Cancer Annual Forecast 2018

Cancer in 2018

The year 2018 will be a year of ambitions for you as you’d love to fulfill them. Jupiter in exaltation in your own sign will keep your ambitions at the top pitch. Saturn in 5th will make your progeny get some auspicious opening in work, though expenses related to progeny’s education, marriage or engagement etc. may be quite high. Your physical comforts and health may fluctuate even though exalted Jupiter in your sign won’t make you suffer any major illness. But for some reason or the other your health may not remain stable. In the beginning of the year Mars would be casting its aspect on its debilitating sign (which is your sign). Nevertheless financially and professionally things will be normal and quite satisfactory, though some major changes may be witnessed at physical and social levels. May receive some significant achievements professionally. During this year the unmarried may tie the nuptial bond. You may have interest in religion and you’ll try to engage yourself more in religious activities. Financially you’ll be quite well-off during this year. But you’ll have to work hard and may not be able to relax much less.

Saturn in transit will be in 5th this year which will keep you in good frame physically and mentally both. You’ll be able to complete all you worldly duties efficiently and enthusiastically. Socially you’ll have good relations and with your progeny you’ll also have nice terms. Relations between the spouses will also be quite cordial as all the disputes and misunderstandings would be removed. In fact you’ll have good terms with everyone. But Saturn’s retrograde motion between March and August may get you some bad or untoward message about your some relation. The students must devote full time in their studies and shouldn’t waste their time in love-affairs etc. like distractions. They shouldn’t compromise with their career requirements. Jupiter’s transit to Leo after 14th July may not give you good results in your educational endeavours. Mars, exalted in 7th may give you some disturbance from the legal involvement. Be wary about the same. Rahu in 3rd may cause some tension between you and your brothers. Try to resolve all property related disputes through negotiations or mediation of the third party. Keep your expenses well in check particularly between March and middle of August. First ascertain the need to expend before opening up your purse for it.

Although much hard work would be required this year but you’ll also get its due reward frequently. After 14 th July Jupiter’s the 6th lord’s position in 2nd may call for extra vigilance on your part about your rivals and opponents activities and conspiracy. Cancer natives are by nature emotional and in their emotional view they often take wrong decisions. Hence take your decisions after much deliberation. Ketu in 9th may cause hurdles in your lucky phase and Rahu in 3rd may cause you suffer loss due to over-reliance on somebody. So be careful. Nevertheless, while appearing for the test interviews you’ll be brimful with self-confidence. In your service or profession your tenacity and hard work will get you the desired targets achievement, against all odds. In business your lenient and liberal nature may give you some loss. Don’t rely on strangers at all. Avoid the company of the back-biters and sycophants. If you don’t compare yourself with anyone, you’ll find that the life is really beautiful. All told, this year is the year of ambitions, hopes and new dimensions. You’ll move ahead with a novel consciousness.

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