8 to 14 May 2017 Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope 2017

With help from the cosmos in the guise of Mercury's recent change of direction, you are now in an excellent position to sally forth and ignore the negative, self-destructive voice in your head. For you know, deep down, where you really want your love life direction to go. And, if single, you also know deep down how you long for someone new and exciting. And with good aspects between the sun and Venus, there are people out there who want to get to know you better too. The challenge is simply that you must speak up, and show that for all your caution and tact, you have the determination to be a star in your own love show.  Do it now.

Typical isn't it? You've been getting nowhere fast for the past few months and your patience is just about reached it's limit. (They say Taureans are the most patient of signs, but I think you've got zero tolerance when it suits you). Luckily, the recent new moon in your sign helps you put paid to the past. At last that feeling that life is a constant battle or obstacles are being thrown in your way at every turn, will vanish into the ether. And with Venus's help, there is a sense of utter liberation in the air. A feeling you can now indulge in your long-term love plans, or start afresh and leave the pain of the past behind. Perhaps it's time to reach an agreement that what happened to you in your past relationships isn't relevent to what you have now. And, if you're single an acceptance that wishful thinking about an ex is going nowhere. Time to move on.

Even you have a heart. Yes, the intellectual genius by day and the flirty, socialite by night is a softie in disguise, isn't she? And the heart is a very willing accomplice to wishful thinking. The heart colludes with our illusions, because the heart, fragile but powerful as it is, often desires to be engaged
elsewhere. You can't turn back time, the past is another country and the present is now, so live it.  And this release from the chains of illusion is simply a chance to be yourself again. Not bound by other people's expectations, not bound by convention or obligation, or guilt, or any of the emotions that chain us.  By the 20th, you're either involved in an affair that is going to continue to be exotic, bright, exciting and love-enhancing, or you're about to meet someone who could offer you the world.

It's up to you to make some positive choices. I know you want to run away from decision-making, but with the empowering effects of Jupiter, you'll be grabbing all the right attention, and skipping down the road to happiness.  Look, we all know that life is full of mistakes, and so are people. And usually you'd rather iron out the creases and make it all labelled, orderly and peaceful again.  It's simply that you're an idealist, and quite frankly, the world should be a beautiful, warm, golden, sunny place, and it's people out there who make it difficult and confusing and unreliable.  Right now it's time to realise that the unpredictable, the incomplete and the imperfect are just as valid. Trust in life's mysteries, and you trust in yourself.

With Mars winging it's fiery way through your sign, be inspirational. By the 14th, no-one can beat you for determination to make love work for you. Yet there's also a yearning for something totally different. A complete shake-up of your lifestyle and direction seems to be an increasingly nagging thought at the back of your head. Perhaps it's time to be ruthlessly honest about what you want in your love life. Do you secretly crave a world-wide trip, freedom to do your own thing, or get out of the rat-race? Analyse your motives for what you are doing now and what you want for the future. It could have an extraordinary life-enhancing effect your partner if attached, or someone new if single.

Mythical lovers, romantic music, the stuff that dreams are made of, these are all clues to this week. But take care, not all is what it seems in love, and although I know you have a vivid awareness of the reality of it all too, there are times when idealistic thoughts occlude gut instinct. With Saturn still lumbering backwards through your sign you feel frustrated. But the recent new moon emphasized a fresh start of a lifetime, so it's understandable you have every reason to want to see the way forward in any static or dull relationship, or find a new partner, if single. Yet there does seem to be an air of mistrust and disillusion around love. But maybe it's all within you? Release the clouds and let the sun shine in your heart again.

 Now, I know that you're one of the most honest and open and charming of women around. That's the problem. Don't you see? By being approachable, and by being everyone's friend, and never forgetting how highly attractive you are to the male populace, it's hardly surprising that someone doesn't like it. And they don't, because they want to be like you. Envy is usually generated by a lack of self-esteem, and if a rival, friend, family member or colleague thinks you have more of 'it' than they do, then the result is an uneasy atmosphere. Yet this week, you can head off into the sunset and enjoy being with your lover or new amour. Just don't let nosy people enter into the secret waters of your love life. Keep it sacred.

There are said to be two types of Scorpios; those who are theatrical about love, who want erotic mergers, dark, steamy love affairs and transformation, and others who simply resist it all. Who stubbornly refuse to be drawn into the wickedness, who thrive on controlling their lives to such an extent they daren't even change their route to work in fear it might lead them down the wrong kind of alleyway. So which is you? I reckon (and I'm hoping) if you're reading this, the former, because you have a desire to live life and discover it, and find out more about yourself. So time to let your partner know about this passionate side of you and how it can never be forgotten or ignored. And if single, you will want someone new, youthful and sparkling to lead you a little astray, perhaps not down a dark alleyway, but just an open road to everywhere land.

Things change. As they must. Thing change because Saturn has slowed things down to a dull pace. Where's the magic? 'Where's the passion you needed the most?' Where, oh where is your powerful sense of sexual purpose, emotional fusion, embodiment of something intense, mysterious and dare I say it, not unlike the greatest femme fatales in history? A pinch of Mata Hari, a twist of Cleopatra, a sprinkling of Guinevere and there you are, indulgent, reveling in your own bittersweet or irrevocably amazing love affair? Well I'm afraid Saturn has sucked this dry. It's time to revise your script, see who you truly are. Are your needs being met? Are you really getting 'the passion you needed the most' or just letting things troll along at their own pace? Are you really creating a deep commitment if attached, or just drifting along with someone who happens to be there because it's easier than not?  All these questions must be answered, and now.

People seem moody. Lovers far away, elusive, unapproachable. You take it personally. You retreat, you scheme, you plot. You manipulate and smile sweetly. And you begin to understand that the shadowy, controlling, power-trippers in your world right now, in fact, include you. Or that you attract this kind of partner into your life because you haven't had the courage yet to face yourself truly in the mirror. But the great news is that you can be that fiercely self-reliant, outrageously single-minded, unthwartable, shrewd and deep, complex person that you are and love and life will never be dull or boring again. You're about to rise out of the ashes of love and be the phoenix reborn.

So where now? What next? Is there a star beckoning you - or have you got lost on the way? We all have to navigate through life and some of us do it with little except blind guesswork. Others follow the stars, literally. They have a guide, an inner angel, an outer calling, an intuition.  With Mars in the most adventurous part of your chart I feel you're ready for a new love direction. And after all, Mars has been there for over nine months now, pointing a finger, beckoning too. Surely it's time to pick up a new thread, turn over a new leaf, or devote yourself to a fantastic romantic cause?  Just take care of responses from loved ones like: "Well, if that's what you really want to do, then what can I say?" (A subtle kind of blackmail which implies 'I disapprove, and no you can't do that.')  So rise above the petty games and head for your own love future.

There's something about you which is clear-cut but overtly principled this week. Now, I know that you're a fun-loving extrovert and you've usually got a smile on your face as you throw yet another seductive glance at the nearest stranger. But you're also capable of getting on to a very high horse and staying there just to the fury and rage of your lover or partner. You know, when you have a belief, dogma, ethic or law which you wish to uphold. And all well and good when it's for the good of the world and everyone in it. But right now, this self-righteous, high-minded bit of you isn't going to do you any favours in the love department, single or attached. In fact, while Jupiter is still inflating your dreams, opinions, desires and passions all out of proportion, it might be better to channel this energy into your work.

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