Gemini Annual Forecast 2018

Gemini in 2018

For the Gemini natives this year 2018 shall be favourable. Saturn in 6th house will end all diseases and enemies. Owing to Jupiter transiting 2nd house, your financial condition will remain strong throughout; sources of income will rise and you’ll get good money and gains as well.

Familial peace and prosperity will also be much. Your chances of getting a son is also bright. Saturn in 6th also broadens the avenue for the influx of wealth; although at times mounting expenses may agitate your mind occasionally. Nevertheless you’ll have swell time financially. You’ll also gain social reputation and shall be recognized as an influential and honoured person of the society.

Your image and prestige will be brightened. You’ll have scores of very good opportunities in your profession. Although 6th Saturn does end afflictions and enemy, you must remain cautious about your health and eating habits. You may strive hard to implement your plans for business expansion but initially you’ll not succeed much but gradually you’ll make conditions conducive to your growth. If in service you’ll attain a kind of stability. Your boss or seniors will remain happy with you although your colleague or associates, out of sheer jealousy, may hatch a conspiracy against you. But no matter what they do, they won’t be able to even scratch you. You’ll also like to indulge in charity and social work and may also spend money for it. Since your sign lord Mercury will be transiting 7th and aspecting your sign fully, you may do many notable deeds this year. Your hard work and dedication will get its due reward. All your projects related to the real property – land, plot, flat etc. – hanging for long will be completed. You may purchase some immovable property – but be wary to check all the documents as you get duped.

However Saturn’s retrogression between March and August may create complications in your govt. related and legal court related cases, which may vex you. Appearing as a false witness may trap you in trouble, so avoid any such move. Try to settle the property related dispute through amicable negotiation. The Gemini natives are generally intelligent and wise. Use your hidden talents to solve most of your problems. Between March & August your progeny may also give you a cause for concern.

Their education, career, marriage etc. may give rise to some tension. Some elderly family member’s ill health may force you to visit hospital repeatedly. Your some close relation or friend may be involved in some accident or any similar untoward happening. You will be much willing to help him or her with all your resources.

Students need to be more vigilant this year. They must avoid involvement in love affairs or distracting their life’s purpose in futile entertainment as they may ruin their career. With Rahu in 4th and Ketu in 10th from your sign, you’ll remain generally happy and healthy. During this year you may indulge in some landed property deal and may also spend on your vehicle. Financially this shall be a very paying year. But Mercury’s presence in 7th with the Sun warms you not to keep your eyes closed about your partner’s activities as that fellow may deceive you.

In your working place, however, your position will be satisfactory and you’ll continue to move on your path of progress. You may travel a lot this year; journey to far off places and short distance may be in equal measure.

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