Taurus Annual Forecast 2018

Taurus in 2018

For Taurus natives 2018 will be a good year. At the beginning of the year the sign lord Venus will be posited with exalted Mars. This will not only get you good news but relief from some chronic problem as well.

Health will remain good. But Saturn’s position in 7th may not prove much good from the family point of view. Father and son or spouses may have varied opinions on different issues. But you’ll like to complete some of your important projects. With your tact and intelligence you’ll ensure steady gains for you. May achieve many laurels during this year, though Rahu in 5th may cause some worry regarding progeny.

Students will be less serious in their studies. But all your pending govt. related cases will head towards their eventual completion even with your minor efforts. You’ll plan for business expansion and your efforts will be commensurate with their matching results.

Your performance in your profession and business will be outstanding with your boss or seniors remaining pleased with you. Between 6th April and 2nd May the movement of Venus in your sign will be specially good for the students. They will be focused on their studies. Even the traders or businessmen may get good orders. Your efficiency and talent will be admired by all. During Saturn’s retrograde motion between March and August senior members of the family may need extra medical care. You’ll serve them well, whose blessings will help you do well in your work. Jupiter’s transit to Leo sign from 14th July will pave a broader way for your success as its sojourn in 4th house will get you big honour and some rare achievements. All your important jobs will be completed rapidly. Between March and August you must take care of your senior family members deteriorating health. It is the time you should implement your much thought-out plans.

However, be also guarded about your opponents’ and enemies’ moves. May have minor tension with your in-laws. Since Mars will be exalted in the beginning of the year, you may have some new plot or flat booked for you to add to your landed property. Students need to work harder for better results. You may get desired success in a career related or a departmental test.

However, you could also be drawn in some govt. related trouble. Avoid all controversies scrupulously. Any appearance as a false witness may trap you in a major problem. Some minor ailments may give you tension. Some of your long lasting disputes will be eventually resolved, with mutual understanding.

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