Aquarius Annual Forecast 2018

Aquarius in 2018

For Aquarius this year brings much hope for the fulfillment of their wishes. Since their sign lord, Saturn, will remain posited in 10th, they will have new job offers and better opportunities for the professional growth throughout the year. They will have better sources of income and better avenues for growth. From physical health and comfort’s point of view, it shall be a good year as well. However, Jupiter in 6th may make the enemies overactive with their schemes and conspiracies. Upto 18th April, during Jupiter’s retrogressive phase minor ailments may also trouble you – the Aquarius – a bit. But throughout the year you will get liberal cooperation from your friends and associates. The coveted project which you wanted to start may also begin within this year. At home some auspicious ceremony may also take place. Although the pressure would be on to achieve your target within time, you may manage to achieve them eventually by hook or crook. Your this achievement may keep your seniors and boss happy enough to grant you a prized posting or assignment. However, Rahu in 8th may make your enemies or rivals active with their conspiracies to damage your interest but they won’t be able to do any damage. Nevertheless you have to keep a vigilant eye on their nefarious activities. At the beginning of the year, exalted Mars in 12th may make you spend much. Hence you must keep a check on your spendthriftness.

Jupiter will remain in 6th upto 14th July and then it would transit to 7th to cause some tension in the family circle, particularly after 14th July, although understanding between the spouses will be of high order throughout the year. Minor banter, however, cannot be ruled out. Difference between father and son may also emerge. Some senior family member’s health may also cause concern. You may have to spend much on medical treatment. Also, don’t pressurize your progeny much for the studies as this unwanted pressure may depress them unnecessarily.

Trade/profession will grow and progress steadily. Your business expansion plans may also fructify this year. New technique’s introduction and adopting newer technologies may succeed in multiplying your profit substantially. However, during Saturn’s retrogressive period – 14th March to 15th August, some problems in work may unnerve you a bit – like non-availability of the raw material and delay in payment but you’ll manage to tide over them.

Your social clout will add to your renown and prestige as your personal excellence will show its class quite blatantly. Your talent and abilities will be recognized by all. With your tenacity and dedication you will manage to get your all state related cases favourably disposed. The students of Aquarius sign will do well though they won’t be satisfied with their results. They may face dilemma about their career choice later on. Selection of the subjects and of the institution may create much confusion. After 15th August, when Saturn becomes direct, they may get good jobs and raise in their salaries etc. Avoid indulging in loveaffairs as they may distract you from your aim. Separation forever with some close friend, or close relation is indicated within this year.

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