Leo February 2018

Leo Love February 2018

The love light may not be burning bright on Valentine’s Day, but be a little patient as Cupid is not very punctual, and the end of the month will be really excellent for new and old romances.

Leos are feeling good about themselves in Feb and are radiating an inner confidence.

Late February is both harmonious and exciting love-wise. A new romantic partner can open your world to new experiences, and for established couples, your social life will be more exciting. A forgiving, generous and open attitude can help new relationships to develop quickly and with greater meaning within your interactions.

If you have been together for a long time, then this Feb may be the time you finally tie the knot.

Relationships where you grow together and look to the future as a couple will thrive right now, but if you tend to be a couple who harp on old issues and struggle to bury the hatchets, then you can have a hard time now bickering and backbiting, and you may drift apart.

Monthly Horoscope 2018 for Leo February

This is a very good month for any projects that require you to work alone or in seclusion. It is ideal for writing retreats, locking yourself away to hammer out the last draft of a manuscript or academic paper, actors seeking a quiet spot to learn lines or simply getting to grips with an important personal goal without interruption. You will want to focus and will not welcome interruptions. In most matters you must work to your own initiative as others will simply not understand what you are doing and why it matters. It is a time for deeply personal goals, goals which are highly individual and unique to you.

This is also a great month for surprise parties that require extensive planning and must be done ‘top secret’.

February is a very successful time for those of you who compete to entertain – this can mean sportspeople who compete and entertain at the same time or maybe contestants in a quiz or talent show where you are in a competition for your own sake and also for the sake of entertaining.

Relations with authority figures including parents can be strained – you may want their advice and support, but you may resent any interference or control. Sometimes asking advice invites control, and so perhaps you should hold back on asking advice.

Leo Career February 2018

You may be working in an office where the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. Events can be confusing, and the hidden agendas of others may mean that while you are doing the best you can, you are still being undermined. However, if you can stay focused despite others and despite the chaos, then this is a good time for advancement and recognition.

When it comes to criticism, you can be very vulnerable and may be deeply wounded and demoralised by sharp and unfair criticism – even constructive criticism can seem to hit you hard, and the best thing is to take yourself off and surround yourself with things that comfort you and people where you feel protected. You should retreat and switch off totally from the activity where you received the criticism until you have gathered yourself and feel strong enough to determine what was valuable criticism and what was not, and where you want to take things. It is best to think before you react as you may react with emotion and not in a way that is ultimately helpful. This month is a productive one for public relations, industrial relations and contract negotiations with regular trading partners.

Mentally you are very competitive this month, and so it is a good time for debate, but you will have to ensure you do not go overboard and become argumentative. You will struggle not to get heated when contending with differing views.

You may lack patience right now and so work with children can prove stressful and demanding – you may find it hard to control them and cater for their demands. For teachers, childminders and parents, children can prove very trying, and they will push your limits – you may have an easier time if you give in, but that may set a dangerous precedent.

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