Sagittarius Annual Forecast 2018

Sagittarius in 2018

This year will be full of challenges for the Sagittarius natives. While Saturn’s transit in 12th may not be bad for health, it would be quite damaging for business or profession. Extra work pressure, hard work would be needed but results won’t be as good owing to Saturn’s Sade Sati. Also owing to Jupiter’s sojourn in 8th minor health related problems may trouble you frequently. Pain in the legs, stomach disorder, joint pain, headaches may crop up repeatedly.

Think twice before planning to invest in your business and don’t fully trust your partner or coworker as they can betray you. Do your work with total seriousness as callousness in work can have deadly consequences including the wrath of the seniors or the boss.

Jupiter even though exalted is in 8th house from your sign which won’t let you get due reward of your hard work. Sagittarius natives are generally tenacious and devoted workers. Your self-confidence will be brimful in this year. Religion and spiritualism will rivet your attention and you’ll love to work socially out of showing your charity to others. Work-pressure however, will be heavy. Much hard work won’t get you enough funds for even your survival. Bone braking labour may be the every day requirement. Yet, your capacity to judge things impartially will make you deal with the situation quite psychologically. You won’t let your professional upheavals disturb your home life. Since your sign lord is Jupiter – you can’t let any injustice be perpetuated. You’ll protest against any injustice meted out to anyone.

Jupiter will remain in the 8th house upto 14th July which may cause worry to you on account of your progeny’s education, admission in the desired course etc. Financially also you’ll be able to barely meet your ends. Yet when needed you may procure enough funds. However, after 14th July, Jupiter’s transit to 9th house may provide you financial relief. The departmental enquiry verdict may come in your favour. The students will study devotedly only in the later half of the year. However in appearing at an interview your self-confidence may be a bit shaken. You’re advised to leave all distractions like chatting through interest, face-book contacts etc. or even love affairs if you desire to brighten your professional career. Your devotion at this stage may really offer you a bright career.

However, your much coveted project may not be completed this year also. You may give up hope for that, but during Saturn’s retrogression between March & August your hopes will again be revived. Nevertheless, court-cases, litigation etc. may keep you mentally tense throughout the year. After August some senior family member’s health may force you to rush to the hospital. May receive some bad news about your some relation or friend during this phase as well.

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