All Signs Weekly Horoscope 31 October 2016

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All Signs Weekly Love Horoscope 31 October 2016

Sometimes we think we have mastered something in ourselves, only to find we have actually suppressed it. So surrender your wilful self to your compassionate self. It may seem as if you're not getting your true needs met in love, but with clarity and a renewed spirit of adventure and playfulness, you jump through the magic hoop of love and find happiness. If we don't act upon our desires then they're very unlikely to materialise without our input. And something tangible begins to emerge from a few spontaneous but romantic moments this week. And if you can be less worried about staying in control of the situation, and more relaxed about unknown factors, it will prove to be very inspirational. Whether single or attached, putting time and effort into relationships is one thing, but it's how you do it that counts. There's communication. There's sexual honesty, tolerance, space, time apart and acceptance of differences.

Now no-one likes to be emotionally blackmailed. Not only does it drain the goodness out of relationships, but seals us up in an alembic of resentment, anger and growing hatred for the one we thought we cared about. But there does seem to be someone who's intent on manipulating and profiting from your altrusitic nature right now. But look, that's the problem with altruism. Other people will take advantage of that kindly, 'everybody is equal and everyone deserves the best' attitude if they can. In fact, if we're really honest, most of us at one time or another experience selfish joy from the mere existence of the person we love. For it's one's own personal happiness selfishly that we seek, earn and derive from love. This week, you really have no choice but to break free from the chains of the 'blackmailer' and show that you have the courage to be a little selfish yourself.

I know it's difficult for you to be open and uninihibited in your private life. And the more involved you get, the more you fear rejection. This week, you'll probably split what your head tells you from what your heart and soul demand. I think it's all down to the fact that you're scared of the limitless potentional for good and bad that is inherent in personal freedom. But you have a right to it as much as anyone else.  Shakespeare wrote, 'love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs.'
Yes, indeed there is much to love which is painful, unrequited, but equally much which is warm, compassionate, tender. So don't fear the good, nor the bad. Let love be what it is and take pleasure in that being. It's a time to make it clear that deception isn't welcome in your life. Liberate yourself from your own deceits, and you'll find it doesn't hurt that much after all.

One of the difficulties of being a water sign ( every element has it's downside) is that if your partner isn't giving you complete and utter attention you often feel that you're 'not good enough for him'. It's a kind of cop out clause because it means you don't have to make any effort either. You don't have to feel responsible for the relationship. And its safer to think, "well, I'm invisible so I might as well stay that way". But this week, you start to fee engaged in a love relationship, rather than feeling exiled from it. You can ask for what you want, you don't have to compensate by agreeing to everything he says, and you can make a choice and not feel guilty because he doesn't necessarily have the same opinion.  Yes, you are deeply insecure and find it difficult to maintain your boundaries, but you do have inner strength and an extraordinary love to give out. Time to show it.

First step this week, is a commitment to you. Second step, is to give as much love and attention to your partner as you can.  Sometimes he feels a little left out in the cold because you withdraw your love as readily as give it. Sometimes he feels that maybe you're only interested in mothering him rather than loving him. Yet you know right now that you do have a vulnerable side, and when you feel someone gets too close to it you clam up, turn cold, defrost the fridge or work late. So yes, go with the flow of your own moods and feelings. It may be hard to see a way through the jungle of emotions, it may be hard to honour your own values, but you are gradually coming home to a deeper connection with someone who counts for more than anyone else in the world. And that's yourself.

Poseidon (Neptune's previous name) stirred the sea into whirlpools of churning foam to capsize vessels and destroy islands. He could equally calm the sea with a single glance. Poseidon was never truly satisfied with his watery kingdom and had many quarrels with the other gods.  Sexually rampant he fell for otherworldly nypmhs, mermaids as well as mortals. But he finally settled down and married Amphitrite, grand-daughter of the Ocean who seemed to calm him down. Now the planet Neptune has a similar effect in our chart. It stirs us into whirlpools of illusion. It dissolves that which we thought was real or reliable.  We may have to sacrifice, give up or just let go of thoughts, feelings, people and ideas. Neptune's been banging on about self-delusion. How there are bits of love that you can't control. People do get tired of each other, the mystery is gone and then what's left? Can you take a relationship onto a different level of love? Time to free yourself from those illusions.

The good news is that if you use the vitalising and assertive influence of Mars's energy to make it clear what you want, and Saturn's self-disciplined influence to avoid being led astray, this week could actually be one where you start to rule the roost rather than run around like a headless chicken. I mean, isn't it nice to feel that you have a renewed sense of passion for your partner if attached? Or if single, that you don't have this fear of being left all alone because you know you only belong to yourself? You're beginning to have inner authenticity and outer self-confidence. And as I'm always rubbing it in,  what we have is what we attract.  If you sit around saying' poor little me', or 'well, no-one is ever going to love me, I told you so' then they won't, because the universe usually obliges. So this week, time to do some positive thinking (and I mean joyful thoughts) about where you go from here.

This week, as Mars departs your sign, you get a little down in the dumps. Why doesn't he show me he cares, has he met someone else? Or if single, I just feel so empty and and unloved. But the positive benefits of the sun and Venus means it's also time to say,  'I must assert my needs, let him know my fears.' Fill yourself up with a sense of goodness because that's actually what you're hungry for. Don't hold on to or attach yourself to anger, hurt or pain. Those rogue feelings, like midnight thieves will steal your energy and keep you from real love. And this week, you begin to radiate self-esteem. Alexander the Great refused to be lured by the complications of untying the Gordian Knot, he just cut through it with his sword. And loving yourself and others is like that too. Slash through the knots in your heart. Then you will be loved just as you desire to be.

Mars is giving you the sex factor. In fact, if you're single and loving it, you could be swept off your feet (reluctantly in your mind, secretly enflamed within) by a very adventurous Mr Right Now before you've even had time to blink. But do take care if you rush in where angels fear to tread because there's probably a' Miss Waiting on the Side' lingering in his murky background.  If attached, your facade is unruffled, your smile in place and your manners polished. In fact your man begins to be proud of you in the nicest possible way.  But what lurks within? For all that outer sexy artfulness, there's a child within who wrestles with her feelings of inadequacy. Maybe you fear that if your partner or new admirer looks too closely within he'll see an ugly duckling, not a beautiful and confident woman? But this week, comes a realisation that you are going to finally 'know love' because you're beginning to discover honest self-acceptance about who you really are.

I think you can relate to that sentiment right now. In fact I have a feeling that if you're not involved in some deep, obsessive passion for someone you can't have, then you'll be feeling quite empty and rather bored. But it's odd isn't it? If you could have that person, if you could persuade or seduce them into loving you then the balance of power would change. You would then feel less desire for them. You would then look for desire elsewhere perhaps. Perhaps right now, it's the unavailability itself which seem to lure you on. Meanwhile, if attached, you're beginning to find that love has shifted on to a different level. Let yourself be moved by love, rather than fight the flow.

You at last feel in control of your life. There have been illusion and fantasies stripped away before your eyes. You have seen the truth behind one love affair and realised what it's actually worth. Now you can see yourself as separate. You have definition, you're not just somebody's accessory or been left dangling in limbo like a puppet. You find a sense of authenticity in yourself. You discover an inner core that you can call your own. The beginning of November is a time to get to know yourself better. And a lover, partner or new admirer will also begin to see you in a new light.  How many times a week do you wish time wasn't moving so fast? How many times a day do you wish your life was more exotic, inspiring or fulfilling? Probably millions, so dare to be yourself.

Now, I suppose we are all hostages of fortune, but that doesn't mean we are powerless to change our destiny. In fact, I'm a believer in the idea that your character is your fate, and you are the sole trader responsible for your choices. Love is rather like an intruder, a breaker of hearts, an enflamer, the seducer, permeating its way into our lives. Sometimes unknowingly, sometimes unwittingly, sometimes welcome and always unstoppable. So we learn to accept that its mysterious force (in the guise of a lover or potential soul-mate) and our life journey will at some point merge. This week, you're about to face fabulous spot of synchronicity if single, and if attached, discover greater meaning behind why you're with the one you're with. If attached, all those theories you had about love, you know, 'that there is a perfect arrangement, romance will last forever,' suddenly seem to be viable. Could this actually be IT? And if it is IT, does that means there is nothing else to long for, to wonder at, to weigh up, to infatuate about? In your heart the one truth is that you'll never give up on is that vision of eternal romance. Don't deny your destiny. Time to live it out.


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