Capricorn February 2018

Capricorn Love February 2018

Your grace and charm are a key asset in love. You are friendly and also intense, and so those who have caught your eye will certainly get to know how you feel. Even if you try and conceal your emotions, you will still blush and get a twinkle in your eye revealing your emotions.

You may find yourself working with someone who awakens a very sexual side of you – this person may enrage and arouse you in equal proportions, and although a long-term romance may not result, it can be very interesting in the short run.

Valentine’s Day this year is a great one as you are feeling sexually attractive, fit and quite feisty, and are ready to romance and surprise your loved one. Feelings will run high this month, and all intimate relationships will be more intense with heightened responses. Things will not be dull. There must be some compromise regarding your needs versus your partner’s needs to get the best out of your love life this month. Giving equals getting.

Monthly Horoscope 2018 for Capricorn February

You can be very productive this month – you find it easy to translate will into action into results.

There is an interest in physical activity, not only to improve health but also as a way of expressing your competitive side. You may also be interested in something like hatha yoga as a means of physical regeneration. It is a time when you can improve strength, stamina and endurance and so this bodes well for any training or physical improvement regimes you have going. No matter how active or inactive you are, it is time to improve and strengthen your muscles.

This is a time when you can get away with most things as events are going your way. You have courage and will tend to do things without overthinking them, which can often result in vacillation.

A good time to start projects, especially those that involve building something concrete, i.e., DIY, crafts, garden landscaping, ornaments. In many cases, you may decide to improve your home by having a good clearout; transforming a basement into an office; adding a loft or making your garden more conducive to entertaining. Many Capricorn may undertake some serious home alternations with the view to increasing retail value and selling at a profit.

This is a good time for team sports, and you can have great success in competitive ventures.

No matter how busy you are, you have time for others and will lend a helping hand.

Capricorn Career February 2018

You are attuned to the prevailing cultural, social and political trends, and this makes this period excellent for political commentators, journalists and writers who want to capture the public mood. You can use your ability to sense the trends and write about them in a concise and meaningful way to impress your editor, blog followers or the public. It may be that you can either collate information or make sense of complicated news data in a way no one else can.

In any business, you can make money by being the first to cater to a new trend, and so you need to be reading up on the latest celeb trends in fashion and health; the newest technological gadgets, or indeed, if you are in finance or trade you cannot afford to be unaware of global events than can affect the public’s lifestyle choices in general.

Security is bound to be an increasing issue regarding travel and public events, and Capricorn could be instrumental in devising new safety systems.

Face to face selling and marketing can be very effective this month; you need to interact with people so that you can use the personal charm and charisma you have right now to make an impact.

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