19 to 25 June 2017 Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope 2017

You're missing someone. You're thinking about them a lot, perhaps wondering why you feel the way you do, or maybe regretting what happened once. And of course it's niggling you. You don't particularly like feeling your feelings, when there's more fascination to be had in the endless spectrum of knowledge of any one moment. When we miss someone, there's a lack in our life. We feel a gap, a hole, or it's like we've lost a piece of ourselves somewhere. The French don't say 'I miss you' they say in direct translation, 'You are missing to me.' And that is perhaps a more decisive way of defining that feeling this week. Hit or miss, you're about to be the star of the show.

Ah, those people who are all fire and brimstone may well get to you this week. Yet you're the one who's actually feeling fiery, restless, in need of adventure. You need to loosen up, experience new dimensions of life or meet a new admirer if single. Suddenly life seems a joy rather than a trudge. Remember you're a creative earth sign, you need to produce something. You're inspired by the visionary, the gypsy, the dissident. But it doesn't mean you're about to dump your man, nor are you about to leap into some madcap affair. In fact, you remember the promise you made to yourself about loving you, that magical self. Let someone else do so too.

If attached, you realise that you can sustain a close relationship as long as you have some space to do your own thing. It's only if you feel crushed or trapped or possessed that you recoil with resentment and escape to breathe the fresh air of freedom. Thanks to Jupiter, the summer solstice is one of romantic vivacity, mental mobility, and charming flirtatious strangers.  Communication improves,
love becomes free-spirited and at last you feel (yes, 'feel') free from the burdens of the past or emotional demands. John Waite's lyrics, ''every time I think of you I always catch my breath' sums it all up for you right now. Feel it, let it move you, and then you can truly move on to greater love.

 Now being a water sign you're innately more aware of your feelings, emotions and reactions than the other elements. Fire people are noisy and demanding, air signs are logical and cunning, earth signs are sensible and sensual. But you are sensitive, cautious, vulnerable, gentle and compassionate. And this week, will seem as if a red hot thunderbolt of passion falls into your quiet, calm sea. It will feel odd. It might seem as if you're suddenly turning into a fire sign yourself, frustrated by the world of objects, people, and good old reality; fiercely heroic in the face of opposition. With an impulsive desire to get out of that black hole of emotional neediness, i's good news week indeed.

Mars will stir up your ego, force you to show how much you love someone, promote your ideals about the perfect soul-mate and get all romantic about courtly love. But the down side of the cosmic line-up this week, is that you could become cynical. Your partner, Mr Amazing might be literally standing right in front of you, but because of your vivid imagination, he's totally eclipsed by a future Mr Perfect who you're convinced will turn up one day.This week take care with your heart.

You begin to realise that love isn't logical or sensible. It doesn't have rules and regulations. It's not calculated and planned. And there's no wrong or right time for love. In fact it's all blood, sweat, passion and sometimes tears. It flows and is flawed and there is no law. And your man or that new admirer you meet, can't be changed and probably doesn't want to change (men just don't). And you will need to make compromises and take the odd risk and accept that love can be dangerous because it's about passion and people.  Enjoy passion and new lovers or familiar people this week.

Jupiter and Uranus move on, passionately grabbing hold of you and saying, go for it, break the fear, enjoy the impulse, be a romantic, make the odd mistake, get in a mess. And with the summer solstice, the fire begins to die down, the flames flicker, and you begin to return to normality (whatever that is for you). Feeling overthrows impulse, emotion covers passion's wild face with a velvet mask, and you see the truth of what love really means for you. Jupiter may awaken you to the wildness within you, but it is the sun which reminds you that it's time to nurture your secret dreams and realise that love is waiting out there for you, or is already by your side.

Often the most fascinating times we have are those spent with virtual strangers. We have no hidden agendas, no bytes of inside knowledge hidden up our sleeve, or silly preconceptions which get in the way of who, or what, we are, or have been ourselves. This week, a new male contact will certainly give you this kind of dynamic buzz. Yet the speed at which you get closer is both exciting and frightening. Consider cooling your heels just a little bit, or at least until you've got to know his faults as well as his finer points. Better to slow down now, than to regret having said too much, too soon, later.

You’re attracting admiring glances and adoring words wherever you turn. If single, men are relaxed around you and you’re enjoying an easy period of sociability without the pressures of a lover, or wannabe partner who demands more of your time than you’re willing to give. But don’t ignore something or someone you’re temporarily bored by, at the mere sniff of a potential lover or ex who may well throw the cat amongst the pigeons. Listen to your intuition and the cogitations of your analytical mind to work out what you’ll get from any potential love affair – and more importantly what you might lose.

It's been said that 'love is blind, but marriage restores its sight.' Cynical yes, but also the one truth most of us really don't want to face. Reality stalks the hallways of romance with a big stick. Reality ( our friend Saturn) says, you can't expect this romance to go on forever can you? And Venus dances behind with a twinkle in her eye, a spring in her step, a seductive sway, and a giggle or two saying, "yes, it can, yes it can."  For without that cheeky, light-hearted and anticipatory taste of in-loveness how would we ever begin to understand the magic of love? Without that chemical reaction, that longing for the phone to ring, how would we ever know who we really are? It is only through our relationships, good and bad that we can come to really know ourselves.  This week you will.

Who needs silver-tongued Romeos when you can share secrets and laughter with a few old pals? Well, there are times of course when the former would be a bonus. After all, they boost your ego. They look good on paper and they make you feel like teenager again.  But the downside is, they inevitably don't stay for long and are usually more interested in preening their bodies than admiring yours. So, this week, it's those male friends who you've come to rely on over the years who will come to the rescue (if you need it) or just entertain you without even trying. It pays to steer clear of pretty words and bright young things of the male variety.

You've looked beyond the moment and seen how to make love more positive, more fulfilling, more passionate. You've accepted your weaknesses (for even you have the odd flaw) and tried to be more tolerant of others and their faults too. And this kind of self-improvement and it's pathway to self-love, begins to work in your favour.  And the frustrations of the past will soon be replaced with the big, wonderful, bold strokes of love's theatrical canvas again. After all, if there's no drama in your life, then you aren't being true to your own needs and values. As Rumi, the 12th century Sufi poet wrote, "passion is the elixir that renews; how can there be weariness when passion is present?" Time to learn to express it and be loved for that passionate presence; unweary and vitalised.

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