Aries February 2018

Monthly Horoscope 2018 for Aries February

Using judgement wisely is important this month as you will face many moral dilemmas and will go to bed wondering if you have done the right thing – often it will be impossible to keep everyone happy, and you will have to be ruthless, even if you don’t want to be. Make sure you explain yourself as that can help ease transitions and make hard decisions that affect others a little easier to deliver.

Suppressed emotions can cause health issues like tension headaches, anxiety, sleeplessness and chest infections. Your challenge this month is to deal with your anger via constructive communication – use your diplomatic skills that you have this year and be frank about your feelings without being confrontational. Look for compromises and put the ball in the other person’s court by taking the first step to resolving problems. Being stubborn can cause you more difficulties; remember that the key to resolving all problems this year is flexibility and the ability to look at things from various angles without having an instinctive gut reaction and then sticking to it. Pay particular attention to your health when you travel and make sure travel insurance is up to date.

You need to take a very broad view of your life this month – getting bogged down in pettiness and trivial matters can blind you to what is really important; keep the long-term goals and the bigger issues in sight and brush off minor concerns.

This is a time when past mistakes can come back to hamper you, but on the other hand you will have an ideal opportunity to put something right and take a damaged relationship (either business or with your in-laws) forward.

Aries Love Horoscope February 2018

This is a tricky time with the in-laws, and matters will arise that rake up old wounds; the challenge is to be the bigger person and look beyond the immediate matters to the future. Remember that family issues usually blow over, and so it isn’t worth allowing your temper to get the better of you, as anything you say, you will have to live with.

You do not want to bottle emotions up however, as that can cause you anger that simmers and resurfaces as headaches and symptoms of stress; try and diffuse situations with wit – see the funny side and help others to lighten up about things. Mutual friends can be very helpful to you and your partner in helping you both to get a better perspective on any problems you may be having. In fact, a good night out with your mutual mates is just what you both need to relax and unwind. Releasing emotionally to a good friend who cares can also help you to deal with relationship frustrations.

Blind dates and double dates are a good way to meet new partners.

Aries are very sexual this month, and you are not getting enough satisfaction – which may be the root cause of some of your agitation. You may have to get creative about relieving sexual frustration if you are not in a relationship. If you are married, be clearer about your sexual needs.

Aries Career Horoscope February 2018

This is a tough, but crucial time in your work, and the main areas where you will face challenges are with co-workers, subcontractors and managing your promotional activities. You may have to cut back on advertising and PR due to general budgetary constraints, or you may have to work hard to find new more cost-effective ways of building your reputation. You may use this month to learn about new techniques to establish your brand or grow your business, and you should be patient as results may not come immediately; in fact, they are more likely to come after mid-May.

Co-workers who go on maternity leave or are ill may mean an extra workload for you and could mean that you have to step into someone else’s shoes to get the job done. You will be up for any challenge at work and will be eager to prove yourself in another role; on the other hand, you may feel overextended and out of control. You need to be strong on boundaries within your work, and you must not feel pressured to take on more than you can handle – do not be a doormat, stand up for yourself and do not allow yourself to be saddled with an unfair workload as it may not lead to the appreciation or recognition you hoped for.

You should be cognisant of cultural and religious sensitivities in the course of your work. You may travel in connection with work and this is why understanding new cultures may also be an issue as what works promotionally in one country may not go down well in another.

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