13 to 19 March 2017 Weekly Love Horoscope

Love Horoscopes for the week commencing Monday 13th March 2017

In astrology, love is symbolised by the cycles of Venus in relation to the other planets.  Now one of Venus's cycles is imminent. There's a feeling that you're being let down - where's the romance gone? Why is your man so distant? When love is alive and fresh in our hearts, we don't need to make an effort. It's magical. But as we get used to it in our lives, we panic about making it work for us, and we envy other couples their 'in-loveness'.  Why has it deserted me? What did I do wrong? The moon symbolises the bonds of love rather than it's passion, so another cycle weaves within and through the Venusian one.

Suffering from self-neglect in the love department? Likely.  But this week,  if single, your head is turned by the seductive wiles of others. If attached, your mind is trying to deal with practical issues, learn about your man or learn to love differently, more wisely, less frantically. You worry that romance is just a big con, and that the only 'reality' is the same struggle every day, the same face, same sex, same routine.  But who's reality are we talking about anyway? Yours surely? And if yours is to create more romance in your relationships, then why not? This week, walk free from the shadows of grief and disappointed dreams; watch the sun set over the sea, or dip your toes in a chilly stream with the one you love. What price working so hard to make it happen when your own desire nature freely invites the passion to you?

Pay attention to your own emotional and mental rhythms. Know when you are filled with desire, and also when it's lacking. No-one can sustain passion for ever.
You don't have to give yourself away to the fairies, but don't chain yourself to the rule-book either. Intelligent love isn't finding justification for not fancying someone - 'I'm too tired of worrying about it, we've known each other for so long", or panicking about the sex thing - "everyone else has sex every night, why not us?" It's all about understanding your own individual needs and cycles in your relationship. Each is different, unique, sets its own pace, energy, time.  And this week's planetary line-up is the harbinger of new, transformative and electrifying love for you and your partner or new admirer.

You want to travel with love on your mind or a lover by your side. But no caravans or ashrams for you. Don't forget your wry sense of humour, when Mercury's link with Neptune sparks off a battle of minds, wit and logic in the home front. Perhaps you could remind a partner or loved one that there are three kinds of people you have to worry about in life: Those who can count. And those who can't.  No, seriously, what you're going to be counting in the months to come is your blessings - for now your long term goals for mutual love and happiness can truly shine through. So get out the travel brochures or get on-line and discover a place where you can go together,  alone, find a new lifestyle, a new love or just a little bit more of yourself or your own spiritual home. This is the year to do so.

The hazards of happiness is a theme the cosmos is highlighting to you this week. Why? Well, for one thing when we are submerged in a lake of sluggish contentment, we lack motivation and dynamism. It seems too easy.  It's been said, quite wisely, that the search for happiness is one of the main sources of unhappiness in the world.  So this week, find joy through your life and love relationships but don't assume it leads to permanent happiness (joy is a very different quality). Take control of your pleasure principal and those things which bring you joy. Whether it's fun with the one you love, or with someone new, whether it's laughing in the spring rain, or setting up tent in some wooded glade, there is an adventurous air to all you do and say.

Aristotle said that a life truly worth living, is one where we feel 'watched over by a good angel'. In the sense that we can live well, we can flourish, we can learn from our mistakes because the guardian angel, inner voice, or divine child always reminds us that love is something that holds no guarantees.  And your man may quietly rant and moan and say, 'well, it's meant to be the answer to all our woes, living together', or 'we're supposed to be happy, I feel cheated". Well, remember it's not your fault, nor his. There is no-one to blame. So show that you can turn the tables, you can recreate the romance and the heady anticipation of love's first rewards, if that's what you want, and simultaneously show that love is a vessel, not a 'fait a accompli'.

Write your own love script. Decide where you want to go with your relationship, or if single, who you would like to meet.  You can make it happen, and you can have joy in love and life, as long as you don't keep chasing the very thing which constantly eludes you. Happiness. You can't buy it in tins. In fact, the more you stay true to your own values of beauty, truth and honesty, of wise thoughts and intelligent thinking, the more you will find that love becomes a joyful rather than merely a 'happy' experience.  There's still a hunger for being the best of yourself, and you can and will invoke the kind of belief in your long-term love plans this week. And that belief will bring you much-valued rewards in the months to come.

Robert Browning often wrote about passion. One such sentiment reflected in the planets this week, invites you to embrace in your heart and soul "Infinite passion and the pain/ Of finite hearts that yearn".  Now passion is timeless, like love it comes to us, moves through us, sometimes leaves us too. But we, who have mortal hearts can only yearn for that infintessimal desire to take us forever in it's embrace. Poetic stuff. You can and will enjoy the passion for what it is, and know that if you don't feel it in your soul, then you're not living your life to the full. I'm always saying to Scorpios if you're not passionate aout your work, lover, home, friends or whatever, then find something to get passionate about now.  It's your right, and it's not wrong to feel it.

Now some people aren't very good at adapting. They say things like ' you can't change my mind, or 'no way I can change my mind like that'. You on the other hand, are a mutable fire sign. You adapt efficiently and successfuly to circumstances and people. Maybe you ocassionally say 'I change my mind too easily.' And then, you get lost in the endless possibilities that 'could be'. So it seems with a multitude of choices about love's destiny, you're having to wrestle with the side of your self which would like to go down every road. Yes, you're up for commitment or marriage. Yes, you're up for independence and freedom. Yes, you're ready for new horizons or adventure. In fact, whatever comes to mind, seems worth exploring. This week, "seek and ye shall find."

We get seduced and lured by civilised living into believing we must be thinking of others, not ourselves, we must love with compassion and give the best of ourselves.  Yet sometimes, you have to reach down into your personal underworld and take a good honest look at your own needs, and feel them too. This week, your man or admirer seems to be in another world. He talks less of what you will do togther and more of his own future.Could it be that he's actually got his own inner sense of security to worry about? And if single,  there's a sneaky little bit of you that would like to put a curse on some ex  "so he may himself love, and not gain the thing he loves'"  Yet however close we truly merge, whether sexually, emotionally or mentally, there is still a gap. I suggest that you find the love you seek within yourself first and accept your separateness.  Then the rift narrows and love truly can grow.

Like Hermes who in Greek mythology, stands on the threshold between the visible and invisible worlds, creating and uniting the opposites, you're trying to create a lifestyle which unifies two people together. Tell this to your man or admirer. He'll probably laugh (let's hope so), and he'll probably think you've gone slightly scatty, but he will realise that you are learning to own your 'desire' nature and live it out too.  You have the chance, the luck and the will to make impressive changes in your life. And you're hardly the person to give up on yourself for the sake of approval. Remember, true love doesn't rely on a set of conditions, but on being loved for who you are. Let him or someone new know this now.

It's funny how you've become much more self-aware over the past year. In fact, you're beginning to get a taste for a little more romantic adventure. To push a few boundaries and do something different. And those conventional ways of behaving in a relationship, whether coupled-up or not, seem to be less crucial than they used to be.  But why this change? It's not like you, or is it? Perhaps we could put it down to the fact that Jupiter is enhancing your sign, giving you a taste for self-approval, self- starting and any other positive 'self' word.  Make the most of this vibrant, delightful energy to get your relationship right.  Make it how you want it to be. Talk things out with him. Be honest and logical, but also put your message across with real belief in your thoughts and feelings.

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