24 to 30 July 2017 Weekly Horoscope

24 to 30 July 2017 Weekly Love Horoscopes

Now I know you like a fairly busy social life. In fact if you haven't got a diary full of events and dates, then you can't function. What's the point of looking good if there's no-one to admire you? What's the point of making an effort to be nice and sweet if there's no-one to charm? Early on this week, you might feel a little glum because loved ones don't seem to be making much of an effort. But come Thursday, things change for the better. In fact, you're in party mood, and it's non-stop entertainment everywhere you go.  Any new acquaintance you meet around the 21st may have a rather darker motive for getting to know you than just romance. Take care, they could be a traitor in your professional camp.

Feelings come and go, fleetingly beautiful at times, harrowing at others.  There is an innate loneliness about you which only you can understand. So this week, I want you to please try to ask for what you want instead of hiding your feelings; reveal your fears, admit your vulnerabilities. For in that revelation lies greater strength than any excessive expectations which no-one can ever live up to. And if you feel like the queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland, who was constantly shouting, 'off with his head!' because you feel sniped at or rejected, then it's also time to take close look at your expectations of your lover or partner. It's not about changing into someone else, it's about being you and letting your partner be themselves too.

Guard well your secret codes, your spells and magic. Create the most extraordinary destiny for yourself, for you can be both a stunning winner or a desperate second best; magnificent or horrid.  Live close to the edge because that is who you are. But the danger with living on the edge is that you run the risk of falling off it too. Yet this week, the darkness of yourself turns to light again.
You see that your life must be filled with theatrical love, for who would you be without that? And if single, strangers are hypnotised by your mystique and the lonely side of you begins to realise that you can share a part of yourself, if only you give away some of your secret self too. For as Ralph W. Emerson said, 'The moment we indulge our affections the earth is metamorphosed, there is no winter and no night; all tragedies, all ennuis, vanish."

It's never easy is it? Love I mean. But then again, if it were to be so, I'm sure you'd find some way to recreate the drama and intensity in your relationships which make them so unique to you. To experience the storminess of love as well as the soft waves of affection. And I would imagine that so far in your life you've had a few intensely empathetic friendships and blustery romantic breakups.  Oh, to have burnt so many bridges, perhaps needlessly? Yet this is the terrain, the mountains and valleys of your romantic wanderings which are so essential for your personal journey.  And as we move on from your birth-time of year, I think you're feeling a need to break out of your isolation, give up your locked-up past, and forge a new future with that little word love, a very big issue on the tip of your tongue.

All the Leos I know (which are quite a few) are looking rather bored. They seem to have a mutual desire to jump on the nearest plane or have a brief encounter (or a longer one) of the romantic kind. And it's not that they're about to dump their partner if they're attached. But they do wish, like you, that things would, well, get exciting again.  My feeling is that you're torn between your desire for freedom and the belief (a cultural one, rather than yours personally) that we must all live monogamous lives to be happy.  And in these interesting times it does seem that the more independently minded of us - which is about half of the zodiac signs including yours - are beginning to tire a little of the traditional approach to life. So where's the romance gone? Did someone just make it all up, and is it purely down to chemistry and genes? Thankfully, this week's planetary line-up brings challenging characters or passion into your life again.

This week, reflect carefully on Natasha Bedingfield's words ' Today is where your book begins, the rest is still unwritten". Life journeys aren't set in stone, nor are they pointed out solely by a finger of dark fatalism, which as you know is itself a cop-out.  But they are negotiable.  In fact, the Virgo one this year has so far been quite frustrating. And you wonder if you're spiralling round and round in a whirlpool of repeat performances. As if every time you reach for the new, the old sucks you back down in routine and rigidity. Yet the story unfolds as it must this week, and the vortex leads strangely enough to a wiser, more complete you  You begin to 'not care' so much what others think of you. The rebel in you is reaching for the light, and you know that however much of a traditionalist you are, however cautious, reserved and self-reliant you appear on the surface, there's a side of you which would love to run a little wilder. This week, enjoy writing your own book of wild love.

Domestic responsibilities take up most of your time and partners are, 'entre nous', particularly self-satisfied and full of themselves.  But with a change in the energy you start to languish in compliments rather than complaints. It's  time to love for love’s sake and put yourself first for once. It may shock those who’ve taken you for granted until now, but relinquishing the need for their approval will give you the confidence you’ve been seeking. The positive expression of self-value wins over the negative one of doubt. If single, a new romance blossoms, and you realise that sometimes love can just happen without you even trying. And if attached you realise that love may be an unpredictable force, but you're about to be given the chance to experience some of it's marvellous effects.

We all have to learn 'to face the fear but not feel scared'. I'm talking about the fear of making choices, the fear of commitment, the fear of relinquishing something, or the fear of intimacy.The paradox is, that when you at last face the fear and can see it as just that, a fear, you no longer feel scared of the fear. And why this is relevant to you this week, is because that loathsome word 'commitment' and another equally fearsome word 'emotion' are back with a vengeance in the form of a partner or admirer who wants something that you cannot give. So say to them, "to love me is to let me be. To love me is to protect me, but let me spread my wings. To love me is to make no demands, to be intellectual, flexible, tolerant. To love me is to face forward and forget those fears about my freedom. To love me is to free yourself from conditions." Similarly, if you no longer fear love, you can face it and see it for what it truly is. Trust your intuition this week, and become the connoisseur of unconditional love.

I suspect you've been rather confused lately. A niggling, centred-less feeling keeps getting to you. As if, as if something is missing in your love life, but you can't quite grasp what it is. And Jupiter's continued battering effect, means that trying to discover what this lack of something is - rather like trying to build a sandcastle with the tide coming in - keeps getting washed away. But there's an equally powerful feeling of something bigger and better out there. Romantic escapades, deeper love, new challenges on the horizon, maybe? And building a sandcastle of dreams on the beach of love mostly depends on starting well away from the incoming tide, just above the high tide mark.

Frankly, there are times when a little provocation often brings out the best in you. Air your grievances, but do so with that amazing ability to see your partner's point of view too. The last thing you want is for them to react the wrong way when everything seems to be going right.  Single or attached, romance is in the air again, and you're ready for a mutual adventure.  But gently remind your lover that you do need to have space to yourself, and you also need to divide your time between your friends, work and your relationship. Let your partner know that you trust and believe in them utterly. But it's also important that they trust and honour your needs too. One-way love usually leads only to a one-way street out of a relationship. Make sure you're both truly earning your two-way ticket to paradise.

Behind any dream of what you want, clear as it is in your mind and held every second you know it to be there, must be both purpose and intention. You must believe so utterly that it is already yours and no-one else's. This is where charity stops. This is where you stop giving of yourself and start being tight-fisted with your feelings. Care-free, despotic and self-centred. Who me? Yes you. Look, you're an easy-going air-sign who wants only peace and equality. That's fine, but you've forgotten someone in this balancing act and that's yourself. This week, make it clear to a lover or admirer that you have a goal, a mission, a reason for being, and you need to take a little bit back from life. This is the beginning of a very exciting future with the one you love, but you need to go your own way too.

Every saint has a motive for their saintliness. Every kind soul has an ego that gallops alongside it. And as we all cynically know, altruism is generally considered to be the art of doing unselfish things for selfish reasons. People who mean well are as self-centred as the ones who don't. This week, you realise that you have as much right to take as you have to give. And taking, won't stop you being loved for who you truly are. So believe in love and you will experience that love. It's like the universal law of attraction (which is what astrology is all about) if you truly believe you own something, you will cause the creation of that ownership. Don't you see? Like attract likes? Time to love with all your heart and be heartfeltly loved, it's your right.

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