17 to 23 July 2017 Weekly Horoscope

17 to 23 July 2017 Weekly Love Horoscope

I suspect that you're beginning to get rather impatient with the dull routines of life when all you want to do is be loved for who you are and enjoy yourself? And I also suspect this week that you'll be seductive and confident enough to throw out those silly rule-books about dating and mating and take a chance on spontaneity. There really is no reason not to be the most spirited, witty and elusive lover around. Remember, your partner's getting at least two people for the price of one - the outrageous socialite and the intelligent guru. So never let them simply think that ‘you're the only one’, make sure they realise ‘you're double fun.’ Whether passionate or civilised, it's time to play. Don't deny your right to be you.

Do you cherish some things for their sentimental value, others for their monetary one? Then there are certain things which have a curious hold over you and you just can't do without them but you don't know why. In fact, you can't measure or classify or categorise their value. Do you fall in love with someone because they give you a sense of emotional comfort, material security, or they fill a gap which seems missing in your life? The planets are reminding you to think carefully about your love values. Perhaps sometimes you treat your partner or lover as if they're a possession too? And I'm rubbing it in, because this possessive, controlling part of your nature is really an expression of your horror of living an insecure life. Where's the next penny coming from? How secure is your relationship? Who is going to make the beds and put the cat out?  Think carefully, cats need to be let in too.

A lull in the romance department puts you on red alert, and you're wondering if it's something you said, or did or maybe your hairstyle's all wrong? And if settled, you decide that perhaps, yes, your partner ought to give you a bit more space and accept that life is made up of the unpredictable and inconsistent as well as the tried and trusted. Yet the lights for romance turn to green again, you're more laid-back and self-contained. In fact, this week will confirm your feeling that there is always going to be a dichotomy between your romantic nature and the routines of living. So side with taking pleasure right now, and if single, and that new admirer you bump into, will take pleasure in you too. Together you can fill the gap and flip a spell of boredom into positive loving.

Some people associate flirtation with infidelity, superficiality and 'danger'. Yet many are secretly envious of others who have the ability to charm their way through life with a smile of their face.  Flirting with life means you're living life. Flirting creates positive engagement with others. And this week, I hope that you'll do exactly that. Not only to stir happiness into those around you, but to glow in the adoration of those who know that flirting is about connecting with other people, not disassociating from them. The word flirt orginates in an old french word meaning 'talk sweet nonsense' and 'touch something as you pass by'.  And these deeper layers of meaning are of greater signficance than you can imagine. For if you talk sweet nonsense and touch someone with your heartfelt compassion, you may pass by and forget, but the energy remains. Your touch will be remembered and rewarded in the weeks to come.

It's often said that the only time the world beats a path to our door is when we're in the bathroom. And guess what, that's exactly the theme and energy of this week. With the sun moving into your own sign, you might even want to retreat to a health spa alone and avoid the mob.  You're suddenly feeling like doing your own thing alone. But why are certain admirers or loved ones so desperate to be with you? I mean, it's great for the ego, and  it boosts your self esteem, but could it be they have darker motives? Perhaps one or two are in need of an ego fix themselves? As Graucho Mark is reported to have said,  "No-one is completely unhappy at the failure of his best friend".  So don't share your troubles, only your joys.

Your partner, lover or current admirer seems to be obsessed by your cautious side and wants to fix it. Why? Can't they see that inconsistency is just as real and valuable as the consistent? Can't they see that if one day you want to blow hot and cold whether in the same breath or in several, then it doesn't imply you're unreliable, simply changeable? I don't like to generalise, but partners do have this habit of believing they know what's best for us, often generated by a desperate need to feel in control. So if they say  'change your outfit darling, it's too sexy', or 'don't wear that jacket, it doesn't do you any favours'  then you'd be quite right to rebel graciously and be as hot and cold as you want.

The price of personal freedom has put you under pressure to perform according to someone else's standards. But this week, you begin to deal with it all quite effectively. It's time to accept support offered by a loved one and talk about your concerns, even if you think you're going to bore the pants off them. And whether you're indulging in a steamy bath at the end of a tough day, or enjoying a neck massage to ease tense muscles, any stress you've been feeling will quickly dissipate. Knowing that you're actually excited, challenged and in need of a new venture will put your body in balance with your mind and spirit. It's time to think big, but chill out; plan your future, but enjoy the present moment.

"There ain't no mountain high enough" to keep you from your personal designs, and it seems that the more you want to concentrate on work, the more the love of your life wants to have you to themselves. It's hardly surprising they can't have enough of you, when you're full of fascinating plans for your future. But do they actually include your lover? Are you willing to give up that spirited independence and focus on joint goals? And if you're already firmly bound like super-glue, then it may be that you're beginning to wish the bond wasn't so tight.  You just want to do things your way and you're not going to conform to anyone else's expectations. In fact, it includes everything from the way you do the washing up to your belief system.  Don't change your mind, you have a right to do what's right for you, this week anyway.

It's time to indulge in you. Take pride in your quirky nature, nurture your progressive outlook on relationships and make sure you really know what love means to you. And the powerful alliance between the planets is also reminding you to stop judging yourself too hard. Give up comparing your relationship with other people's and overthrow that authority figure within who keeps telling you to comply with convention. With tension in the air around Wednesday, intimate relationships seem to be a challenge that you can well do without. Yet, through a minor confrontation you'll see the major benefits of your objective view and your partner's creative one. Link them up rather than separate them, and what do you get? The chance to be the individualist you are and have a companion who respects you for giving them space too.

I think you're beginning to realise that it's time to take action rather than scuttle into a negative thinking hole. With a more positive and dedicated sense of your own needs, you can push your way through the thickets of confusion, and keep your eye firmly fixed on your way ahead. Do you give up on personal commitments that really seem to tie you down, or just settle into the safety net of friends and family? A sense of guilt often stops us from doing what we really want to do. In fact, the planets trigger off a feeling it's now or never. There could be rifts, bridges built, or escape hatches left open, but if you don't honour your independent spirit, you wouldn't be you. Say no to boredom and static existence, and roll the dice.

You have a secret longing for some kind of adventure - if single, more romance, if attached more freedom. Partners may seem self-assured, controlling or self-centred, admirers holding back, the messages blurred and indistinct. And it's hardly surprising you feel like you're adrift on a big wide ocean with no land in sight. But this week, the physical side of your relationship improves. Libidos rise, the pace quickens, and if single, you spot sparkling eyes and suggestive glances wherever you go. Could it be that at last you're being noticed? And so on a hot July morning, the empty hole of loss is filled in with optimism and self-belief. If you need to move on, now you can, knowing that joy is sacred.

There are many people who are kind, charitable, and philanthropic. We say, ooooh, aren't they generous (secretly, we think, how dare they).  And in our current cultural climate we approve of givers and scorn the tight-fisted ones. And why this is relevent to you, is because I think you've given so much of yourself to someone or something, that you've run out of love for yourself. So this week, you must know what you want, and you must want it badly. You have every opportunity to 'get it right', where love and relationships are concerned. So know what you want, tell yourself what you want, and tell yourself how badly you want it. Whether it's to be adored for being you, or for more romance, or a new lover if single, this is your chance to restore your faith in faith itself.

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