Pisces Annual Forecast 2018

Pisces in 2018

The Piscean natives will have this year full of achievements in all field. Jupiter in 5th may ensure a big ceremony of your progeny completed this year at the very beginning. Health will also remain good since Saturn will remain posited in the 9th house from your sign. Most of the chronic ailment will be cured this year. You must maintain your rigid exercise and yoga schedule while trying other medical therapies like Naturopathy, Unani and Homeopathy as well to keep fit and healthy. However between March & August – during Saturn’s retrogressive phase – leg-pains and season ailments may trouble you a bit. Jupiter will be in 5th and then from July in 6th. The beginning of the year may see the celebration of your progeny’s some auspicious ceremony like engagement, marriage or something connected with education. Family atmosphere will remain peaceful and happy though occasional differences between the spouses may occur, chiefly due to Rahu’s position in the 7th house. Parents’ health may cause occasional concern. You may have to take them to the hospital.

Trade and profession will also prosper well. You may employ new methods and technique in your work to get higher profit. You’ll like to experiment with your work to ensure greater benefits. But avoid being lured by the desire to earn quick money – hence don’t indulge in any speculative business, gambling and in the Share Market. You may focus on starting a new venture this year. All your held up projects with the govt. will be cleared due to the help of some VIP whom you might meet by chance. You may try to buy some plot of the land or even a finished flat this year which shall appear to you to be a very coveted achievement of life. Mars in exaltation in 11th will make you enjoy the luxury of travelling in a lovely vehicle. If in service, your all seniors and boss etc. will remain happy with you and you’ll get many opportunity to rise in your field. Your associates will also remain very cooperative with you. You may love to start or join a new work. Saturn in 9th will make your Lady Luck smile. May get very many lucrative and vital offers. You shall also be able to square up the debts you took earlier. Enemies and rivals would remain subdued before your mounting excellence.

Upto 18th April your sign lord Jupiter be also retrograde which may reduce your capacity to learn new things. The students may not get the favourable results of their hard work. You may indulge in romance and love to ruin your career prospects. Hence avoid such distractions.

Your friends and well-wishers will always help you in your hour of distress. Your lenient nature may give you losses in business. In service your callousness can be your undoing – so be careful. You’ll work hard to ensure a smooth sailing for you financially. But be careful about your secret enemies during the phase of Saturn’s retrogression. May plan to buy a new vehicle for you, your chance meeting with a VIP will help you much in the long run, as much as to change your life-style. During Saturn’s retrogression some of your senior family members may be separated forever. Also you may get the adverse news about your some close relation.

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