Cancer February 2018

Monthly Horoscope 2018 for Cancer  February

This is a very good money month, and you should promote yourself, sell your products or publicise your talents to the max. This month is great for study as you are more likely to find relevance and inspiration in what you are learning.

While you are working hard, there is a notable feel-good factor that will give you a boost of positivity. You will enjoy what you are doing and may even make a work orientated trip that turns out to be very social and fun. This month is great for event planners and any corporate entertainment events. The idea is to mix business with fun and to profit from that.

This month is great for learning in the fields of mathematics, sciences, accounting and also business. If you take on a course now to learn new business and financial skills, they can enhance your earning power rather fast. Socially, this is an exciting month for meeting new friends and making connections with people, who can help you advance in terms of business and also in terms of new experiences in your social life. If you have been stuck in a dead-end job or unemployed, this month can offer some surprising and promising leads for you to follow.

This is a month of abundance in your life – you will feel the love and generosity of others, and blessings and kindness will flow towards you. There is good karma, and your positive attitude can help you to make even more of the beneficial developments this month. One downside is that money may fly out as quickly as it comes in as you are likely to spend on luxuries and purchases that make you feel good.

Cancer  Love February 2018

A wonderful month for love and affection, so unlike last month. It is ideal for new relationships, which can get off to a quick start due to your openhearted and more expansive approach to love. You are very open to new experiences in love and want to put past pre-conceptions aside to experience new people.

You feel happy and rather joyous, which means you will establish an immediate rapport and even be the initiator in terms of new relationships and sex. A new partner may even introduce you to a different and more affluent social circle.

This is reap as you sow time in relationships; the more understanding and helpful you have been in the past, the more you will receive in return. In general, lovers and partners will be supportive and active in helping you to achieve personal goals – you will also get more compliments and a greater appreciation of your innate qualities.

It goes without saying that Valentine’s Day should be quite exciting and enjoyable for both those who are married and those who are dating. This is one of the best months this year for new relationships to begin, and ones that begin now are bound to be both successful and stimulating to your overall growth and development.

New relationships may begin with some unusual aspects, i.e., class, religious, ethnic, cultural or age differences, which can serve to make them stronger and more powerful in terms of your evolvement as a person.

Cancer  Career February 2018

Business and fun is the theme, which means that those who sell via parties or at shows can do very well. It is highly favourable for those who demonstrate their products and who have a very strong relationship with their customer base. So if you can create an event that is fun (possibly on a Valentine’s Day theme), and then sell your product off the back of that, you can do very well. This also applies to book signings and trade fairs, which provide excellent opportunities.

February can also be very profitable for travel agents and importers of exotic goods. In any business, outsourcing to a supplier in another country can provide benefits.

This can be a great time for advertising on social networks. One area you need to concentrate on is dovetailing your business direction with the prevailing trends in society – you do not want to seem out of step with modern attitudes or old-fashioned in your approach.

February will see an increase if you are in a sales or target-driven industry. Sales in beauty products, entertainment, flowers, fashion items and jewellery are bound to be well above average. This may be the month you land a big account or you may be awarded a lump sum to invest in a project, i.e. you may be a designer who suddenly gets a backer for your fashion range.

If you are planning to sell up your business and retire, this is a good time to make that decision.

You may spend money to acquire something to add value to your business, i.e. liquor licence; business premises rights; heavy goods vehicle licence or maybe a licence to conduct your profession in a different state. You may also pay to become a member of a club or professional body to increase your profile and gain clients.

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