21 to 27 August 2017 Weekly Love Horoscope

Well all the signs from the heavens are this week,  are that 'you've got to make the hours of darkness last'. This week, the vibrant, optimistic feel of friendship and romance when first in love, or the glorious anticipation of a new lover, if single returns with a bang. Now 'day-time' love is where we make less effort, assume too much, tire of being someone we're not. It's the doze on the sofa after lunch. It's the 'can't be bothered to look good' attitude close to tea-time.  But with the powerful influence of Uranus in your chart, there's not going to be time for a nap. You're up and ready to crusade again for pure romance with the one you're with, or if single, with someone new.

The deadly sins, those magnificent seven, come to mind this week. There's anger, lust, avarice, pride, gluttony, envy and the one most people forget, sloth.  And it's good old sloth I want you to consider.  I'm not talking about slothfulness in the sense of sitting around twiddling your thumbs. Sloth is also about the absence of love, or a laziness about giving and receiving.  So if you can't air your feelings or won't listen to your partner's, then think 'sloth'. Ask yourself these questions. Am I being lazy? Are they being lazy?  Why won't we make the effort? But look, that's the problem with sloth, it draws you into inertia and a place where you don't know what your own true values are, where it's easier to say, well if it's good enough for everyone else, it must be good enough for me, and where the inner desire for individuality gets kicked out of town. Kick desire back into your life, then kick sloth out.

Thanks to the planetary line-up, the loud noise of love's boredom begins to diminish. Energy returns, spirit quickens, love and romance blossom and you begin to know yourself in context of yourself, not merely as a function of convention. At last the 'You' in you is shining. At last you can love whole-heartedly because you have a wholeness about you. And whether single or attached someone will love you for that too. But there will be people out there who will be envious of your sophisticated, cool, ambitious kind of loving. So make this week one where with self-awareness and integrity, there is no envy cast upon you. You're beginning to discover that anxiety paralyses life; love releases it.  Start loving yourself now.

Some signs of the zodiac naturally thrive on down-to-earth, routine relationships. The container (the relationship), makes them feel secure and whole. And there will be people out there who will insist of ramming that traditional (and valid for some) happy-ever-after concept down your throat. In fact it could be your family. It could be your friends and their DIY craze. It could be the media, or it could be your partner or friend. But you suddenly feel exposed, vulnerable and naturally concerned if you're going down the right relationship road or not. After all, the ideal of love is rather like a long-distance hike to the stars and back, far away from the actual nitty-gritty of 24/7 co-habitation. If you're trying to be noble about it and think 'well, there has to be conditions, it's other people's rights' then for goodness sake remember you're a free spirit, not a bird in a cage.

Some loved ones have an air of authority about them, others seem to be fazed and a little dazed by anything from which vitamins to take to which to avoid. And this week you want them to entertain you. However, the classsy self-controlled family members will turn out to be insecure and vulnerable, their worries revealed on the sofa as you listen with complete sincerity to their woes. The fazed lover or partner will come alive, they have visions, imagination a direction to follow and want you to join them on their travels. Wisely, commit yourself to no-one, just yet. Otherwise the months to come will belong to those who value power over you, rather than love FOR you.

I'm always going on about self-belief. How we need it in bucketloads if we are to move on, free ourselves from emotional chains, start afresh or move with our partner onto a different level of loving and acceptance. But, of course, self-belief isn't something you can buy off the shelf. And neither does it just suddenly appear by wishing it. In fact, it's a rather hard quality to identify with or 'feel'.  Elusive and challenging, we see other people with oodles of the stuff, others with none, and wonder if we 'have it' or we're imagining it. This week, you have all the help from the cosmos to analyse those doubts and fears about love and transform it all into a strength that encompasses not only self-belief, but self-value too.

This week, it feels (thanks to Saturn) rather like having a plaster cast on your leg. You're powerless, inert, and the itch that can't be scratched takes on gigantic proportions until you cannot see or feel anything other than the itch. And if, as I suspect, you've been playing the role of victim to someone who seems to play the part of persecutor, remember that the more you keep welcoming the persecutor into your world with a 'be nice to me just for once' attitude, the more the 'persecutor' will take advantage. So I'm being rather heavy with you, only because I have this feeling that your search for the ideal relationship is beginning to turn you a little cynical. The knock-on effect of being an eternal romantic is you cannot escape the truth of what you want. You cannot remain inert and locked away from life.  For after all, when love is not passion, when love is not divinely crazy, it isn't love really, is it?

I want to be quite frank about YOU having double standards. This week,  partners, lovers or new admirers will find both delight and danger in your behaviour.  Now, we've all been hurt,  fractured, bruised, or terrified by love and life's experiences at some point or another. And that old watery sense of abandonment flurries around trying to find anything or anybody to place the blame upon, because you've been hurt so badly yourself.  That's when your partner or admirer feels uncertain about your motives. Make a choice.  Is it emotional harm or emotional care that you want? You know which makes most sense.

I know that once you commit yourself, then your partner can be assured of a transformative, long-term and creative relationship. But I also know that if they're more concerned with scratch cards than integrity, that's when you stumble down the rocky road of flirtatious intrigues or clandestine romance. And with Jupiter, still poking and prodding your heartstrings, perhaps it's timely to tell your current lover to have a serious interest in making something of their own life. Meanwhile, the sun shines a light on your true feelings and reminds you that although you might be the love of someone's life, they need to respect your need to be alone sometimes too. And if single, it's time to put your trust in someone who has been waiting in the wings for a long time. Never forget, you live and breathe passion in your life, otherwise what's the point of loving?

If you're not with someone who is as serious about love as you, then time to be clear and focussed about your journey forward. Alone or together? As Anais Nin said, 'love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don't know how to replenish its source. It dies of blindness, errors and betrayal."  Start to act with responsibility for your own emotions, needs and choices. That is the heart of your very existence. Find it now. But this week, also make it clear that your actions are borne out of love, rather than selfishness. You're going through a period of personal change and you want to share the satisfaction that moving forward can bring with those closest to you. Avoid taking on other people's problems and step on the road to self-discovery.

Well, it's a brilliant week, when no-one's going to be a fool for love, especially not you. Your self-esteem is on a high, you're looking fantastic, and your body language says it all.  It attached, take the opportunity to explore new ideas, goals and even that delicate little word 'commitment' with a lover.  However (and isn't there always a 'but' or an 'if only'), you feel in a cul de sac about where your love life is actually going. You're acutely aware of the issues, the doubts and the swirl of polarites between what you want, what A.N. Other wants, what you value and what's politically correct. So I'm afraid you have no other choice but to take the plunge into your deeper feelings. Time to sort it all out.

I guess you've had grand notions and dreams about how a long-term kind of relationship could develop, yet it's not exactly working out the way you intended Because you're an idealist, and no-one can ever really live up to those dreams. So it's inevitable that you're a tiny bit concerned about the way things are going. You're trying hard to keep it all lovely and friendly and jolly.  Behind the joke and the laugh there is a side of you, which feels you've let yourself down. There is 'Disappointment' and there is 'Anger.'  Although Neptune 'should' be giving you a new lease of romantic life, it hasn't quite happened as it does in the movies. In fact, the planetary influence is simply saying modify your grand romantic schemes and then love will be everything you want it to be.

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