All Signs Weekly Horoscopes 27 March 2017

Weeky Horoscope 2017

Love Horoscopes (week beginning 27th March 2017)

Be mindful this week. Think or say,  "the spirit sings it's soul, the soul sings for the spirit, thus soul and spirit in harmony" - and no-one can take that from you.  With Mars's potent and sexy influence, you become a pioneer of love's seductive ways. You feel like a virtuoso lover again, capable of editing anything,  whether new ideas, speeches, books, films or your laundry.  Just take you don't try to categorise love too. And if you long for to cross the happiness bridge, or have a partner who can bridge the gap of loneliness, now you can cross it together or even meet halfway. At last you're finding out in the nicest possible way how to be responsible for your life. And if you're still looking for a way out of guilt, blame or loss, then the Uranian energy, leads you out of it into a sparkling and positive new you.

Now we all know the fairy story about how Rapunzel is locked in a lonely tower by a witch. With the help of an adoring prince she attempts to make a ladder of silk, only to find that the witch double-crosses them both. The witch blinds the the prince, and lost in the forest, he finally hears Rapunzel's sad song calling for him. And her tears restore his sight. Now 'blindness in love' is one of the patterns which seem to recur frequently throughout your love journey. How many times have you fallen in love only to be deceived  by your own illusions (the witch of ourselves)? And how many times do you repeat to yourself, yes, love is blind, but I can see clearly now?'
Then realise that once again that no-one can live up to your ideal?  For waht is an ideal if not a concept of perfection that has little to do with mortal, earthly love? This week, at last you can fight your way through the thickets of love's illusions and reach the clearing of emotional honesty.

Yes, of course you want romance and eternal bliss, but this time you're going out there with genuine self-love too. None of that, 'if I do this for him, he'll love me',  or If I always say yes' and 'never say no' and always get his approval then I'm safe.'  In fact, I suspect you're going to battle for your right to independence, and crusade for intelligent conversation rather than discussing soap operas with pals. If single, Mr Right, out there in the big wide world, is more likely to spot this enchanting, lively, fun-loving woman who's sure about herself and flirts with life more so now than at any other time this year. So be out and about this week, when the planets are conspiring nicely for you to blow all caution to the wind.

Your campaign for self-value goes well, and it's the thought of all the the tears you have wept in the past which begins to cure the love blindness. See that what you get is what you get, and nothing more, nothing less. Love can then evolve, grow, change and you, happily with it.  Yet you're searching for something right now but you're not sure what. A thread to lead you out of the labyrinth of desire perhaps? Or maybe to find a sense of inner calm and outer confidence?  To feel that you belong to someone or something, or even just to yourself? Now, of course this free-floating uncertainty is nothing new. But this week you realise you're not only attached safely to the earth, but to the love of someone out there too.

You've felt it before when you wanted desperately to be in love with someone, or to feel the passion rage within you. And it's a lonely place to be. Whether you're with someone or not, you're like a rolling stone, unsure of where to go from here, and in dire need of being saved from an emotional desert island. Of course on the outside nobody would know. Inside though it hurts. It's rather like you want to join the club. The one that every other couple seems to belong to, romantic, ambitious, spiritually aware, eco-friendly and apparently happy. But the membership is complete.  And so this week, you have to do some decision-making and analysis of what's going on for you.  Go with your instincts, they know truly what will work in your favour.

This week, pay attention, engage in your thoughts, watch yourself.  And if the negative in you seems to be winning,  turn your thoughts round and make them positive.  Easier said than done, you sigh. No, it's easy if you see yourself reflected in those people around you. Whether in the attitudes and behaviour, ideals or actions of your partner (our lovers are the best looking glass for self-analysis), or among those admirers that seem attracted to your space.  What we love or hate is what we are too, what we attract into our world are signposts and guides towards self-development and individual self-awareness. With Uranus's ongoing influence, you can at last follow the road to the place you long to be. And it's not necessarily a lawn in suburbia. Go out and be united with the stars, (because they are a reflection of you too) and then, in the words of the band Train's cosmic song, you can at last 'come back from your soul vacation with drops of Jupiter in your hair' and 'dance along the light of day'.

The planets are giving you mixed feelings about your personal world. A part of you sees the purpose in what you're doing, the other part wonders if it's all it's cracked up to be. Is there something else you need to do in life to make it feel more complete? Frankly, this gnawing sense of purpose versus apathy is getting to you this week, because not only is the sun opposing your own natal sun, but there's also a wake-up call reminding you to change your lifestyle and love style.  But you realise that if you keep your head and heart going in the right direction, you won't have to worry about your feet.  Take one step at a time, persuade loved ones that you're not deserting them and don't give up on a dream because of others' expectations. If you put a low value on yourself, the world isn't exactly going to raise your price, is it? Put a high value on who you are and what you have to offer, and the world will respond in kind.

Well I could say, don't bother making an effort. Or, 'isn't it time you came to terms with the truth about your need for freedom in relationships?'  But neither suggestion is going to get you ripping up the cinema seats in amazement. In fact, you're probably blithely going to carry on doing what you do best and that's living the most spectacularly hilarous existence you can manage. After all, there comes a time when the serious stuff in life needs to be balanced with comic relief. And this week, the light-hearted influence of the sun will do exactly that. Sunshiney people, brave heros and cosmic blessing are coming your way.  And with invigorating links between the planets, romantic action, theatrical love and firey contacts truly make the world go round.  Go with it.

There's some kind of gap which needs to be filled, a sense of confusion and you can't quite get the hang of what you're feeling or what needs to be expressed. It'd rather like that irritating sensation of trying to grab soap in the bath. So you're going to have to listen. But to what? In a quiet place, perhaps in your bath, during your make-up routine, while you relax in the wild woods or the park, listen. Listen to the stillness of yourself. Between the laughter and the tears, between the passion and the loneliness, between the romance and the ordinary there is a place which is rested and calm, self-evolving and guiding you to know yourself and what love means to you. Be resolved to find it.

Driven by a desire to do something meaningful with your life, Jupiter's been urging you to venture forth. This week, it gives you a chance to define what those love goals are, to sift through the finer details and to put things in perspective. If single, romance will beckon, and if attached, the early dizzy days of desire begin to turn to friendship, or just a fantastic travelling companion down life's lonely roads.  But most of all, between the cosmic love you have for mankind and the romantic one you share with another, there is you. So make this your time for passion, glory, self-awareness, and knowing that long-term love for you isn’t just about exclusivity or country houses, it’s about freedom first and friendship second.

Ok, so there are opportunites and endless possibilities. And what ifs and buts? Well what if you really wanted to go and live in another country and start anew, what's to stop you? Probably family, friends, the usual.  What if you decided to commit yourself to some grand enterprise and give up that free-ranging, restlessly seeking something streak? Probably you'd go potty with boredom.  What if you took a trip to darkest Peru, or somewhere dangerous and gave up the rat-race? You'd probably be happy. So the what ifs will give you some answers this week, maybe not the ones you want, but they will be answered. I can't say what it is that will give you most joy in life' but what is calling you on, is love.

You've just got to get out and about this week. The planets are bringing out the party spirit in you.  And visiting new coffee bars, clubs, sports venues or exotic locations brings all sorts of exciting romantic people into your social circle too.  In fact, it's rather like the melting pot of races who poured through the gates of ancient Babylon, all with a story to tell, some gypsies, some sorceresses, others selling exotic birds, or telling tales of great tragedy and comedy. But mostly they are giving you a new perspective on your own madcap life from every angle, because they are all reflections of you. Who you love is who you are. Be all those people and be loved as if you were humanity itself.

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