Libra Annual Forecast 2018

Libra in 2018

For the Libra natives this 2018 will be the year full of hurdles and challenges. For Librans the Saturn Sade Sati is already on. While Saturn in 2nd may cause money-loss, their health will also be not good. Jupiter in 10th at the beginning of the year may add to your miseries. Apart from health-deterioration the Sade-Sati would keep your rivals and opponents quite active. They may give you a series of stiff challenges. Also, Ketu’s position in 6th may also pose many conspiracies hatched against you. Be careful about your secret enemies. Those affected with diabetes, heart ailments etc. must be particularly careful about their health throughout this year, as little carelessness may cause big problem.

Money will be earned but it won’t accrue as Saturn in 2nd won’t let you keep it for long. Nevertheless, you’ll get good results of your endeavours in the govt. related cases. Even the court cases may also get favourably disposed. A contact with a high official or VIP will help you get much benefit later on. Family-peace point of view this shall be a good year. You’ll get whole hearted support from your family members no matter what the problem you might face – whether emotional or professional. Achieving the targets in your career may remain only a dream although, when Saturn becomes retrograde between March & August 2018, you may find some ways to do so. You may eventually achieve your targets and the economic pressure will also be considerably reduced.

Jupiter will remain in exalted sign in 10th upto 14th July while for some time it will become retrograde from 18th April. During this phase the Libra natives must pay attention to their studies. Jupiter’s retrogression may cause frequent distraction and your memory will also become a little blunt. You must practice yoga which may give you better concentration and memory. Your honour and respect in the society will grow but property related matters may become somewhat complicated.

Family property division matters may not be sorted out amicably. Try to resolve them through negotiation and the mediation of the seniors of the family. Matrimonial proposals for your progeny may gather momentum. Your relations and friends could help you solve these delicate issues. Occasional differences with your partner and co-workers may crop up regarding accounting. Some senior family member’s health may also cause concern. May receive some untoward news about your some friend or relation as well. Monetary loss could be heavy this year.

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