Scorpio Annual Forecast 2018

Scorpio in 2018

The year 2018 may not prove auspicious or favourable year for the Scorpio natives as the Saturn Sade Sati will be on. Professional hurdles and problems will be frequent; they have to struggle much. Health may not remain good as afflictions and diseases will disturb your system. Despite your hard work, you may not get the desired results at all. Saturn in 1st house won’t let you Lady Luck smile on you. You’ll have to wage a constant battle to survive in your profession. Service results won’t be conducive either as the confrontation with the seniors or boss may be frequent, adversely impacting on your career prospects. You may face stiff challenge from your rivals or opponents. Rahu in 11th will curtail your gains substantially. Even though you may work hard, the result won’t be commensurate with the labour.

Money will come but it may soon be spent. During this phase you must take your business/professional decision with much deliberation and care. Nevertheless the familial peace – happiness and prosperity will remain untouched. You won’t let your professional life’s disturbance afflict your familial atmosphere. However, Saturn’s aspect on the 7th house may occasionally disturb your marital life, but that would be for a very small duration. Soon the spouses will have sweet relations. The Scorpio natives are by nature very resolute in their commitment, they eventually achieve what they keep their eyes at. Their this resoluteness and determination will help them pass through this phase of Sade Sati by their tenacity to bear things and yet not abandon their resolves. Your positivity of their commitment will make them pass through the trying phase without any serious damage. They will maintain their position and status.

Ketu in 5th will keep their family happy and peaceful. Progeny will remain obedient though Jupiter’s position in 9th upto 14th July may cause some tension regarding your progeny’s admission, career, further education related issues. Although financially you won’t be satisfied, in every financial crunch, in the final moment you may get the needed help to continue your progress. Nevertheless you shall always make valiant efforts to improve your financial position. When Jupiter comes in 10th after 14th July, you may start getting better gains from your professional endeavours and your work will be done rather easily. Since Saturn is in sign, you have to be doubly guarded about your enemies and opponent’s moves or schemes. Some of your most coveted and long-drawn projects may appear to be fixed but you may get some relief when Saturn becomes retrograde between March and August 2018.

However, frequent hurdles, troubles in your projects, undue and unpleasant running around, court-cases, mental tension would not let you heave a sigh of relief. You may plan for business expansion but that would remain just the nonstarter. Also exalted Mars in 3rd would end the long lasting dispute with your brothers. In fact all the property related dispute will be settled through negotiation or some senior impartial person’s mediation in which you may have to partially sacrifice your right to ensure general peace, for which you must be prepared.

However, health of your parents or senior persons may cause some concern. You may have to take them to the hospital as well. You should also be careful about your health and get it regularly checked. Your relations with the in-laws, however, may not be very cordial. At times the conditions may tend to become explosive. You’ll have to act with patience and forbearance.

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