Aquarius Horoscope Predictions March 2018

Aquarius in March 2018

This month is an excellent one for your finances; you can start a new phase of financial security. You may get a better job or secure a long-term contract, or you may get a pay increase. It may also be that a change in technology or outsourcing can reduce your costs and increase profits, allowing you more leeway and better cash flow.

Many Aquarians will experience financial independence again: you may go back to work after being at home with a baby, find a job again, go back to work after study, get a post-retirement job or indeed get your first job. The theme is renewed sense of self and a sense of purpose that come from employment and also increased financial independence. While money is not everything, there is no doubt that being paid for what you do makes you feel valued, motivated and part of society. Aquarians will get more fulfilment from their work, and their work or skills will be more valued and appreciated than usual.

Purchases of importance may happen this month – you may buy a new car, holiday home, investment property or jewellery. You will tend to want to spend money on something that makes you feel good, enhances your life and yet is also an investment. Many of you may invest in art, antiques or collectables, and you may make trips to fairs, auction or exhibitions to view items with an intention of purchase.

You have great power to create change via cooperation and the consideration of a variety of factors. Diplomacy can lead to a greater social acceptance of your ideas and more opportunities for you to advance your cause.

Aquarius Career March 2018

If you have been out of work, you may nail a job or even start a business. This is a wonderful time to start a business or take your business in a new direction. If you have been trying to secure financing or a grant this month, things will go your way. This is also ideal for those investing in a franchise arrangement. If you have been saving for a long time with a view to beginning a new business or expanding your existing one, this time is opportune.

This month is excellent for those who buy and sell, whether via the internet or more traditionally – you can sense demand and cater for it.

March is excellent for public relations and so a key time to enhance your relationships with your clients and client base as well as resolving disputes and improving channels of communication with your customers.

March can be very successful for those who run a business where they need to get a team together to promote or sell a product – you can be highly effective at recruiting and motivating a new team and getting them organised.

Those who are paid according to performance can achieve great results this month. You should be aware of not expanding beyond your ability to cope as there is a lack of awareness of personal limitation, and you could get carried away on an optimistic wave only to struggle to keep to all your commitments.

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