Leo Annual Forecast 2018

Leo in 2018

For the Leo natives this year 2018 is likely to prove rather troublesome as the Saturn Dhaiyya effect will be clearly and adversely manifest. Saturn’s transit in the 4th house may make you face a series of troubles. Fear of enemies and ill health may add to your miseries. Also, remain guarded about the seasonal illnesses and vehicular accidents, although no serious mishap is foreseen. Nevertheless ill health could be a nagging worry. Be very careful about your food and drink intake and shun all drug addictive habits, else you may invite a serious trouble.

At the family front you could be very satisfied and happy with family members remaining quite cooperative with each other and they would give you due importance. You must also behave suiting to the demand of the time. Since Jupiter would be transiting 12th house, be cautious about how you spend your resources or on what head, as the income and expenditure will be barely able to offset each other. But Saturn’s aspect on the 6th house may check your enemies moves and conspiracies. Your enemies may be automatically destroyed by their own misdeeds. Rahu in 2nd house may create a constant ting of war between income and expenses.

Money won’t stay in your coffers. In your trade and business you’d like to introduce certain new techniques and methods. Though you’ll plan for new ventures but practically you may not derive any advantage from them. Keep a vigilant eye on your partner or associate’s activities as over-reliance may trap you in a deception, particularly in monetary transactions. They could make you lose a lucrative contract or a big order. Never be hasty in taking your business decisions. Be attentive in your work because a minor mistake can be boomerang as a major flaw in the consequence, looking wrath of your superiors or the boss.

However, no matter what you do, you may not succeed in keeping your seniors in good humour. Nevertheless the pressure on you will be to meet your targets. Between March and August when Saturn goes retrograde, some senior family member’s ill health may make you go to hospital repeatedly. During this phase you may also receive some untoward news about your some close relation or friend. All told you’ll have to exert much but you may not receive any positive result during this phase.

On 14th July when Jupiter transits to your own sign, things will be much better. You’ll come forward to help some of your needy friend. When Jupiter goes in retrogression in 12th from your sign, the students will have to be very careful about their studies as their distractive activities may adversely impact on their career prospects. For ensuring better concentration and devotion, the students must chant the Gayatri Mantra in their free time. The Leo natives may also be worried about their progeny’s activities. You’re advised to let them develop their talents independently as any extra pressure on them may prove blatantly counter proactive. Let them choose their own career.

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