All Signs Weekly Horoscopes 26 June 2017

All Signs Weekly Horoscopes 26 June 2017

There's a tremendous feeling of 'love is an awfully serious business' about you.  Getting serious about love is fine if you know what you're getting serious for. Is it to make a commitment? Is it to dump emotional baggage or simply to make a decision about where you go from here? But you also need to take a more light-hearted view of love. To restore the joy and the playfulness that there once was and may now be missing.  I also hope that you will see that making decisions now, doesn't negate the posssibility that you can change your mind later.

Some people are envious of you. They see you as optimistic, spontaneous, self-confident and sexually exciting. Apparently. But the truth is, there are times when you have terribly low self-esteem, worry like the rest of the human race and wish for anything other than what you've got. And the illusory influence of Jupiter is simply reminding you that it's time to focus on those issues in love. It's time to clear up emotional or romantic loose ends rather than scattering new ones around. Focus on how you relate to others, and to yourself. Then, you can head down the road to romantic success.

The problem right now, is that you're so involved with your own image and living up to your high expectations of your outer self, that you forget about the inner you. Saturn says, learn to act on true feelings rather than react defensively; nurture your soul, accept that OK, you have a seductive legend to live up to, but you're vulnerable too. Right now you have all the power of your inner self to create the kind of love-relationship you're seeking.  So find an outlet for your talents in the 'real' world and love will become easier. The kind of love you desire from someone special or someone new, is coming your way. Embrace, merge and dedicate yourself to you.

The summer is upon us. We're supposed to be out and about, falling in love with strangers, getting hot and horny. But quite frankly, right now you've got this nagging frustration that you're going nowhere fast in the love stakes. So let's be frank. As astrologers, we can't always hand out fanciful palliatives like a box of sweets - although we'd like to. And as you know, it would be too idealistic to assume that life's an ongoing Mexican wave of harmonious vibrations either.  But what I can offer you for the coming weeks is this:  there you are, moving among those who see the best in you, motivated and self-assured.  And romance returns with a superb bang.

We grow out of some relationships. Inevitably we evolve, others do too, or they remain static and so we find new lovers who offer something exceptional, or a way to love from a different angle. This is, secretly, very true for you right now. And you can put it down to the planets reminding you that spreading one's wings isn't just about an ability to fly from the dull and tainted, but a chance to see love from a new perspective. This week, I wouldn't be surprised if you're surrounded by an entourage of admirers who, not only inspire you on your current quest, but also give you a huge new window on the world.

It seems a long time ago now when you saw a place where there was no right or wrong, good nor bad, love nor hate. Perhaps a place where all was one. You had a sense of being so in love that nothing else mattered, least of all that the kitchen sink needed a clean. And yet, that mysterious place seems to have vanished. But it still haunts you, for all your calculated, informed, rationalising approach to love. But this new glimmer of neptunian energy in your love angle, is shaking you up again to that kind of 'otherworldly' place, and the child inside still longs for the ineffable soul-connection. It's coming your way again, very soon.

Admit sometimes you judge to hastily, and yes, you can be dogmatic, too discriminating, and sometimes overtly self-righteous. A defence probably against the chaotic feelings and moods that tumble beneath that cool exterior. But someone right now is pushing your psychological buttons. One day, you're convinced a larger-than-life, passionate merging will redeem you, the next that no, you must shut it all out - "if I don't keep my tight boundaries, then I'll simply fall apart in the wash."  Whether single or attached, you have a choice. Accept your vulnerabilities, don't repress your true desires and things will start to work together, not fall apart.

An ancient Greek philosopher promoted that the best way to live life was without judgement, and never to invest in feelings or beliefs. Yet It seems a high price to pay, if you're forever avoiding the truth about your feelings, good or bad and you don't believe in anything, including yourself. With the enlightening influence of the sun however, perhaps it's timely to give up suspending judgement on your feelings, and FEEL them instead. Let them flow as you flow. Let your heart sing as it will cry, for that is the risk of love. Maybe it's time to take a chance on that place of passion and desire, where there is neither scepticism or dogma, and to truly love from the soul?

You seem to spend a lot of time measuring yourself against others these days. But this week, you begin to realise that you actually don't need to worry any more if your love affairs are better or worse compared to everyone else. In fact, thanks to the delightful influence of Venus, you're beginning to see that self-belief generates an inner balance, rather than an outer race to see if you've got the best lifestyle or love relationship around. All will fall into place. This week you're in tune with the cosmos. Or maybe romantically in tune with a lover?

Are you giving out the right kind of signals to the one you've chosen or the one you intend to seduce? There are two sorts of love signals. There are the ones we like to project, and the ones we don't realize we're sending out. And it seems that someone's tuned into the message you're putting out (albeit unconsciously and as a defence mechanism against fear of rejection) that you need some space and you aren't going to be tied down to anything heavy and emotional. But by the end of the week, the message is clear and true to you again. In fact you're sending out the chemistry, maths, physics and equations of who you truly are. At last your partner or new admirer picks up the frequency and you can start to trust in each other's passion.

With Jupiter's potent tension, there's a feeling that you must break free, do something different, find new romance, and there's a frustration and a restlessness you can't ignore. And if your partner admirer can also embrace change, then in the weeks to come, you can show you have the drive and energy to start the ball rolling. Love your life and there'll still be enough love to share with someone special too. In fact there's a touch of the hero about you. Say to yourself 'I challenge my life'. Love it, but challenge it too. It's not superhuman effort you need, just your own talents and desires. Both are the key to making the next few weeks, the best you've known for a long-time. And your pioneering romantic spirit will get you the attention you're looking for.

OK, one day you wish your partner would disappear into the woodwork, the next you love every move they make. So try to understand that your love-hate relationship with the world doesn't reflect on those things or people you love or hate, more on your ability to experience both emotions. This week, you can turn any emotional power game into the power of cooperation and love. You won't need to grab any old witch manual to cast your spell. Look at what you do best, and isn't that to use the power of your own magic to guide you? The energy you are about to exude will then have you both truly spellbound.

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