All Signs Weekly Horoscopes 29 January 2018

All Signs Weekly Horoscopes 29 January 2018


'Why do I want so much from a love affair, and end up getting disillusioned? Why am I so enthusiastic and boldly set off on a mission to hunt someone out, then later feel compelled to stir up trouble?" Deep down in your heart, you know that if your life is dull and too secure you'll only end up rebelling. Paradoxically, true contentment, can be found by being the restless, debonair lover that you are, rather than trying to conform to a nice safe cosy twosome. Get hiking, biking or mythologising your life with someone else. Right now, the world of love is your stage, and no-one plays the part with such pzazz as you.


There is an incredible energy exuding from you. A kind of fanatical, let's get the ball rolling, let's unravel the knot of human emotions, clear the ambiguity that surrounds love affairs, and to find meaning to whatever you do.  And with Neptune's spiritually enlightening influence, there's an underlying need in you to find a deeper level to love and life.
Because sometimes the games you play are to attach yourself to glamourous people in the hope some of their qualities will rub off on you. In the past, you've been know to sell all for a piece of someone else's action because it appears to hold more value than your own.  And if you can't remember ever doing this, then think crefully about what you feel now. Are you ready to leap into action, to take a romantic opportunity that comes you way, and pay the price?  It could be an expensive few months ahead, but the investment will be worthwhile.


With Mercury in equality loving Aquarius, it's time to even the stakes a little. Show that you are capable of acknowledging what you want from love relationships. It's not so much about being flexible and tolerant of your partner's faults, but really, truly learning to love yourself.  If single, Venus says, 'how long can you wait for the perfect partner? ' Saturn reminds you, ' probably for ever, and ever, after all your idealism is incomparable,' then Mercury pipes up and asks ' yes, but when you fall for someone, don't you realise that the kind of people you desire are usually the most unattainable?" Now all this planetary chit-chat, whether single or attached, is giving you much food for thought. And instinctive and astute as you are, it's time to respect that what you desire and what you need are not the same.  Drop the ideals, it's time to trust in down-to-earth loving.


Take care you don't act out the role of some kind of perfect parent for someone who may find it all very attractive and desirable on paper, but really deep down, doesn't want to be a guinea pig for your latest chutney recipe. In fact, the romantic partner of your dreams wants adventure, not an inventure of every nick-nack you bought at the last boot sale. Luckily, if single, this week's planetary activity will bring some exciting people into your life. Attached, your partner's at last beginning to understand who you really are. So time to accept you have extreme and sometimes fanatical desires when in love, and use this empowering creative force to strengthen your own value-system and make something real and workable. It's time to be loved for the devoted, yet passionate person you actually are.


A conventional relationship route is very appealing. It's been economically and spiritually marketed for centuries as a profound and permanent bond between two people. But whether attached or not, you begin to think more and more seriously whether this thing called 'partnership' is all it's cracked up to be. Surely there must be some way of maintaining an exclusive love relationship and still honour your personal freedom? Living together makes sense financially, and there are of course many other benefits. But the desire for freedom and independent living is eating at your soul. This month you will be tested in your loyalty if attached, and if single, the flirts will be chasing you around in circles. Either way you'll know where your true loyalty lies, and that's to yourself.


You feel empowered, ready to crack a self-improvement whip. And right now, anything can be sorted out - money, possessions, sock drawers and personal goals. So for once, don't compromise just to prevent an arugment. Stick to your principles, not sacrifice them to win approval. Remember, unconditional love is not about approval. We all seek the latter at one time or another so that we feel wanted, needed and forget our own little insecurities. But people, and that includes our partner, have a nasty habit of manipulating us, (albeit unconsciously) to get their own way and feel empowered.  With such a quizzical atittude to your own lifestyle and the way you're going to live it from now on, focus on your love goals and realise that whatever direction you take, it will be the right one. So say no to regrets, and yes to revitalised self- worth.


Over the past few months, you've struggled with changes in your love-life to such an extent that you just want to take time away from the fray. But the planetary line-up is still urging you to follow your personal goals and not give up on them. With a dose of courage, and a fascinating turn of events, you realise that it's time to move forward with self-belief and a passion for all you're about to achieve. Remember, whoever we are, whatever we think ourselves to be, there's always a bit of us we don't really know. We project this onto others in an attempt to shake off our own personal demons, but the cosmic energy is giving you a very clear mirror of yourself.  Polish it well.


Neptune is niggling you about where you go from here. Yes, of course it's easy to just carry on regardless, to let your lover or partner make all the choices, to accept that what you've got is probably better than having nothing. But somehow there's still an emotional itch that needs to be scratched. Are you ready to uproot, leave the country or live in bohemian splendour? A part of you says, 'anything for an easy life', but the other bit of you wants more of anything, as long as it's different, exciting, glamourous and enriching. So speak openly about what you truly want.  It's time to make a wish for the future. What comes true is usually what we most truly, truly, believe in. So make sure that's you.


Envy is a very destructive quality in both relationships and one's own sense of self-worth.  When we see in in others what we wish for in ourselves, and don't acknowlege that we have the talent or the motivation to have what they have, then it can become a poison. Now I'm not saying you're about to slip cyanide into anyone's champagne, but if you envy your partner because they're making a packet, or because they're happy to be a bohemian artist in a garret, and you're working your socks off nine to five, then what does this say about you? If you envy others who have sensible, stable relationships, then is it because deep down inside, you need to express your stable sensible side, or become the bohemian artist?  Time to ring the changes. This is your year for massive investment in yourself.


It may feel as the concept of 'love' is like confronting the biggest bouncer on the door to your own party. The irony being that the guy won't let you in because you never put your own name on the list. And all those folk on the symbolic 'inside', having a good time, enjoying love and romance, are frustrating you. Why not you? Why have you been left out in the cold? Doesn't that bouncer realise you're the host? Similarly, doesn't your partner or that 'other person' you fancy realise you have love to give in bucketfuls? See the people on the metaphorical 'inside' who are having grand love affairs or partying non-stop, as simply a reflection of your own hidden talents for joy, harmony, or beautiful loving.  Let those dark thoughts flip to enlightened ones, be motivated by those who are lovers of life, and become a lover of life yourself.


Admitting we're unhappy, or bored, or wishing for greater things from our love or sex life isn't easy.  We hate feeling a failure or wonder if our partner or lover will take it the wrong way. Which is pretty inevitable because we'd probably feel justified in storming out of the house ourselves, if we were told face-on that the relationship has 'gone stale' or 'you don't excite me like you used to.' However, idealistic romance isn't the only catalyst for long-term happiness. This week, tolerance and acceptance of each other's flaws, warts and all, is. So with Saturn asking you to be a bit of an emotional 'braveheart', discuss your feelings openly, not with criticism or accusation or judgement, but with an enthusiasm for making the kind of changes to your relationship which will stimulate and inspire you both.


The problem with being a sensitive soul, is that you can become so hyper-sensitive about your own body or feelings you're blind to everyone else's. And quite rightly, you're doing what you have to do to protect yourself from their negative thoughts and feelings by coming out in spots or acne, or worrying about the goldfish if you go on holiday. Being ultra-sensitive is fine, if you know why. And being totally insensitive to others is fine, if you know why. But do take care you don't miss out on a new romance, if single, or a new departure in your love life, if attached. Don't miss out please, just because you've wrapped yourself up in cotton wool. Re-open the intuitive channels, tune into the moods and flavours and whiffs of good and bad humours around you, and 'seek and ye shall find'. Neptune is giving you the chance to make a very life-enhancing choice.

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