12 Sun Signs Horoscope 2018 Family and Relations


 Aries Horoscope 2018: Family & Relations

A minor tension may permeate in the family this year. Progeny related worry is clearly foreseen. Saturn’s Dhaiyya and Jupiter’s transit in the 4th house may cause occasional tiff between father and son or between the spouses due to difference of opinion on some issues. Family property related dispute amongst brothers may turn serious. In the beginning of the year your sign lord Mars will be transiting its exalted house, ushering in a possibility of some auspicious occasion’s celebration in the family, and despite odd circumstances you will manage it positively and successfully. Saturn’s Dhaiyya effect will be there. Yet you must keep a vigilant eye over your progeny’s activities. Don’t put extra pressure on the kids for the studies, else tension may hamper their progress and their natural hidden talents. Let them have a free development. As far as your relations are concerned they will be with you till you have resources. Once they achieve their purpose they will start evading you. Marital relations, however, will be normal barring some occasional tiffs. Both the spouses will have consideration for each other. But the retrograde Saturn between March and August may cause health problem to a senior member of the family, forcing you to run to the hospital repeatedly. Due to the exalted Jupiter upto 14th July, you may attend some function or marriage in your larger family.


Taurus Horoscope 2018: Family & Relations

Taurus natives often take a wrong decision in their emotional vein as they, by nature, are sentimental. Family atmosphere may remain a bit tense as frequent but minor tiffs with the spouse are likely. The property related dispute with your siblings will be resolved well within time. Jupiter in 3rd may cause someone to pollute your brother’s or relative’s mind against you. But you must keep on working with your discretionary wisdom and tact. Marital differences may also arise because of Saturn’s position in 7th but you can resolve them with little prudence. Saturn’s retrograde motion may cause some problem to emerge about your progeny, education or marriage. After 14 th July, Jupiter’s transit to 4th house may make you receive some untoward news about some of your close relation. Be especially careful to your senior family members’ health. At that time your no other relation will come to help you.


Gemini Horoscope 2018: Family & Relations

Family atmosphere may remain somewhat tense during this year. At times differences between the spouses may surface. Progeny’s education, career or marriage may give rise to worries though such problems will be solved well within time. Some senior family member’s health may cause much concern and your repeated trips to hospital. Try to resolve differences among the family members through peaceful negotiation. Since Rahu will be in 4th and Ketu will be in 10th throughout the year, your relations may not be very cooperative. But your seniors will bless you lovingly and you’ll also be very obedient to them.


Cancer Horoscope 2018: Family & Relations

You’ll find an whole hearted cooperation from all your family members, kids and spouse as well. Marital life will be all honey since the spouses will have much consideration for each other. However, during the Saturn’s retrogression (March to August 2018) minor differences and misunderstandings may emerge between the spouses – but they will be removed quickly. Rahu in 3rd may cause some disputes with your brother’s on the family property matter, which should be settled through negotiations and a third party mediation. Else, the disputes may turn more violent. You’ll be worried about your kid’s admission in the desired institution. Their behaviour, however, will add to your tension. Between January and April retrograde Jupiter may cause some tension regarding your progeny’s education, studies or even marriage. Some senior family member’s health may force you do rounds of the hospital between July & Dec. May also receive some untoward news about your some close relation.


Leo Horoscope 2018: Family & Relations

Occasionally tension may disturb the family atmosphere, although this entire year will get you good results in family affairs. Your family and kids will support you fully in your hour of distress. Jupiter in 12th may make you concerned about your kids education, career and matrimonial prospects. Between March & August, Saturn’s retrogressive movement may disturb some senior family member’s health. Also Saturn’s Dhaiyya effect may make you quite stern about your progeny’s educational preparations. You are advised to be lenient on this matter, else you may make your kids unnecessarily tension–ridden. You’re likely to be quite emotional while dealing with your relations whereas they will all be very selfish and mean. So keep your emotions in check. A light banter with the spouse may add spice to a drab life. Possibility of celebration of some auspicious occasion at home may materialize in the later half of the year.


Virgo Horoscope 2018: Family & Relations

From family point of view this shall be a favourable year, though Saturn in 3rd may occasionally create differences with your brothers and close relations on property issues. Marital accord will be high order as spouses will have good understanding of each other, though Ketu may cause some differences off and on. Saturn’s retrograde movement may cause concern about some senior family member’s illness. You’ll serve your parents with full regard and they may also bless you with their ‘Aashirwaad’. Also try to resolve through negotiation the ongoing, long-drawn property dispute. The kids education, career and matrimonial prospects may keep you concerned. May also get a bad news about your some relation.


Libra Horoscope 2018: Family & Relations

Your family will be fully supportive during this entire year. The members will remain with you in your think and this familial dispute and marital discord will be few and far between. With your tact and intelligence you’ll manage to achieve your vital objectives. An auspicious ceremony may be celebrated in your some close relations house before 14th July. Jupiter’s movement in 10th may keep your parents or parents-in-laws health rather sickly throughout the year. Enemies and rivals may create quite trying situation for you. Progeny’s action may also cause minor tension which may end after 18th April. A new guest may join the family. Senior family member’s health must be duly taken care off, else things may burn serious.


Scorpio Horoscope 2018: Family & Relations

A favourable year from the family point of view as the members will be quite considerate to you. You shall also be affectionate to them and act with discretionary wisdom. Don’t let your progeny suffer much pressure from you for the studies as it may cause avoidable depression. Le the kids develop independently. A minor dispute with brothers may occur but it will be solved soon. Health of the spouse may become indisposed between March & August. You must exercise a check on your tongue and temper, else you may suffer loss. A retrograde Jupiter upto April (from July) may cause some tension about progeny’s studies, higher education, career prospects and the like. Your relations may make you the butt of their criticism as you won’t be able to fulfill their much ambitious expectations. But you shouldn’t be cowed down with their criticism and move ahead undaunted.


Sagittarius Horoscope 2018: Family & Relations

Although occasional disturbance in the family may be possible, in general from family point of view this shall be a so-so year. Minor banter between the spouses may continue. However, Saturn may cause a third party intervention in the family affairs which may ruin the domestic atmosphere a bit. Jupiter in 8th may make you adopt a hardened attitude towards your progeny which may dry up their initiative and enthusiasm. Encourage them to study with affection so that they themselves realize its importance. Else your stern domination may make your kids lose all interest in their education. As far as relations are concerned, they may not come to your rescue in your pressing need, though you’ll be ever ready to help them liberally. Enemies & opponents may try to outwit you. Be careful about their conspiracies and sinister schemes. Don’t deal with your selfish relations and allow them no margin to exploit you emotionally.


Capricorn Horoscope 2018: Family & Relations

Normally the home atmosphere will be quite congenial and happy. Marital accord will also be of high order as the spouse will enjoy an emotional rapport between them. But when Jupiter goes retrograde (upto 18th April) progeny may give you some worry. The main causes would be children’s education admission in the desired institution etc. During Saturn’s retrogression (14th March to 15th August) some senior family member’s health may perplex you for sometime. As far as the relations are concerned, they may try to take the advantage of your comfortable position this year – so be watchful.


Aquarius Horoscope 2018: Family & Relations

It’ll be a positive year from the family peace point of view as well. Family atmosphere will be congenial. Jupiter in 6th may give rise to a serious health problem to your some senior family member upto 14th July with the treatment costing dearly. Normally the relations between the spouses will be good barring occasional minor banter. When Jupiter becomes retrograde the study prospects of the progeny may cause some concern. But put no pressure on your kids for studies as this act may make them lapse into depression. Let them do their studies without any pressure and choose the line of their liking. As far as relations are concerned you’ll come forward to help some of them in their distress.


Pisces Horoscope 2018: Family & Relations

A comfortable year for familial situations, you may also have a much better rapport with your spouse. Both will remain quite considerate to each other. You will know this year that who are really your well-wishers and who are not. When Jupiter is in retrograde upto 18th April you may have to make a big investment for your progeny’s bright educational prospects. Also, make sure you don’t put extra pressure on your progeny for studies, else you can make them lapse into depression. Let them have a free growth period. After 18th April you may take a big decision about your some kid. Between March and August senior family members including your parents’ health may cause concern. You should take adequate care of them as their blessings will give you much moral support to face difficulties in life.

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