Gemini February 2018

Monthly Horoscope 2018 for Gemini February

This month is all about routine and structure. You need to re-establish a work schedule and a sense of order in your life. January was quite an unusual month, but now things are slowly getting back to normal, it will take some effort for you to get back on track. It is important not to let things drift this month; you need to keep on top of things, and that means making notes, to-do lists and keeping a diary.

The important thing in February is new routines rather than sticking to the routines of last year – you need to have a think about what worked for you and what made you feel restricted. Gemini are a sign who like to be flexible; however, some structure can do wonders for your productivity, and it is up to you to put in place the timetables or routines that work for you.

Other people in your life can place restrictions on you and may have somewhat of the Debbie Downer about them. Love partners, business partners or those you have daily contact with in your family may not be very supportive, and they may even be critical and negative. You must not take that negativity on board, and you will need to maintain your own bubble of positivity that others’ vibes cannot penetrate. Be self-reliant this month in terms of your self-esteem and motivation – do not look to others to cheer you on, find the strength within yourself.

You have the ability this month to accurately assess and evaluate situations both personal and business, and this can help you to make some very important decisions. You have a philosophical and almost fatalistic outlook right now – which does not mean you are leaving things to fate, but rather that you can see a bigger picture at work no matter what the short terms holds.

Gemini Love February 2018

Things may be off to a slower start this Valentine’s Day if you are single, but you should not be disappointed as someone you meet at this time can have long-term potential and can be a person who can provide that stability and certainty you are looking for right now. Single Gemini may be attracted to an older partner or perhaps someone of the same age, but with lots more life experience. Gemini may meet a person in a similar career right now, and this can be an excellent union as you will fuel each other’s ambitions and drive each other forward; this is an ideal time for power couples.

This February, there is a focus on the serious side of the relationship: on trust, respect and mutual consideration. There can be romance with Valentine’s Day, but how special this day is will depend on how well the deeper side of the relationship is going. Couples who have strong bonds of trust and respect will have a very loving and intimate Valentine’s Day – probably spent at home with lots of traditional presents and lovemaking. If you feel as if your partner has been distant, then this Valentine’s Day is an excellent time to have a good talk about what is wrong and how to fix it. In all relationships, there should be an emphasis right now on working on things – all relationships are dynamic, and nothing should be taken fore granted; this is the month to put more effort into the parts of the relationship tha are tricky and to look at how you both can go forward together. Think of your love life as a garden that needs constant attention; weeding and feeding to get the most from it and to keep pests and weeds at bay.

Gemini Career February 2018

February will bring reward to those who teach and also to those who are instrumental in change within society. They say children are the future, and that is why Gemini have an excellent opportunity to influence a new generation this month – that can be via sports, education or mentoring. This month is also ideal for all initiatives within your community and for starting projects that have long-terms goals – you have vision right now and can see prospects that others may be too short-sighted to appreciate.

This month is excellent for those who wish to do a promotional push – mass communication methods, i.e. TV, radio, YouTube are favoured. Whatever your message, you have the opportunity to reach new people worldwide and should work at every available communication tool. You have an air of authority right now, and you have confidence in your ideas; thus, you can grab attention, keep that attention and influence people. This is the month for changing people’s attitudes and opinions, and thus perfect for PR and political drives. Gemini, who work in press offices and publicity, can have a great deal of success, and you will find that you can write prolifically and produce a great deal of material. This is a highly creative and productive time for all Gemini – there is a proviso that you should look things over more carefully or get someone to do that for you as the urge is to write and hit SEND without due care and deliberation, and this can be costly in terms of time and money if you make mistakes.

Unlike last month, travel in connection with work or research can be both lucrative and informative. This month is also a month when linking up with action groups and organisations which have synergies with your business can be very helpful in terms of growing and establishing a socially responsible reputation.

You are best working to your own initiative right now as working within teams can feel restrictive and rather suffocating. This is because mentally you are very expansive at the moment, and you need to be able to run with some of your own ideas.

Be creative and bold this month in terms of ideas and creative concepts, and it will pay off.

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