Aquarius February 2018

Aquarius Love February 2018

This year is a very good one indeed to find a partner who you connect with on a deep level. You must be open-minded in relationships as the best ones will happen quite spontaneously and often when you least expect it. Love this year will come looking for you; it may even creep up behind and bite you. You need to drop all your preconceptions about what the ‘perfect relationship’ is and that goes for those looking for love and those already married or involved. Do not judge your relationship in a conventional way as this is a time when the spiritual and mysterious side of relationships is more important than the material things.

Crazy relationships and alternate relationships work well this month and this whole year.

Valentine’s Day can be very interesting, but you need to keep an open mind – you may go for a date with one person and end up falling for his brother, or you may have a secret admirer who does not reveal his/her identity for a while as they are shy.

Aquarians are a little shy right now; you may use music, poetry, literature, etc., to express your feelings in a way that is less direct. Attending events connected to the arts can also open the doors to love.

Theatrical, cinematic and artistic pursuits are ideal for Valentine’s Day excursions for those Aquarians who are married.

Monthly Horoscope 2018 for Aquarius February

Your likes and dislikes are especially intense this month, and you will have a very specific idea about things. Despite the theme of change for this year, there are some ways in which Aquarians are very stuck in their ways and are not going to change for anybody.

It can be very hard for you to back down and admit you are wrong, and you can become quite argumentative and closed minded; you need to be a little more flexible in your thinking and develop some detachment from some of your ideas.

You are shrewd in business and can make some very sharp decisions. Prestige and status matter to you, and you may try to aim for professional recognition, i.e., acceptance to an institute, favourable reviews and write ups, or you may enter competitions to win awards for your business or have your business listed in a prestigious directory. It is not about paying for advertising; it is about those in your field acknowledging your work and singing your praises.

Peer acceptance and recognition are very important to you, but in a way it can also be a distraction from what is really important to you and your own development as a person and regarding goals. You need to shut yourself off from what others are doing and from needless comparisons – make your own way regardless of the allure of the more trodden path.

Aquarius Career February 2018

This is a time of great progress for study and administrative issues as you are organised and can focus for long periods. This is also an ideal time for writing up reports or issuing expert opinion, so perfect for writing up reports or acting as a consultant. Consistency is very important, and you will make an impression due to your reliability and the way you generate results.

Work with numbers and finances can be achieved with speed and accuracy – this favours a sort out of your personal and business finances as well as preparing forecasts and also projections based on customer data. You are very realistic now, which will enable you to take a long hard look at things and decide where to go next – decisions right now tend to be logical, not idealistic.

A little detachment is needed from your work. You tend to identify very strongly with your words, deeds and the work you produce with the result that you can be a little defensive and unwilling to incorporate other ideas and points of view. You can benefit a great deal now by being more relaxed and stepping away from your work to get a new perspective. Even a day off or a day spent doing a different job can help you get a new slant on the current work at hand. The worst thing you can do right now is just plug away endlessly banging your head against a brick wall – know when the ideas simply are not coming and know when to put it aside. You have a tendency this month and also in January and March to obsess and slog away, which on one hand shows your dogged determination, but in another way you are so immersed in what you are doing you cannot see the wood for the trees, and you desperately need to do something differently.

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