15 to 21 January 2018 Weekly Love Horoscope

15 to 21 January 2018 Weekly Love Horoscope


You're literally, firing on all cylinders. And you just don't have time to stop and think you might have unknowingly sparked off all kinds of reactive behaviour from a loved one. Luckily, with Venus's influence, your own romantic vivacity is regenerated. It's not just a wave of passionate opportunity that's coming your way, but a feeling at last you can re-invent passion. With vision, negotiation and a large dollop of self-confidence, you can persuade someone that you're ready to do your own thing, but you won't give up on them either.


Jupiter still plagues you with a highly fertile mind and you can't be sure of someone's feelings for you. It's not that you lack trust, normally you have faith in everyone, but it's simply that the deeper you get involved, the more you feel out of control. But this week, you begin to notice that you're grabbing a lot more attention than usual. So go a little wild. 
Realise that if you're not out there flirting with life, then you're not being truly you. Venus's influence gives you a chance to tell that special person what is it that you really need for complete happiness.  Someone is beginning to understand, accept and believe in you, so let them into your heart.


Many moons ago, you swore you wouldn't fall into the same trap again, or at least avoid the issue of fancying someone who doesn't really have your interests at heart. And now, with a clear light of a January morning, you begin to sneakily wonder if you're doing exactly the same thing again. Repeat performances are part of learning about oneself, and it's hardly surprising you've hooked into the same old scenario. But any impulsive flirtation needs to be defused, or you could be faced with a confusion of relationships. However, one on-going love interest hasn't given up on you, and knows that you need to take your time to really feel secure before making any commitments. It seems that you're the best indulgence they've ever had, and so what can they possibly want now? Just more of you. Call me in confidence, for answers to deeply intimate questions.


Adaptable and ready to make changes as need demands, you're not sure if current experiences are opening your eyes to new passion, or closing a few emotional doors. It's simply that rather like the itsy bitsy spider routine, you climb up that romantic tea-pot, nearly get to the top and then drop back down again when a tidal wave of confused feelings wash out your good intentions.  Depend too much on others to make you feel of value, and you could find they keep slipping off into the sunset or just simply let you down. Giving up your dreams or goals to keep someone happy, is very noble, but for once admit that it only breeds resentment and a mighty dose of self-sabotage. For more insight into reclaiming love, why not give me a call and learn what 2012 has in store for you? It's all for the better.


Your hopeless devotion to your love life, courtesy of the cosmic line-up, is angering a few of your closest pals who are feeling neglected. Make amends, but refuse to be persuaded that you're doing the wrong thing, or even the right thing. Someone is pushing as many buttons as they can find to see what they can stir up, so stay cool, serene and unruffled. Keep those secrets, and don't give into peer pressure however tempting. Meanwhile, romantic encounters prove less than entertaining, partners get edgier than a knife, and you wonder if the world is a little crazy. Turn into to the wind, take a deep breath and know that in a week's time, all will be on your side again.


Questions about your future arise like a flock of flamingos taking off into the morning sun, and you realise there has to be more to life than spring cleaning and mind games. Even if you're single, this is one of those weeks when you can at least begin to reveal that you want human warmth, not a long list of egotistic achievements. With Mars in your own sign, it's not that you're shockable, but there does seem to be an electrical current surging back and forth between you and an admirer. Resistance is pointless, so let yourself be stunned. It could change your love life into a passion play rather than remain as two monotonous monologues.


Imagine yourself in a moment of complete joy, where responsibilities, fears and commitments don't exist? And then, of course, you snap out of it, and it's back to normal, in a world full of pressures, rivalry, and computers that need fixing. This is a fairly typical run of events here on earth, where we have little choice but to bear the facts of tangible reality and get on with it. Well, this week, you can start to reach for the stars again. Don't give up on the very dreams that keep you in touch with your passion for life and love. Saturn may be forcing you to see that life isn't always want you want to be, but it also is letting you see how you can turn that to your advantage. I can tell you how and when is the best time to act, so call me for a fascinating journey into your deeper self.


Of course you want drama, passion and the spotlight on you, but there's no reason why you can't take a more rational approach and accept that individual needs have to be honoured on both sides of a relationship.  One lover may have just as many expectations as you ,and this is where you have to either draw swords or draw up some firm boundaries.  On the 18th, it's not what's being voiced that's getting to you, rather it's the way someone seems to be going about it. Dizzy, delightful days follow those incredibly cautious ones, and you begin to realise that you are simply the best, and all you want really is to be told over and over again how much you are adored. You will be.


Why is X so damned self-centred? Why does X have to stack the dishes in a way which certainly means they'll fall over when you pick one up; why does X have to use the bathroom first, why does X always call at the most awkward moment, and why can you never get hold of Z?  Don't forget, changes have to be made to accommodate separate identities.  Either iron out your differences, or spend some time deciding which path you truly want to take. With Uranus giving you much food for unusual thought this week, novel ways of thinking and possible new loves will appear to challenge your old relationships. Chose shrewdly.


Jupiter's changing influence in your chart is certainly giving you a chance to play for time where one relationship is concerned. And it's not that you want to stall arrangements or long-term plans, just reflect carefully on all the options. What you are gradually realising is, that love isn't just an idealistic concept with romantic asides, but actually a very real and creative merger. If that seems riddled with demands and practicalities, then it's time to think seriously whether you want to come down to earth or not. Romance and love aren't mutually exclusive, it just takes time to accept that both can swing in and out of your daily routine in a very mysterious way.


At last your intimate relationships are improving, and it's having a good effect on your friends and colleagues who do, let's admit it, experience the knock-on effect of your changing moods and darker worries. But this week the quality of your communication has never been better. In fact, it's actually in line with someone else's. What you are about to discover, is that you aren't alone in your need for adventure laced with emotional intensity. With Mercury's influence you can begin to establish a new set of dreams, based on a challenging set of circumstances. Find out if this year is going to be the best ever for your love life by calling me for a personal consultation.


Many moons have passed, some exciting, magical and vivid, others confusing and dark, and you're still trying to rectify the problems surrounding one intimate relationship. But with the stirring influence of the cosmos, you can at last accept that you need more space and freedom. Asking for it won't be easy, but whether by suggestion, or by direction, the growing awareness of what truly fulfils you will become real. Over the next month or so, you won't need to live in a half-way house any more, you'll have come home.

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