabricate all kinds of fantasies and our illusions are simply that - illusions. And I'm boldly going to suggest that right now it's time to give one relationship some air or sun-light. Because if you ignore, avoid, or keep it hidden in some dark, dank passageway, then rather like roses struggling for light, it will grow gangly and distorted. But there's only one person who can make that dream come true, and that's you. Then love will start to engage in your existence, rather than renounce it.

I'm afraid the planets have been responsible for a kind of lonely, unwanted left out of the fun kind of feeling you've recently had. And you don't like it. After all you're an extrovert and you love people. Yet the delightful influence of Venus, brings uncomplicated, no strings attached attention of the male variety (admit it, you've probably got more male friends than female ones).  And  you begin to develop closer friendships with people who matter. Serious, intelligent and like you, aware of their indlviduality. Perhaps more importantly proud of their ability to make choices and be honest about their values, and like you developing a sense of inner authority, and strength of character. Keep these friends or lovers warmly in your heart, as they will you.

The consumer thing has bugged you for some time. You know 'intelligently' that we're probably being brainwashed evey second of the day by publicity, marketing, PR and the media into must have this and that. Must love this way or that, must get married, must make the grade and have that happy family.  It's all about our self-image too, de rigeur. So we buy into that self-image, we must fix it, improve it, be perfect, align to an ideal that fashion dictates. But this week you're feeling a little rebellious. You won't conform. You won't comply. And you won't carry on with love relationships like you're supposed to. In fact, thanks to Venus's long-term influence, you're more likely to plunge into the world of rare books than worry about love.

One relationship has been dragging you down and waking you up at nights for quite a while. But why? Is it perhaps that you haven't actually revealed your true feelings? Perhaps you've buried it all under a careless 'it doesn't matter what I feel or think anyway' attitude. Deep down inside there's this seething mass of resentment and anger that demands to come out from under those floorboards however carefully you've nailed them down.  And the planets ar saying, it's up to you to be as honest as you can about your needs and speak from the heart. It may hurt, it my cause grief, someone may turn on you and accuse you of all kinds of things, but it's your integrity and autonomy that's at stake.

Don't give in to manipulation and other people's emotional investment in making you the guilty one, when it's probably more likely it's their behaviour which is in question. Free yourself from the chains of emotional negativity and prepare yourself for a week or spirited and adventurous energy.  Take a more self-centred and radical approach to your love life, you're ready to start afresh. If attached you can now to make those all-important changes to your mutual life-style journey. If single, romantic seeds are sown in your heart for someone new. Whatever fills you with passion, whether it's poetry, music or running the family, there's something out there which you are compelled to pursue. Because if you sit complacently in some psychic bubble, you're never going to experience the kind of love that will bring you true happiness.

Urania was the muse of astronomy in Greek mythology (astronomy was akin to astrology in those days). And she has relevence to your love journey this week as the planets give you every reason to open your eyes to the bigger picture reflected out there in the starry sky.  And with an open mind, and a partner or new admirer who respects you for it, you're going to be a bit like the 'Muse of the Heavenly Bodies' herself. The kind of bodies which merge in physical love and emotional bonding. So amuse yourself in the fact that you can change your relationships through honesty and awareness. Muse upon the fact that magic happens when you believe in it. And if you believe in creating a more passionate, vivid and creative life with someone, it will be magical too.

What are you advertising for right now? I mean, in your relationship world, are you putting out signals for someone strong, authoritative, passionate and materially secure? Or for a rebel, philosopher, mystic or poet? And if you're attached this is still relevent, because whoever you're with will be seeing this 'want ad' from their perception too. Perhaps you're not getting exactly what you thought you were advertising for when you first met? So this week could prove to be a little provocative to say the least. There will be confrontation and there will be challenge. If single, all those men out there are a disappointment, they don't live up to your ideal, or they just seem too full of themselves. If attached, you wonder if you made the right choice and is it too late to give up and start again?How much CAN you put up with? This week you'll find out you can put up with the kind of love that you never thought existed: pure and true.

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