Capricorn Annual Forecast 2018

Capricorn in 2018

For Capricorn natives the year 2018 may prove a grand year. The sign lord, Saturn will be in the 11th, the house of gains. Mars will be in exaltation in the 1st house at the commencement of the year. Your health will remain good all through the year. Much relief from chronic diseases and affliction is assured, though between March and August, during Saturn’s retrogression, minor health problems may surface – like stomach disorder, seasonal ailments etc. Moreover Jupiter’s direct aspect on your sign will gradually cure you from all physical afflictions. Rahu in 9th may cause some hurdles in getting you your lucky phases and activating your enemies or rivals. You may face challenges repeatedly from them but you’ll face them boldly and emerge victor from the confrontations. Normally the Capricorn natives are by nature courageous and never become worried even in the worst circumstances. In trade and business you may do very well this year. In your profession you may introduce new techniques with a stupendously positive impact. You’ll also change your working style and even machines to suit the modern requirement. It will also be a time you indulged in self-assessment and self-appraisal as well. Upto 14th July Jupiter will cast its aspect on 1st. Till that time the students of the technical line will do very well. You may also indulge favourably in buying and selling real estate or landed property. Mars will be in 1st in the year’s beginning and it will come in its own sign, Aries, from 26th March. Between this period you may have a favourable deal for an immoveable property.

Your sign lord, Saturn, will retrograde between 14th March and 15th August. This shall be the phase when you must have a vigilant eye on the activities of your partner, co-worker or associates as they might leak your vital trade secrets. During this phase you may face the stiff challenges from your rivals and competitors and you might miss a big order as well. Be careful during this phase as you could be trapped in legal or state related troubles.

Nevertheless, your family members will very supportive and cooperative throughout this year. Marital relations will be smooth though some exposure of your secret love escapades may, at times, adversely impact on your family relations. Your parents and other senior member’s affection and blessings will give you much moral support to face and solve your problems resolutely. The students of this sign will also have a favourable time this year.

The middle part of the year may give you some untoward news about your some relation or friend. Nevertheless, financially you’ll have a very strong position this year. You can easily start some new work as your sources of income may keep on multiplying. If in service you’ll have much better offers or working conditions as your boss & seniors will remain pleased with you. Chances of promotion will be very strong.

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