25 to 31 December 2017 Weekly Love Horoscope


If single, maybe you fear ever falling in love again. It's dangerous, you can get hurt. If attached, you begin to hate your partner more than love them. Why don't they know how you feel? Why don't they intuitively sense when you're down or need to be held? They are very few of us willing to accept our innate clairvoyant abilities in the world. You'll be glad to hear, this week, it's all about chucking out the old, making a fresh start, anything other than being stuck in the pit with the bad feelings or the pain. Gradually you can let go and move on. Gradually you are waking up to the fact that you're worth more than feeling inadequate or unwanted or rejected or lonely.
You have compassion and passion in bucket-loads, and it's time to ring the changes. So instead of weeping for what has been and cannot be ever again, it's time to laugh both at the world, and at yourself.

OK, your personal world seems to be a rather unloving place.  But I want you to think of this.  When we seriously start to look at who we are and what we want, when we seriously have to face our fears, our needs, our joys, it's then we can look at both the dark of ourselves and more importantly the light. And what will be positive and true and focusssed and life-changing in the coming months is you. Because remember that litlte word change? Time to start expressing those desires to yourself - literally. In the mirror, speak to yourself, aloud, and then share those words with the one you love, if attached. Start to live the words rather than merely dream them. You will be surprised what a dynamic and enriching love life you are about to experience. Start loving what you once feared; yourself.

A lover, partner or even vague romance is not only bringing you down to earth, but also opening your eyes to how mysteriously love moves. And your innate suspicion brings you a range of fantasies from 'why did X speak to Y and not me, they must be up to something' to 'they're looking at my partner in a way that means trouble'. The jealous side of your nature will certainly be on red alert this week as the planets stir up a nest of vipers. But you have little choice but to air your feelings and generate a few home truths. And those are ones that mean you begin to see how to love someone without trying to control every move they make. What do you fear so much? Is it perhaps that deep down inside you feel really vulnerable in the face of love? Step outside the ring of fire, and feel the centre of your soul.

Of course, love is never easy. You've been hurt, you know what it is to lose someone, and yet there's always a feeling in the back of your mind that you must get on with life and live it to the full. And if romantic encounters are proving complicated, then in a way that merely adds to the spice and joy of being able to handle the cirumstances with spirit and initiative. This week, with a renewed sense of self-esteem, you decide to break the ice, take a deep breath and tell that someone special what you really want and need in a relationship. Wants and needs are often very different, make sure they're not incompatible and you can start to truly live that dream.

This week, festive season or not, loved ones, admirers, partners and exes just don't seem to be taking much notice of you. You feel left out in the cold. But at least you can start to think clearly again about what it is you truly want or lack. For example, some of us lack self-esteem so we want self-confidence or someone to boost our ego. But the qualities you lack are simply to find a balance between that go-getting, challenging rampant way of loving life and a more practical, realistic perception.  What you think you want is someone in your life to clear up of your emotional or bathroom mess. What you really want is to to be able to do so yourself.  Time to clean up your bathroom, but also your feelings.

Self-esteem is a very desirable quality these days. We see celebrities who apparently have everything they could ever want, including glamour.  But of course most of them are as vulnerable as we are. They hide their self-doubts and inadequacies behind the glamour thing and still seem to have more relationship issues than women's magazines.  So glamour and social acceptance are themes in your chart this week. And it's not that you're hiding behind the constructs of fashion to cast yourself in some ineffable, untouchable glow. No, more that you're exuding this quality yourself. And if we're going to be honest, self-esteem is the last of your worries and social acceptance is the first. But why worry what others think, when if you love yourself,  universal love will be within you as it is without?

Like Virgos, you too have a problem with social acceptance this week.  What will people THINK if my lover does this or that? Secretly you'd like to be a bit of a madcap, careless, individualist, who doesn't get hung up on what society thinks.  But it's very scary to step across that line. It's the esteem which others hold in their eye of you that gives you a sense of self-love. This week, single or attached, people will just be downright awkward for the sake of it. With Saturn's influence, conventional niceties and pretty laws win over wild idealism.  But just for one moment think of what you secretly desire. Isn't it to be a bit wild and free? Isn't it to be more romantic, unaffected by traditional values? Don't deny a little passion in your life, for in the months to come, the planets will be bringing you the chance to discover there's a fire within, as well as without.

We all often unconsciously project the dark side of ourselves on the world around us, and particularly on our partners. That's when we try and change them. We claim that their values are the wrong ones. We tell them to stop being so footloose or fancy free. We prevent them from talking about their past because it disturbs our present. In fact we're trying to mould them into our ideal image, and believe that changing them will make everything just perfect. This week, the planets are reminding you that it is only by changing your own outlook on life, that will change the world of love for the better.

There are good manners and there is etiquette. We court the beloved in a style which favours the rules of engagement of our particular culture, and rarely do we dare step outside the line. You know, you're not supposed to text someone until they've texted you. You're not allowed to assume this is IT; you must keep him the love of your life on their toes; and never let them see you without your make-up if female, and without your alpha male attitude if a bloke. And so on. But this week, it seems the game is about to be played your way. At last, love moves according to your etiquette, and one which is probably as whacky and as unconventional as well, your lover marrying you in a tutu.

Down to earth though you are, remember, we cannot have love without hate, nor yin without yang. There are part of the same package.  Love itself is full of oxymorons, like unstoppable objects meeting immovable ones. So I'd also like to stick my neck out and predict that your true love values will be the motivation for your actions and decisions this week. You will see that for all your belief in formality and hierarchies and doing things by the book, there is something deeply mysterious about the universe and love. What's more, you realise that you are only beholden to you. This kind of commitment to self-understanding means also you can truly love from your heart. And what is that, if not the truest love of all?  The only formality worth considering, is being the best of yourself.

Now in mythic astrology, Jupiter was originally Zeus in Greek mythology.  A stickler for getting things right, dogmatic and self-opinionated, he'd fly around his heavenly kingdom wooing nymphs, turning himself into a shower of gold when he felt like it and generally getting on everyone's nerves. But while this planet of ferocious idealism and hilarious antics continues to faff around in practical Taurus, you're beginning to feel that you're still not quite getting your life right and it's time to move on. You've met people, or seen things over the past year which have not only changed your perception of the world, but also of yourself and your talents or needs. And the bold, courageous side of your nature has seen you through some rough patches too. This week, you can begin to love from your soul. The shower of gold is coming your way

Sometimes one needs a hard-line to balance the soft touch, sometimes one needs the categorical to balance the indefinable, and from now on you can shine your own positive light into the dark and feel reborn. Shakespeare wrote "in time we hate that which we often fear", but we can also love it too. Love and hate are not mutually exclusive, they are part of the same polarity.  And I've met many water signs who quite openly admit to both hating and loving someone at the same time.  So why are these feelings so powerful at the moment? What is it about this exaggerated sense of desire, anger, lack or 'fear' that is getting to you? Frankly, you're ready for a challenge, a new romantic adventure. Soon, you can temper restless longings with instant sensual rewards of the sexiest kind.

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