Gemini Horoscope Predictions March 2018

Gemini in March 2018

This month brings some changes and new starts. There is a fresh feeling of change and invigoration in the air, especially within your work and life course. Changes that occur now in terms of career or profession can be quite significant for the long or short-term. Something new you begin right now, either a new role or new task you have to perform, can be an early indication of a new direction your life is taking. It will be more than just a career shift, it will be a career shift that is linked to destiny and purpose.

Even if it is only a minor change of department or role, it will lead to greater responsibility or leadership later down the line. You should take advantage of all opportunities that arise within your workplace, and if you are not employed, you should take on anything offered as even part-time or volunteer work can pay dividends later on in terms of jobs opening up. Students should use this month as a chance to do some part-time work or apply for holiday placements in your target industries.

March can bring moments where you are emotionally uncomfortable but where you are given a chance to turn difficult relationships around. It is also a month of mixed emotions: you will feel excited about new things but sad to let go of what you are leaving behind. There is a very strong urge right now to open new doors for yourself and start doing things differently to change your life for the better; sometimes, however, those decisions you make will take you out of your comfort zone, causing you some insecurity, but you should not look back.

In the last third of the month, avoid extreme sports or exercise and take good care of your back and your bone health. Get a dental check-up.

Gemini Career March 2018

Public scrutiny may affect your work this month, and so make sure that whatever you do can stand up to the test of public opinion. This is a very good time for those of you who work in the media as you can tap into the public mood and adapt your output for maximum effect.

In all careers and jobs, you will be more exposed to members of the public, and you will have to be very patient, which will sometimes be hard, as these encounters can be very frustrating at times. Dealing with aggressive or confrontational members of the public can present some problems, but you should not respond with aggression; be firm, patient and understanding. This may not be a good month for financial decisions as you are inclined to be emotional and impulsive rather than your usual rational self. That said, some serendipitous or chance events may take your business or career in a new direction without you doing anything in particular.

The end of the month (from the 25th) can provide some difficulties with authority or bureaucracy – you will have to grin and bear it as things can be slow and testing, and you may have extra admin or procedure to go through. You should back off at this stage, as this is not a time when being pro-active and expansive works. Ease back and take a cautious approach. If you work in sport or a physically active career, do not push yourself and keep within your limits. Be cautious when operating new machinery and observe all safety precautions and procedures in your work. Do not drive while having stressful phone conversations. You can be very productive right now if you are patient, focused and organised about what you are doing.

Be patient rather than resentful towards any authoritarian person or procedure and play along cheerfully, feeling out the lay of the land. Focus and concentrate hard to avoid errors that can be annoying and problematic.

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