Virgo Annual Forecast 2018

Virgo in 2018

The year 2015 is likely to prove an year of achievements for the Virgo natives. Jupiter in the 11th (Income’s) house may shake the pagoda tree for them and they will have their efficiency further honed. All this will make you financially quite strong. Also, Saturn’s sojourn in the 3rd house may settle the long drawn disputes with your brother’s and relations, though some concern may emerge due to your progeny’s some action.

But since Rahu be transmitting your sign this year, health may remain rather indisposed with frequent bouts of ailments. During Jupiter’s retrogressive phase before April, be careful about seasonal infections as well. Stomach disorder, cold and pain in the legs or feet will be the main troubles. Rahu’s position may make some surgical operation also necessary. Some senior family member’s ill health may force you to repeatedly go to hospital.

Saturn’s position in the house of Parakrama may widen your PR circle much. May plan to buy some piece of land or flat or plot to enhance your immoveable assets. Although in service or trade pressure to meet your targets being heavy, you will manage to achieve them within the time limit. The boss and senior’s happiness with your work may give you some important post or assignment, giving a bright chance to make the Lady Luck smile on you. Ambition-wise you’ll be at the pinnacle of your achievements. A chance meeting with a VIP may increase your margin of profit manifold. But be careful about the activities of your working partner or workers. After 14th July Jupiter’s transit to 12th house may sky-rocket your expenses unexpectedly. You may also lose some big order or contract during this phase. Any callousness in work may be proved to be a boomerang with much magnified ferocity later on.

The Virgo natives, despite their busy life may be able to give good time to their kids and family. The guardian shall have full knowledge about his ward’s interests, friends and activities to provide them the necessary direction and moral support. You may also make a big purchase for your home. You shall be very particular about your routine needs. But during the phase when Saturn be in retrogression, [between March & August] you may receive some untoward news about your some brother, friend or relation. Spouses may also have occasional difference of opinion or confrontation but they all be resolved timely and without much ado. Jupiter in 11th and Mars in exaltation at the very beginning of the year you may buy a new vehicle between 28th March to 4th May when you have the most favourable phase. But be wary and just not rely on any stranger during this phase, else you’ll be surely betrayed.

Avoid any legal complication or dispute with anyone. Try to settle all your disputes through negotiations and reason-based discussions.

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