2 to 8 October 2017 Weekly Love Horoscope

2 to 8 October 2017 Weekly Love Horoscope

Oh, how busy you are, aren't you? You're whispering sweet-nothings into one phone and negotiating deals on the other. Now, let's look closer at this issue about Aries' friends of the opposite sex. Yes, you want the ideal relationship, don't we all, but being a bit of a freedom-lover and also being a bit of a rebel where love is concerned, you have this thing about not giving yourself exclusively to anyone.  What about all the others? Can't you be friends with your exes and good friends with every one you meet? This doesn't mean you're going to leap into the sack with them,  but just romance the night away. And it does mean that if, an outrageous, crazy, or enviable stranger appeared in your world, wouldn't it be fair and normal to get to know them better? Do so. It can't hurt.

I thik you've been patient. I think you've waited and waited, perhaps in the hope that things will change as if by magic, or 'fate' will intervene and then you'll feel justified in saying, 'well, I knew it all along'.  So what is this anticipatory, yet blocked hunger for something new and life-awakening?
The very hunger for change (by choice or by chance) suggests there's something truly lacking in your life. And it's not the change itself which is important, but paying attention to a need which hasn't been met. It could be you feel inadequate in a relationship, or a relationship has served it's purpose and you want to move on, but daren't or feel you can't. Maybe you need to feel closer to someone but circumstances don't permit it. This week you'll begin to discover how to move one step closer to embracing that need. For once you are no longer the patient 'patient'. For once you are the healer of your dreams.

With a puzzled brow or a twinge of regret you look back over the past few months and wonder about the things you impulsively did or said.  Could it be that right now you're without a challenge or a goal in your love life? Maybe you've settled into some apparently 'normal' existence if attached, or if single, set rules and regulations about your dating antics and how you must 'grow up' about relationships generally. Frankly, I suspect your reflective state won't last long. With the sun reminding you of your need to be religiously independent, you'll do anything to create some active competition again. And I mean 'religious' in the sense of utter faith in that quirky, freedom-loving spirit of yours. With Saturn still casting a rather dull glow over your creative dreams and romantic aspirations, it's hardly surprising you're ready to rebel.  Do so with a flourish.

As a Cancer, there are roles which you will indentify with throughout your life and most you will play with ease. Then again, there are others which don't suit you. For beneath the dressings of culture, society, friends, lovers and family you have an individual autonomy.  I know that many times in your life you've played the part of the inevitable emotional wreck, beset by devilish relationships. But this week, you're going to change. In fact, with your natural charm, a touch of imported vanity and a love potion filled with desire for the first person you see, you will walk out into the day and cast your spell over whoever you want to be your beloved.

Now, we do have a sad habit as human beings, of picking eternally unavailable partners or, if sometimes if we're lucky, the 'right type'. And I mean the 'right type,' in the sense we pick those who eventually drive us up the wall, because it's exactly those qualities which drove us crazy in the first place. 'Wow what a fiery visionary!" we cry across the first red rose.  Five years later, their crazy ideas never come to anything and red roses get boring. This week, there will be conflict of interests between you and your partner. Single, someone out there will draw you back into the familiar emotional fray.  But hey, let's be sad, silly, mad people, it's more fun after all, isn't it?

I'm hanging out your dirty washing here. Yes, the truth about Virgo will be made public! So here we go. Isn't it true that you secretly like creating a little drama in a relationship? Tangled, stormy scenes and a passion for life? I mean, come on, you know if you jump into that steamy lake of love you'll come out looking and feeling sexier too.  And this week's serendipitous effects of the nodal axis (don't ask, it's very technical and very fateful), means you really will be stumbling into beautiful strangers if single or psyching out your partner's deepest desires if attached. This cosmic line-up is waking you up to a whole new perspective on relationships. Not frothy, frivolous games, but the realisation that theatre in your love life brings you to life.

Well I've got to be honest and get straight to the point. This week, love is as about as reliable as the weather. One minute as steamy as a sauna, the next cool and icy as a glacier. Partners just won't bend to your way of looking at life, and you're forced to make hasty rearrangements with regard to dates or domestic plans. Then, to cap it all, the planet triggers off a run of theatrical performances between you both. (Although this generates the kind of challenge that keeps you very much on your toes).  If single, one day you get up on the wrong side of the bed - 'who cares about love anyway, I'm better off alone', the next day you get out of bed the right side and flirt with every available person. Well, at least you won't get bored getting in and out of bed.

It's time to reflect on what you truly want, and what truly matters to you. Remember, without your freedom to play, flirt, to bring joy to others as well as yourself, you'll feel like an old mother hen trying to incubate the same old rotten eggs. What you need right now is fresh blood, adventure, the open road - these are the things which will make your journey the most passionate and fulfilling. So  organise a holiday or quick break, and remember the fantasy of your dreams will always be just that. But remember that the one you're with, or the one you are about to meet is real, a human being, who needs your physical spirit and generous soul, but also your compassion. For they like you, are on a journey. Share the voyage together.

Thank goodness there's a change coming in the air. At last you're beginning to take more responsibility for your own happiness. I would hazard a guess, that you're also less fearful of the mysterious chemistry that draws you ever closer to someone's heart. I often say that love is a entity in itself. It permeates relationships, and asks us to meet ourselves and begin to know ourselves through the other.  So the purpose of love is the most valiant yet humbling of experiences, because we then see that 'the other' is merely a reflection of ourself. All our strengths, weaknesses and joys are rolled into the object of our desire. And with a strange planetary line-up this week, you begin to realise that love has come to stay if you welcome it into your world.

Love beckons, and there are lingering issues about who you really are and why you project ideals onto 'your partner' out there.  Rather than leaning on someone for support, or choosing lovers who lean on you, you can now find the balance. This week, as the sun-god Apollo rides his chariot onwards through the most adventurous part of your chart, you can accept that love isn't just about hard work and effort, it's also about having fun and shared pleasures too. Let a seemingly complex, yet ultimately simple Shakespeare quote sum up this week for you:  "And since you know you cannot see yourself so well as by reflection, I, your glass, will modestly discover to yourself, that of yourself which you yet know not of."  If you can't get your head round this right now, you will very soon.

This week, romantic dreams seem to merge into reality and you're feeling all floaty and Utopian about love, but you still can't avoid the need to get on with your own career plans too. One minute your head is filled with smoochy thoughts, and the next you're thinking great plans and long-term success. This is just one of those weeks when you're going to benefit from your multi-tasking, airy mind to a greater degree than ever before. And, strangely enough, that means you'll be the centre of much-deserved attention in the love department too.

Now, a permanent partnership isn't your only aim in life. But if attached, think carefully about how your professional or working world is taking up a lot of your time. Your partner shrugs their shoulders, buries their nose in the computer and pretends that all's OK. But if you reflect carefully, if you notice what's happening between you, then you might glimpse a widening gap of mutual interest. So take time out around this week to try to do things together. Talk of your motivations, desires, values and express your needs. Tell each other about your day, but listen to each other too. This is a time to make amends, break loose, or create a partnership that gives you the freedom to be yourself too. Take your pick.

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