22 to 28 January 2018 Weekly Love Horoscope

22 to 28 January 2018 Weekly Love Horoscope


There's a buzz in the air. A feeling of liberation, release from worries and cares and woes. A sense of a bright, brilliant future ahead. But why is it that your partner or friends just don't get that same sensation? Well, it's just that it's only you that has this intuitive ability to see the good times that are coming your way. And quite honestly, it's only other fire signs who are going to tap into this energy too.  So make it a week for romantic adventure if single, and fulfilling all those sexual fantasies if attached. The sun's influence generates a series of social occasions where you can sparkle and express your gregarious streak. Worries about commitment or future instability are temporarily shelved, and you can sit back and enjoy the fun-side of life. Go and enjoy.


You know that romance is one thing, and you need larger doses of it in your life than any other sign of the zodiac, but you don't feel comfortable if there's an inbalance in your relationship.
Maybe it's time to accept that you must honestly express your own needs, and also what you want for that bright, enchanting future. Jupiter dazzles you with glamour, romance and illusions, but also gives you a chance to make magic. So take advantage of the whiff of llberation in the air. Wave your wand, and hey presto, start to live out those visions of perfect harmony instead of just thinking about them.


The power of love is as mysterious as the power of language. And this week, I'm getting a very empowering feeling about your chart.  Quite frankly, if you're not in a position of free-enterprise and initiative in your love life, then you'll do you're utmost to get there.  And now that the sun has moved into fellow air sign Aquarius, you're finally proving that you have your own inner power of love too. The sense and expression of it must be heard, seen, felt and touched by someone special. You radiate well-being, and intuitively know how to deal with anything from supporting your partner in their battle to keep fit, to the right moment to create romance in your world. Indulge a little in your own power.


Your self-image has improved, you can ask for what you want and people don't seem to be quite so negative or hostile as they were a few months back. Do you remember those cats cradles made of string? You weave threads around your fingers and hands. When we do it alone, there seems to be a point where you can't move beyond a series of say, four or five intricate patterns, but when two people engage in the game, it goes on and on for ever. Similarly, love too can go on and on. But to experience being loved you must give out, not hold back.  You must engage not defend, begin not end, take each cycle of giving and receiving as itself. And if attached, this week, the planets will take you to new frontiers, transformation, and a deeper commitment.


Maybe over the past few months you've fallen into the trap of believing you can proudly cope with routines, obligations, responsibilities and duties like some kind of serene Virgo friend. But I'm afraid, or rather pleased to inform you, that you're in for a bit of a change of plan. With a host of planets in the most pioneering part of your chart, restless thoughts occur, and itchy feet and pasionate encounters will sweep you off on a journey to wicked delight. And if you've promised the earth to someone special recently, perhaps it would be wise to think whether you can live up to those vows.  I'm not saying you're incapable of commitment, but taking the open road to freedom is more tempting than domestic disillusion right now. Think carefully before you pack, or unpack that bag.


You may recently have felt boring and unwanted. You would rather be a wanted outlaw anyday than a bored partner. But you want to belong, to come home, to be part of something. That's human nature.  But belonging isn't always to be found in a permanent relationship, it can be experienced through understanding our own individual values about closeness. So don't feel you have to be like 'everyone else' to be loved and to love. This week navigate your life with vision and self-awareness, and whether you've decided to become an enterprising dragon or simply remain a vivacious but loyal partner who honours their career, the time has come to love the one you're with, yes, but love yourself too. Give me a call, and let me tell you how you will be blessed with love in the year ahead.


You resolve to make your relationships more workable than ever before. And if you're attached, this means bravely reminding your partner that you have a voice, an opinion and personal goals. You can't be a robot, and you don't need a judge when you've got your very own inner one to contend with as it is.  And if they say, ' I think you SHOULD give up that job/feed the birds/eat more spinach/speak to your distant cousin', then perhaps it would be worth reminding them that shoulds and oughts aren't any longer in your vocab. But by the end of the week, you discover emotional equilibrium, and like a calm after the storm, the desire flows between you and someone else. It's the renaissance of the new, self-assured you.


The planets are staring you in the face and demanding you act, talk and work your relationships out. And naturally enough, there will be a load of people out there who seem to be only interested in one thing. Themselves. So your idealistic vision of love and romance begins to get a little shaken, rather than stirred.  Attached, you've been going about your daily business of sharing and caring and making sure your partner's happy and, vile human that they are at times, fair is fair. If single, you've been happy being independent, favouring no one friend more than the other.  In fact, you've created the perfect world of equality around you.  But you have forgotten one person in all this, and that's you. Remembering yourself, is the best souvenir you could take home right now.


Are you living by other people's expectations, dreams and sense of worth, or your own? And if attached, do you try too hard to please for fear of not being loved, and then wish the ground would eat your partner up? I'm posing a few questions because the theme of value is rife in your chart right now. And with the planets generating sexual waves, creative moves, personal desires and the odd fantasy, it's hardly surprising you're going to be in your element. For what is that, if not the drama of a never-ending love affair? But the 'come-back-down to earth' reality check from Saturn will continue haunt you. How to live the dream when you're surrounded by life's little niggles, bad hair mornings and daily worries?  'Oh, just take each day as it comes", says a passive onlooker. Not you, you want action, so go out and get it now. Give me a call and I'll tell you what kind of action you can expect in the next few  months.


Admit that you want nights of provocation, not scientific proof that sexual chemistry can be defined and measured. Do you really want to be able to decide who you fancy before you actually experience that desire?  Right now, you're very aware of everything dull and ordinary. And this week, you'll either be wishing and hoping and regretting the past, or standing up for your principles and wondering why life is so jolly unfair.  It's a hit and miss, on and off kind of week. But by the end of it, you remember that romantic dreams and mature relationships aren't mutually exclusive. Time to try out passion with the one you love.  And if single? You learn that being passionate about yourself means someone new will love you too.


Mars is a planet which represents our will, our ego drive, our desire nature and goal-oriented expression. It also describes how we go out and get what we want, how we assert ourselves and how we deal with agression in others.  So while it alerts us all to the fact we're are only human but we have an ego, I suggest you also observe how you react to your partner or admirers in both positive and negative ways. What or who winds you up? How do you ask for your sexual needs to be met? What are your love goals? What price giving up on your personal quest for someone else's? This week is a great time for refuelling both your emotional and sexual energy levels. It could even be a week when you can rekindle the flames of a dead romance or regenerate emotional feelings for an ex. Woah, steady on now.  To find out how you can resolve one difficult relationship, why not give me a call for an in-depth reading?


Now the world of the unpredictable is somewhere you feel comfortable. And the current Neptunian influence as it nudges towards your sign, is generating bizarre, original, or unfamiliar cross-currents within your relationship sea.  For example, why can't you forget the past? Or, why do you feel so passionately about someone you've just met that you can't even be bothered to tidy your bathroom cupboard?  Maybe you're horrified by your partner's choice in holiday destination or spring wardrobe when you thought them beyond reproach or perfectly divine?  So, how to deal with this? Quite honestly, there's nothing more you can do than indulge in you. Pamper yourself, sex up your image, be a forbidden fruit in bed.  In other words, get sensual and go with the flow.

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