20 to 26 March 2017 Weekly Love Horoscope

Love Horoscopes (week beginning 20th March 2017)

Weekly Horoscope 2017

Don't stamp out new emotions because you think you 'shouldn't' feel like that. And stop saying 'shouldn't' and 'should' and judging yourself, and/or him.  Then say bravely and maturely that you have a right to your needs and desires and you can't just be someone your not.  And if he's still there to work towards a better future together, and if he does understand your ambitious streak (whether for family or work) then this is the week for realising the glorious future you can make together. And if single?The planets will give you all the charm you need to seduce, dance, impress or simply get to know someone better.

This week fiery protagonists and air-head intellectuals take centre-stage. And you might wish them far enough from your side. But you, serenity personfied, cool and uncluttered, have all the cosmic time to sort out your feelings and wish list. And by the 18th, still on a crest of a very radical wave in your relationship, you won't be exactly patient with those who are blind to opportunity and change. Yet your kind heart will be pulled in two directions by another friend or family member. Do you give up on them to make your own life what you want it to be, or do you give up on yourself to gain their approval? You know the choice is hard. It's time to relinquish the fear, not the goal.

 You thrive on challenge, and this week's new moon causes a little upheaval in your domestic versus career set-up. However much others want steadiness, they have to understand that your need to turn things upside down is not a need for total change, merely a desire to view things from another angle. If you allow partners to be aware of your limitations, as well as your strengths, they'll spur you on to greater things. With adventure on your mind, those spirited goals, and motivated ideas will bring the kind of opportunities that mean you can give to lovers or new admirers, the true goodness that you have on offer.

There's a kind of 'now or never' feeling about one relationship.  And you feel that you're under pressure to either confirm you're going to be soul-mates for life or just forget it. And yet you can't be certain if your loved one has the same intentions as you do. In fact, you're imagining all kinds of negative things, which is really your own self-doubt at work. Your lover or admirer may be also a little unpredictable at the moment. But if you don't ask honestly what they want or they're feeling, you might never know. In fact, they're probably just mulling over a brilliant idea which will give you both the chance for long-term financial success in the summer.

Yes, it was really all quite hunky dory when you first fell in love. Do you remember? There were angels singing, and' bells on a hill' or more likely e-mails plopping into your inbox 24/7, and romance took you out of yourself and you no longer knew who you were. The fears, self-doubts, worries, baggage and universal angst all vanished beneath the illusory cloak of infatuation and physical desire.  But then along came Mars into your sign (last year) and things became 'real.' There were overfilled laundry baskets and toothpaste stains. You weren't sure if you wanted to live as a couple or keep your sacred space. And it just sort of happened, you became like everyone else.  An Ordinary Couple.  And you rebelled, because would ANY Leo in their right mind be ordinary for long? This week, the cosmic line-up unleashes a realisation that you will never be ordinary again.

With so many planets in your love angle right now, you're either rocket-launched into the arms of a new romantico if single, or if attached you set off on an unusual mission to rediscover romance. Now, the problem with romance is that it doesn't come bottled like a magic love potion. (What a joy that would be.)  Neither is it easy or as realistic to recreate it as the books keep telling you you can.  For a start it requires two people and some chemistry.  But with your ability to do the most surprising and zaniest things on earth, this could be the period when your inventive streak is put to the test. So time to create that love potion, and it's called 'Moi'.  Exude your own love potion.

Now we all know you talk about love and friends in a universal way. We're all equal and that's fine. But this week, I want you to talk about yourself. Say these things to him: 'look at me;'  'what do I want to do to enjoy my life;'  'I have desires and dreams;' 'I need romance, and freedom.' Of course ,it won't be easy. And no doubt if you're single, a new admirer will wonder whether you're actually trying to tie him down already (as if). If settled, there may be some steely looks and nervous laughter. But try this visualisation technique. Imagine the romantic dream is a book on your shelf. Take the romantic dream off the shelf, as if could transform your life, then ask yourself if you would regret putting it back on the shelf before reading it.  I think you know what you are about to do.

It's a sad fact - or is it? - that all human beings are flawed, needy in some way, selfish in others and emotionally trapped in yet more others. But then, we wouldn't be human if we didn't have hearts, souls and minds.  Neuropsychologists are trying all the time to prove that our brains cause everything we feel, as well as think. But I'm not so sure, and nor are you if you're reading this. In fact, this month you are beginning to accept that your heart or soul is a restless, uncouth and mostly childlike thing which bleats plaintively against the logic and conscience of the mind. And that's normal.  And although astrology is sometimes treated as a 'cause' for our behaviour, it is actually more useful to look upon it as giving us a 'cure' for our sufferings and worries. It helps us to acknowledge our individuality, flaws and all, and to be self-aware and to acquire compassion for others because of that awareness. So learn to love the Scorpio you. Your natural essence is sacred.

You're feeling a little more feisty and self-centred (and I mean that in a positive 'centering' way)than you have for a long time. You have goals, and dreams and longings, and a realisation that you don't have to be a victim in a relationship, dependent upon someone to be loved,  or saving someone else to redeem yourself. In fact, the Mars impulse of assertiveness and healthy aggression, is giving you a bit of clout and willpower. So if you're single, men will find you dramatic, enriching and lustful. If attached, you appear energised, less dreamy, more realistic. Time to stand up and be counted again.

It seems, according to the cosmos, that you can and will change the romance stakes to work in your favour. At last, you can speak up without being put down. At last you can think ahead, without regretting the past. At last you can be yourself, without fear of that very being. And at last 'you can can keep your head, when all about you are losing theirs.' The long-term influence of Pluto may cause moments of disbelief about your behaviour, thoughts and desires. But the enlightening influence of Uranus simply confirms that you have broken through to the part of yourself which is spirited yes, but mostly, speaks from the soul.

I'm amazed by your audacity, astounded by your determination and in admiration of your self-belief. In fact, it's so infectious that everyone around you is beginning to feel that sparkle too.  And it's hardly surprising, because you're at last weeding out the deadwood of your past. It's time to fly forward, breathe in new air, formulate new relationship goals and then live them out. Whether single or attached, you're in one of the phases or cycles of your life when you just can't sit around waiting for life to happen to you, you have to go out and make it happen.

There's something about you which can't be totally defined, explained or pigeon-holed. So avoid the nit-pickers out there and revel in the spontaneity of those who know that life is for living, not for categorising.  This week's Pisces new moon will give you a deeper rapport with someone special. And with Venus and Jupiter in your sign, you can get cracking on all aspects of intimacy and set the ball of delight rolling in your direction. John Donne wrote, "Go, and catch a falling star, Get with child a mandrake root, Tell me, where all past years are, Or who cleft the Devil's foot."  In some way this is your mission. To crusade for the truth, to discover the unknown, to throw off the cloak of darkness surrounding love, and to realise that it's threads and tangles and nuances are unexplainable, yet by default, delicious in that mystery.

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