Leo Horoscope Predictions March 2018

Leo in March 2018

You should embrace the unexpected this month; Leo are a fixed sign and that means that you value constancy and enjoy stability to a point. This month, the things you rely on can undergo change, and this may arouse insecurities within you, throwing you off balance; you should see this as a time to kick away superficial crutches that you have relied upon, perhaps unnecessarily. This is also a good time to consolidate – i.e. get rid of clothes, shoes, power tools, books, etc. You may even raise some money via a sale.

This is also a good month to save money by use of bundle deals, i.e. getting TV, phone, internet as part of one deal; getting a family cell phone contract; holidaying in a group, etc.

This month you need to take your foot off the gas – the temptation is to keep your foot on the gas and go hell for tilt forward to achieve your aims, but this may not necessarily get you anywhere. Something, i.e. a cold, a technical breakdown, severe weather, etc., may stop you in your tracks. This can be a valuable thing, as while you wait for the cold/weather situation to pass, you may get a new perspective you have totally missed before, which will help you to be more effective when you get started again.

Leo Career March 2018

March is great for raising money for business investment, getting loan extensions or transferring loans to a new bank. There will be an injection of cash into your business from an outside source. It is a good time to apply for sponsorship, a scholarship or a grant. Money will be available, especially if you are busy with a new venture or project.

March is really excellent for the entertainment, hospitality and sporting industries – especially the last part of March. This is a good time to expand, advertise, run promotions or apply for a listing, i.e. AA rating or encourage good reviews.

This is a much better month than February in all activities to do with children and young people. Businesses focused on welfare and expanding the minds of youngsters should thrive. If you run summer camps or youth centres, these activities should gain attention, and you may even gain publicity in the press.

March favours all careers where you use your personality and ability to entertain – this includes teachers, preachers and sales people, along with traditional forms of entertainment. You need to focus on conveying your message in new and creative ways to grab and keep attention – you can be successful no matter what you are saying/selling as long as you can keep your audience’s attention, and so pay great attention in all your presentations to the excitement factor.

You are extremely competitive this month, which will give you a boost in all situations where you need to act decisively, fast and with self-confidence. March is very good for patents – this is a favourable time for inventors to apply for patents and sell their ideas.

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