3 to 9 July 2017 Weekly Horoscope

3 to 9 July 2017 Weekly Love Horoscopes

The 17th century french writer,  Rochefoucauld commented, "we always love those who admire us, we do not always love those whom we admire." And this is of course a very succint point, particularly as you feel as if no-one is really admiring you, and you're doing all the admiring. And it's getting to a point where there's not so much a lack of love, but it's generating shall we say resentment, or even dare I say it, loathing? So why is this? Well, there's two possibilities. Firstly, your partner or lover is doing so well in their career or just devotes so much time to their social life that you feel left out. Admirable though their success or self-reliance is, you just feel a tad neglected. So to be admired again, admire yourself, glance at the real you and acknowledge your weaknesses, but more importantly,re- activate your strengths.

Some time ago you unconsciously filed under 'useful ammunition' a rather pathetic remark from your partner or admirer. At the time, you probably took it far too personally and it now seems you're ready to use it against them. And as you peruse your mental filing cabinet, you discover other remembered events or trivial conversations. All experiences which you have tenaciously hoarded because one day you're going to get your own back.  And this week, you're ready to charge into battle with all your weaponry.  But hang on, what for? Where is this hostility coming from? Is it because you've put up with so much for so long and you really do finally want to have your say? Or is it that you feel driven to take vengence because you feel emotionally lost and need to take control? Either way, put down your weapons, take a long hard look at who you are, and see that trying to possess others or control them is simply a compensation for low self-esteem.

With Mars and Venus's ongoing influence, you're going to be bumping into irritating new characters if single, and if attached, no doubt there will be continued inflated reactions between you and your partner. With breathtaking honesty, you begin to let your partner know that you may well dramatise life and are overtly erratic, but you are also utterly, one hundred per cent totally self-contained, and you're not going to ever be anything otherwise. Yet there's also that nurturing, compassionate sensitivity, and a vulnerability that lies waiting to be unfurled alongside true love. It's time to unleash all the wild emotions, feelings and hurts, and let someone know that you're a human being too.

Every time you start to make a value judgement learn to stop yourself, (mentally say, hang on, what AM I going on about?) particularly about others, but also towards yourself. Result? You're on the road to a deeper, more true and respectful kind of loving but not giving up on your autonomy. Healthy thoughts generate healthy mind, body and spirit. Likewise, if you think someone is a pain, or a problem, transform this into opportunity to learn about yourself. 'They're a pain' - what does that
say about you? Are you actually reacting to your feelings because you have a very different value or belief system? Instead of thinking that your partner or admirer is an extension of you, recognize that they are individuals in their own right. Instead of thinking you know what's best for your partner (whether at the dinner table or in bed) give them credit for knowing what they want themselves. You are generous and loving and loyal, but don't rob your partner their right to be individual. Trust works both ways, so trust in that, and then you won't feel you need to own someone, just love them.

Lovers, friends or partners seem to be abroad, unavailable or just distant. Either that or they're giving you a wide berth. But why? Was it something you said, did or didn't do? Don't take it personally. I have seen in your chart a widening gap between your personal development and theirs. You're looking within, the'yre looking without. You're image-building, they're dumbing down. You're getting out and keeping fit, they're keeping mum about everything. Do you see the difference? Do you see now why you shine in their eyes and they feel less esteem and more like big silly billys? It's not your fault either. Venus is simply reminding you that sometimes out of sight, out of mind, is beneficial for all concerned.

You found a dark, empty hole in which to pour the saddest feelings of your heart. You buried them. Covered the pain with the soft crumbling earth of a cold day, and moved on. Yet you never forgot the joy of what had been. For joy is sacred. These are lines I once wrote for a character in a novel that still awaits publication. I thought this might interest you. Perhaps you have never felt like this? But I think you understand the sentiment attached to it. Right now, the planets are continuing to batter you with mixed feelings. At times the loss of someone, or the letting go of loss; at others, the memories of joy and how sacred that is.  'Moving on' has become in vogue. We are expected to get on with our lives and free ourselves from attachment to the past. But let it linger on a little longer. After all, the past will never catch up with who you will become tomorrow, will it?

certain Greek philosopher said 'what difference does it make how much you have? What you do not have amounts to much more."  So, let's say it would make no difference if you had the kind of love in the world that we are all perhaps seeking. Romantic tete-a-tetes, the knowing smiles, anticipation of the sexy nights head, and most of all respect, and unconditional acceptance. Then let's say you don't have any of the above, and actually it feels empty. A vast landscape of nothing, where even the clouds don't pass by, and nothing grows. We fill it only with our personal demons - like fear, resentment, anger, envy and self-deception. And they seem larger than life, their presence menacing, monstrous and sometimes impossible to squish. This week it's time to fill your life with love for yourself. It's your right.

This week you're feeling the need to start afresh, or to make the odd sacrifice. Like giving up the things or people who aren't appropriate as you move forward. Or like saying you're going to put an end to stupid imaginings and illusions in the love department. And, of course, there's nothing to stop you except yourself. We all do it, don't we? Believe that the kind of love that is right for us will eventually happen. That two worlds will collide, magically, coincidentally or ill-met by moonlight. And when it doesn't exactly go according to the book, we feel desperately inadequate, or that life isn't being fair. This week, you realise that things are about to change for the better.

Well I'm going to be frank this week, because I know you like to get straight to the point. So it's timely to endeavour to be direct and honest about what you want. Don't angle your pitch in a way that sounds distinctly like you've got something to hide. It's often what we don't say that gets taken the wrong way. With truth comes acceptance, even if it's not what we want to hear. Better that than letting someone believe what they want to hear because you haven't actually told the truth.  And look, if you really believe that your love life needs an MOT or a a bit of brush up, then there's no time like the present to do so. After all cleaning doesn't stop with washing the dusty blinds and scrubbing the kitchen does it? This week, you really have no excuses for not saying to someone 'dust my broom'.

I know that by playing the leading role in your love life you often neglect other people's real needs. So it’s important to learn to be more compassionate and tolerant about yourself too. I also know there’s more hope, optimism and sensitivity in your heart than many people would believe. This week, suppressing your passionate nature isn't the answer, you need to make it clear to your partner or someone new if single, that your independence is sacred. It's time to ask yourself a question:  do you love your life enough to change it? If the answer is yes, (and I'm thoroughly certain it is)  then the planets are giving you carte blanche to do so.

We all have to evolve. We do actually grow, unfold, and move on physically at least, because that is the nature of life. It's only when we resist that change that we become tangled in bad relationships, we lose faith in ourselves or feel that the world is against us. The word 'evolve' comes from two Latin words out of Greek, 'volare' and 'evolvere'. Which mean ascending and unfolding. But you can't be a bud and a flower at the same time. To be a flower you must give up being a bud. Similarly, in life we must make certain sacrifices if we are to become who we are. And this week, I think you know what you must give up in order to be who you want. If you understand this part of yourself and see how you can climb the ladder to relationship success, then another part of you must be left behind. Whether it's the lifestyle, the habits, the people or just the attitude, you are going through a big process of transformation.

Imagine painting a portrait of yourself with vitalising colours rather than dim outlines (a sign of self-doubt and low esteem to be sure). Also, accept that tomorrow you might not like your partner very much because they sing out of tune or take forever in the bathroom. What you need to learn is to take every day as it comes and not try to organize it into neat categories. Throw off that cloak of fear of change and let love be what it is. This week, you're ready to relax and take a more laid-back look at life. If single, suddenly it seems you're in demand again. Funny how as soon as you stop trying hard, you end up being wanted, isn't it?

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