Cancer Horoscope Predictions March 2018

Cancer in March 2018

At times, you may be overwhelmed with information, and it will be a challenge to sort the wheat from the chaff and get to what is most important; despite this, you will be inclined to act decisively. You feel mentally swamped at times and may find it hard to prioritise and see the big picture.

You will not want to commit to anything right now, and you should take as much time to make up your mind as you need – do not yield to others who may try to sway you. It can be hard to understand what your gut is actually telling you, and new information keeps coming at you – that is why you should not be rushed into anything. Trust yourself and allow yourself to believe something, even if it does not make sense yet.

If you act bravely and take the lead in confusing situations, you can pick up support quickly, and you will have the ability to inspire and find solutions. This is a month of creative change and finding novel solutions to problems by looking outside of the box. Do not underestimate the amount of faith others are putting in you, and let that propel you forward. You can lead effectively in situations in which skill and energy are needed. In March, events that arise will allow you to once again appreciate skills and abilities that are underused or that you have forgotten you have.

Keeping up the team ethic all the way through the month is vital as you may, as the month goes on, begin to take the support you have from others for granted.

A good month for prosperity and opportunity within your workplace.

Cancer Career March 2018

Better health and vitality this month will allow you to work harder and achieve a better work-life balance, without compromise. Tedious and routine chores at work will go faster.

Conditions at work are improving, and so are relations. This is a great time to recruit staff or use ancillary services to cope with your workload. You will, however, have little patience with those who do not pull their weight, and you will not bite your tongue if you perceive some colleagues or employees to be skiving.

March is very favourable for those who are on training as part of a career in medicine, health or nutritional health care – you can gain a great deal of experience, and you will feel confident.

It is common for Cancerians who are just out of school or university to take a gap year, which will involve charitable or missionary work; this is especially so for those of you who have medical skills. Travel to interesting and also impoverished and underdeveloped parts of the world to use your skills to help is indicated. It may well be that even if you are much older, you take a year out from the rat race of your current employment to travel to do something that motivates you emotionally and philosophically. You have a burning need right now to put something back and will be philanthropic and driven.

If ever you had a vision – start working on it now.

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