9 to 15 October 2017 Weekly Love Horoscope

9 to 15 October 2017 Weekly Love Horoscope

Battle-axe Mars is you not only giving you a sense of your own individual power but also the ability to understand the battle we all have with other people's sense of power.  If attached, you see how to start anew, perhaps make some smaller changes to your lifestyle. But this week, you may have a very uncompromising partner on your hands. And they may say, 'I don't understand you', 'why now?", 'everything's just fine as it is, don't rock the boat.' (You know how people are).
And if single, you begin to realise that the independence you value highly will overcome those negative feelings about how you're just not ready or 'good enough' to start again.  With a sense of self-acceptance and brand new intiative for other ventures, love for someone else may not be an easy thing to feel right now, but it's coming your way.

Do you ever feel alone when you're with others?  And do you often feel trapped or smothered by too much love, even though you search for it constantly? This week, you're in the mood to take a risk about being yourself.  Maybe take that real journey somewhere impulsive and cultural, but also take a metaphorical journey in your head and you'll discover what you truly need in love as well as what you want.  Communicate your thoughts, transmit your desires and if attached, your partner will begin to realise that for all your sweet-as-pie behaviour, you also have strength and self-confidence in bucketloads. If single, a bright and breezy admirer starts getting more interested, and you wonder if you should take it any further.

Being in love is often described as being 'on Cloud nine' - literally, a type of thunder cloud indicating an imminent storm. This kind of cloud is a gigantic billowing cumulo- nimbus.  Pure white, it stacks up higher and higher into the atmosphere with it's puff-balls heavy with moisture and loaded with electricity. It is highly volatile and being in love is going to be a little volatile too. Yet the billowing cumulo nimbus cannot remain volatile forever. And like the storm that moves away across the sea, the calm returns and you'll see cloud nine for what it is, just something that changes and moves on.  I know if someone adores you, then all you have to do is say ‘yes’ and you believe dreams will come true.  But this week, I want you to say 'no' to illusions and 'yes' to your growing self-awareness.

As we dawdle along the footpath or rush headlong down a street there are signs up everywhere to stop or delay us. You know,  'no entry', 'road ahead closed', 'keep off the grass'. And dutifuly most of us obey these anonymous messages because if we didn't we would be considered anarchists or barmy.  Equally, we put up signs and barriers in our mind. 'I can't do that, what would people think of me! ' No I can't go down that road, because it might not lead me to where I want to go. Explore a new avenue? You must be joking, that's risky.'  So what I'm getting at this week, is that you have options and choices to make. But you must also literally shut up the judgemental side of your nature and stop telling yourself what you can't do. Instead tell yourself what you can do.

If attached, instead of throwing a tantrum or storming out of the bar, time to sort out your differences or aim for similar goals. Instead of accusing your partner of insufferable behaviour, indifference, or even worse, no reaction at all, you start to compete in the bedroom and out on the jogging circuit. You're in the mood to enjoy life, love and it's physical expression to the fullest.  Mars in your sign, makes you bolder and more sexually expressive than ever before. If attached, your lover had best make the most of your surging libido, if single, let the fireworks begin out there in the dark days of coming winter. The true romantic in you is finally out, and after months of uncertainty, there's a sparkle in your eye and a sway to your step.

You've proved you're stable, determined and ready to take the plunge, but are you sure? Ask yourself: does this feel right?  Does your partner have enough oomph and honesty, strength of character and a purpose? Will they be your equal, not try to boss you around nor be a wimp? Because the latter are incompatible with your true relationship values.  Single, or attached, with romance all around, and dizzy days and magical nights to look forward to, now's the chance to express your true needs and desires, not only to your partner but to yourself too. But don't forget that thing called personal freedom. You're neither a possession nor a chained prisoner, so make it clear you want to play the game of love for all it's worth.

You were convinced things were going to get better when they've in fact only turned out to be more complicated or going nowhere fast. A few months back, I said you should make a promise to yourself of how you want love to be and follow it through. And that was true. Yet, big, fulfilling, mind-blowing romance or commitment won't happen overnight. So this week is one for preparation, modification and attention. Your  catchphrases could be something like, ' don't be in a hurry to tie what you can't untie," or more pertinently, "you often meet your destiny on the very road you take to avoid it."  How many times have you been down that road trying to avoid emotional excess or escape that commitment, only to find yourself doing, or facing, exactly that? Face it now, with honesty.

'Faithful' and 'committed' are words that usually spring to mind when you think of love. Once you're deeply involved with someone it's very hard to extract yourself. Mostly because it's safer to stick with what you know, and follow the plan that is clearly described in the 'three steps to heaven' routine. You know, first we fall in love, then we get married, then we get bored. But seriously, I believe that stability and permanence means more to you than ever before.  Yet you're elusive, confusing and difficult to understand righto now. Your moods are impossible, your feelings swing like a pendulum, and yet you're about to change all that. Soon you will be as as strong for someone else as well as for yourself.

There's a gatecrasher at your love party right now. And it's Mars, the planet, of fire and egotism, willpower and challenge, of potency and tantrums. It's hardly surprising you're feeling driven to get something sorted out and to hell with everyone else's problems.  In fact you're feeling quite feisty and alarmingly brazen. If single you're in the mood to chase up new blood in town. And if attached, however committed someone else is to you, or you to they, there is a piece of the relationship jigsaw puzzle which simply doesn't fit. But this week, stop trying to control every minute of your partner's day and you'll begin to understand that the puzzle of love will never be complete. In fact, the pieces are never-ending, and that in itself is a dynamic joy to discover.

You'll be forgiven for thinking that whatever you do or say seems to be taken the wrong way.  In fact, dare I say it, you're actually beginning to wonder if the dreams of childhood, are beginning to seem a long, long, way away. And it's heardly surprising you're feeling sad or grumpy. But the feelings will go and at last you awaken to a different day. Birds tweet, autumn leaves crackle under foot and you know that you can only be who you are. Just a self-assured earth sign, who knows that nature and simplicity are as nourishing to you as ambrosia to the gods. So breathe in the air of some distant mountains, lurch off for a holiday with only one bag or one friend. Be a little carefree, because sometimes we have to run off with the fairies to truly know ourselves.

So you've been to hell and back, and the lesser of two evils seems to be yourself? We all have weeks like that. Even the most logical, idealistic, romantic of us, like you, can get strung up in the web of self-deceit. So listen to your imagination, trust your intuition about where you go from here in your love life, give it time to grow and develop within like the essence of an acorn seed.  Logic isn't the answer right now, but a time to gaze at the landscape and be at one with it, is. Then love will come galloping it's way over the hills and dales like a wild stallion. I have a feeling love is going to be more than a big adventure in the months to come. So hold your breath in anticipation of what can be and will be, not what others assume it to be.

The week heralds a new beginning. Now, we all want to leave the past behind, we want to be free of doubts and worries and look forward to a beautiful future. But the problem is, it's not as easy as it sounds.  We are bound by our neediness and our fears. We are trapped by insecurity and often a hefty dose of guilt. We are simply human and 'starting anew' can be as elusive and as rare as a monarch butterfly. But this is your chance to move on, to work towards improving your love life, and to become more aware of your own desires and needs, rather than feel obliged to put others first.  But dare you?

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