1 to7 January 2018 Weekly Love Horoscope


Settled? Well this new year, your partner needs to realise that you're a star on life's stage not just a handy cook, housemaid, caretaker or whatever, but someone with spirit and spiritual joy and a sense of personal direction.  With a powerful cosmic line-up between Uranus and Pluto, there will inevitably be conflicts of interest. Partners in battle, domestic assumptions taken too far. And it's up to you to look in the mirror and smile at yourself.  This time, knowing that the fire within is burning, and that your partner or new admirer will just have to respect your personal goals and determination to succeed. The latter being the way you can turn love into the perfect romantic dish of the day. Forget the oven, it's your heat which will be the catalyst for revitalised passion.


Now I'm not suggesting that you're a world-weary 'nought's had, all's spent where our desire is got without content,' Macbeth type, neither that you are going to the extreme of wanting 24/7 clandestine love or torrid passion, or on a rampant quest to find it.  But there does seem to be extremes of feeling and action working through you right now. As if one day you see life as a flat millpond, and others when you yearn for passion. This is normal, this is the 'bete-noir' if you like, of being a Taurus.
And others may not know this about you. They don't realise that sometimes you talk to the lonely side of yourself, and sometimes that part doesn't hear too well, and sometimes the down-to-earth sensible bull that you're supposed to be be is actually as vulnerable about love as the rest of us. With Jupiter's change of energy in your sign, the mask must be removed and the true lover of life shine out. Then, you will have your way.


Quite frankly, I think and hope your perception of relationships is radically changing thanks to the stirring line-up of planets in your chart. Instead of assuming that partnership is a one-way ticket to eternal happiness, you have seen the light. The light being that there have to be dark moments to experience or recognise the light ones; that there has to be exchange and interaction to notice the loneliness, and there has to be a Tower of Babel of emotions, thoughts and feelings and bits and bobs that are mysterious and distinctly spooky, so that you can personally evolve. This week your moods will irritate you, others will be less ideal than you hoped, but yet, through the glass darkly you see how romance can grow, take root, or become the angel of your dreams in the months to come.


In ancient Greece there was a love called 'agape', which  says, 'I love you, by freeing you'.  It's not possessive, controlling nor manipulative. (Nor is it condoning 'open marriage'). It simply reminds you that true compassion and mutual respect is one thing, but you must also free yourself from the bonds of repressed feelings.  And this new year's week, the freedom ticket is waiting to be taken. Not to an idealised happy-ever-after ending, (because we know that just doesn't exist)  but one where you can give of yourself truly and get back what you truly long for. So ask yourself, do you want to change things in your relationship, and if so why?  Remember, repressing feelings like envy, guilt, anger and disdain, mean we often repress feelings of joy and desire too. Isn't it better to acknowledge them all, and to live a little?


So, you've decided to 'wait until something happens' where your love life is concerned. You're not going to rock the boat, nor insist on changes, or try to pin someone down to this or that. You're happy to sit it out and let things evolve at their own pace.  But this new year, it's time to think carefully what is really important to you and what isn't. With the sun in the most creative part of your chart, you see what is in reach, what is irrelevent. Who you love, who is a waste of space. But then the dreadful thought arises that you have to make a decision and stick to it. Could it be that making any decision in relationships involve emotional investment, and possible risk? The risk is one thing, bring it on, you say, but committing yourself to a promise, a gift, a meeting, is another. Time to indulge in a risky commitment and see how breathtakingly liberating it can be.


This new year, a chance encounter could turn into an unusual affair if you're single, or a radical change of viewpoint if you're attached. Do you want stability or the unpredictable, or maybe you want both? Can you somehow animate your relationship to encompass both the security you cherish, and the excitment you desire right now? You're probably thinking I'm posing too many questions, but the longer you avoid this kind of self-analysis, the harder it will be to admit to yourself that you need just as much magic and adventure in your love life as a Sagittarius. So get planning your beautiful future and ensure that your partner, lover or that dreamboat you're about to meet realises that you need not only secret passion and romance, but also to be admired by the masses. Last question.  Does it feel as if you are finally in tune with your senses, or could it also be that someone is bringing you to them at last?


I know I keep going on about how you have to love yourself first before anyone else can truly love you, but this new year I'm going to say it again. With Saturn still lumbering through your sign, it feels as if it's going to take an eternity to find true love if you're single. If attached, you will wonder why your lover or partner seems so self-absorbed and egotistical, and you will wish you could just run home and hide under the duvet when confrontations and suspicions arise. This also brings up feelings towards your partner of 'am I giving too much of myself?' 'how could you do this to ME?', or  'do you really deserve me?"  Now these are all responses generated by an unconscious fear that you will be rejected, or perhaps you're not good enough to be loved.  But very soon, you'll learn that love isn't about 'who's good enough,' it's more about who's willing to love without conditions.


Venus, known as Aphrodite in ancient Greece, may be the planet of pleasure, beauty and romance, but remember that the goddess was utterly vain. She was also capable of causing great pain, not through deliberate intention, but just by virtue of being who she was.  Now, I'm not saying for one minute your partner, or you, are doing an 'Aphrodite', just reminding you that we often feel hurt, unwanted, neglected or abandoned because of who we are. Generated by our fears, anxieties, and our sense of not being in control of our lives. So this new year, flip the negative into positive. Show your partner that you're alive and very much kicking. Love with passion, live with intention. If single, look beyond the ordinary. Move out of your normal critical distance, safe space or romantic playground and embrace the different. It will change your life for the better.


There is someone you loved once, or still do, but they, or you, have moved on. They are no longer present in your life as partner or lover, yet their spirit or memory, their image or their ocassional appearance still haunts you.  It's not that you ever stopped loving them, just stopped being together because you grew apart or fell into another relationship. Whether mistakes made, choices regretted or journeys led astray, we all have baggage. And we all try to dump it, fearful that it's lingering presence in our hallways means we can't move forward. But it's not so much obliterating what we had, whether won, lost or otherwise, it's the attachment to the baggage which causes most trouble. This week, you learn to step over the bags in the hall and move out into the big wide world.


Timeless, you drift into the new year with a real awareness of your need to feel you belong to something or someone without demanding their one hundred per cent attention. Possessive relating is not protean love, it traps, binds, tightens the noose and restricts the flow of time. So this week's planetary activity will remind you of these things. It is the renaissance of a new romantic and less desperate you, a shimmering chance to be only true to yourself.  But what about your security, and sense of being loved for who you are? With Pluto's transformative influence, it might seem that the fulfillment you seek is a long way off, however confident you feel about your love life. But in the months to come, you will find the journey gets easier, and your heart is on the right track for success.


We all like to believe in miracles. For example, that love lost will be found; or if single, Mr or Miss Right will come bursting through the door when least expected; or that someone will save us from our loneliness. These are indeed the kind of miracles of love we hope for.  'Miracle' is rooted in ancient words meaning both 'to smile' and as 'an object of wonder'. So this month, smile at yourself in the mirror and wonder at yourself. Admire who you are, what you're doing, what you've achieved, and why you are who you are. Repeat aloud that you deserve love, just by virtue of being on this planet earth. Then the miracle will happen.


Don't let doubts and fears, those emotional mosquitos of life, suck your blood. Zap them before they get to you, be aware of their presence yes, but don't let them take over the kind of love which is unique to you. This new year, you have more passion, you have fire, missions become less impossible and suddenly the world seems a better place. If you're single, admirers fight for your attention, and  you feel stronger emotionally than you were a few months ago, resilient to others opinions, scorn or envy. This week's cosmic line-up reminds you that rather than become a victim of so-called fate, you have a chance to take control of your life and make conscious choices.

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