18 to 24 September 2017 Weekly Love Horoscope

Love Horoscopes (week beginning 18th September 2017) 

This week, everyone may notice your charm offensive, and everyone may think you're vibrant and volatile. But that doesn't mean that you are. In fact, beneath that brash, carefree attitude you're feeling more like a marionette than a deity. You experience momentary insecurity and you're wondering if you can stand the test of 24/7 romance. Is that a spot coming up, does your hair look lank today, does anyone love those laughter-lines? That's the problem with being in love.  But don't forget that others have insecurities too. Laughter is undoubtedly the best way to storm those barriers, rather than storm around the place looking for a verbal fight. Laugh about your fears and faults alone or together, and as the tension disappears, so will the blemishes.

I want you to look carefully at yourself in the mirror. First of all ask yourself, who is that person in the mirror? Then if you can answer that, because it's one of the hardest things to ask ourselves in the world, follow up with some more questions. What are you made of? What do others see in you?
Can you separate from a lover and feel whole? What price your independence? This week, a resurgence of self-love means you will be loved by one who truly adores you.  Suggest to yourself that although the perfect relationship is about as impossible as finding the edge of the universe, at least you can find harmony with one special person as long as they honour your need for an ambitious, yet secure lifestyle and a sense of adventure.

You were born an idealist and that's that. There's nothing wrong with crazy utopian beliefs and longings as long as you are conscious that no-one can ever really live up to those expectations, not even yourself. Thanks to Saturn's influence, some of your more realistic love aspirations can now be grounded. Of course, you can either beat yourself up about a missed, once-upon-a-time possibility, or you can accept that one period in your life has ended and a more exciting one is about to begin. I guess most of us spend a large portion of our waking life regetting this and wishing we'd said that, and thinking 'if only' and 'what if'? But this week, you are at last coming to terms with the present for what it is - a time for self-nurture and positive thoughts for better relating.

With Venus boosting your romantic determination, it’s an ideal time for meeting someone you want to impress. If you’re attached, you probably just need to create more passion and romance in a jaded love life. (Yeah, that again). Educational pursuits, finding your spiritual home or spending time with friends, will give you and your partner fresh ideas and spontaneity. Too much routine time together has a tendency to gnaw at our hearts. Single? Experience the vibrations and buzz of live music, or get back to nature and feel the wind in your hair. A touch of excitement in the everyday will make you feel alive, but more importantly, it will make you feel loveable and capable of loving.  Then, as if by magic things do change. The normal becomes surprising, in the nicest possible way. Result? Romance is at last in the air.

This week, the planets are giving you the ability to communicate your deepest desires. And it seems that 'luck' if you can call it that, is on your side without you even having to look for it. If what you want is to make a commitment, then why not set the wheels in motion and all will be as you want it to be? If you want new romance, or to bring back the sparkle to a current relationship, then it's time to journey forth into new social venues or make a pact to go somewhere different, exotic or unknown together.  But it's not the conscious decisions you make that will create the good times, it's what you discover on route that you hadn't expected to happen which will change your life for the better.

It might seem that suddenly your partner isn't listening.  Or that you daren't open your mouth for fear of disapproval. Socially you feel like a wilted wallflower, or can't bear the thought of going out with one date because what would people THINK if they saw you with such an unlikely candidate? There will be seemingly impossible challenges in love's endless mystery, but somehow you find way to navigate it all with sagacity and awareness as you encounter the great serendipitious riddle of life itself. In other words, you have to set out for somewhere else (in complete and utter good faith) and lose your way to find something unexpectedly welcome. This week, love cannot be plotted either, it can only be found by not looking for it at all.

I suspect you've been rather lonely lately, not in an isolated way, but because you've been so busy attending to your personal life, you haven't been the most social of animals, nor the most romantic of fools. And at last, extrovert habits are moderating those introvert ones. Thanks to the change of planetary activity this week, you're not only blessed with good company, but others are blessed with your sparkling humour and genuine pleasure-loving spirit. What's the down side? None, except in all that upswing you've got to come back down to earth. In fact, you become a romantic socialite and a foolish animal. Enjoy the paradox of love.

I firmly believe that your character is your fate, and also that you must choose to take control of your own life if you want to fulfill your potential - if you don't, by golly, someone else will. And it came to my mind last night, when I saw the planets lined up in the sky, that you're actually being controlled in a very unconscious and undermining way. In fact there's a whiff of take-over bids and power-tripping around your sign this week. And I don't mean you're about to become a tyrant. No, actually it's more that someone has a seriously strong hold over you. It's not that you're a victim, or locked in a cage, but someone wants you to be. Surely it's time to break free?

Bernard Russell wrote, 'Next to enjoying ourselves, the next greatest pleasure consists in preventing others from enjoying themselves, or, more generally, the acquisition of power."  And I have to tell you that if you don't start rebelling about your own values, needs and rights, then you might lose out to some power-monger out there. If attached, a partner seems cold, distant and wrapped up in themselves.  Luckily, this week's planetary influence restores romance and a little order. Someone values your opinion, someone is charmed by your goals, someone is amused by your quirky humour and it seems after all you're in control of your life again. The law of attraction works in your favour. Use it.

Rather like eating ice-cream then suddenly taking a mouthful of chilli powder, you're ready to shriek ' Uughh!' In fact, the fun-loving side of romance is leaving a bad taste in your mouth. Maybe you're trying to hard, demanding too much?  Shouldn't you be more nature about it all? The child within needs to escape with the fairies right now. Are you working towards love goals which are your own, of those imposed on you by family or society? Think carefully and focus on your true desires. With the charm factor yours to play with, start re-evaluating your objectives, and trust your intuition rather than tagging along like a bored sheep. After all, it's usually the black sheep who makes the greatest impression among the herd, isn't it?

Gandhi said:  "be the change you wish to see in the world." And this is absolutely appropriate to you right now. All it takes is focus and self-belief - maybe a journey into yourself? - but check the sign-posts along the way and where they are leading you. Firstly you must think and construct your ideal relationship in your mind. Listen to your heart, draw a map like a treasure island, you know, with the hidden chest of gold buried at a point known only to one person, and you have to find it. Then write the script for it, and by analogy do the same for your own relationsip world. Ask yourself, do you want more freedom? (The treasure).  Do you want less routine, do you want to be more creative or produce offspring of the mind, body or just of the soul? If single, what does a cosy twosome really mean to you? Who is your ideal partner? Study the treasure map, and all will be revealed.

This week, your mission is to be accomplished in the art of love -  a mission highly accomplished indeed.  Single, or attached you realise that giving and receiving approval is only a game played for the sake of feeling loved. And more and more, you discover that when you really respond to your own personal calling, you don't need to seek that kind of validation any more. Of course it's scary. But then being true to oneself is a very big adventure. The planets are on your side to express your romantic, sexual and personal needs in every possible way. But think clearly about why you are in a relationship.  Did you promise the earth, fall headlong into love and now aren't sure if this is the right kind of love for you? Are you simply there because it's been easier to sit tight and assume all is well with the world and anyway it's too late to change anything? However complacent you feel, time to sort it out.

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