Libra February 2018

Libra Love February 2018

Flurries of romantic communications will begin soon after Valentine’s Day, indicating that whatever the night may hold, you will soon be in for some flirting, which can lead to romance.

New love arises this month with people who you disagree with – the spark of debate is what will draw you to a new person, and the energy of the mental jousting will drive the romance forward.

In all relationships, Libra are looking for attention, respect and consistency, and you will gravitate to partners who are warm and able to show emotion. This is not a year when Libra love the chase; no, you want to be chased and appreciated, and so whether you are dating or in a permanent relationship, you will expect your partner to be forthcoming with romantic gestures and to initiate lovemaking frequently.

In new relationships, Libra will be turned on by thoughtfulness and the ability of the other person to charm. Libra will not have patience for any lover whom the Libran needs to argue constantly with to ensure the relationship stays on track. Fairness matters, and when Librans feel that they are giving more than they are receiving, they may quickly lose interest.

Librans who are married or in permanent relationships can be very dramatic this month and may shock their partners by how warm and affectionate they can be one moment and how feisty the next. Librans are not doing half measures right now, and so their partners need to shape up in every way as Librans are after excitement, drama and passion, especially at month end.

Monthly Horoscope 2018 for Libra February

Your direction and creative focus are back, and efforts you put in will have a more predictable effect. This month is ideal for organising affairs relating to your home life and property, i.e., insurance, negotiating rental agreements, looking for new places to stay or arranging passports and personal documentation. Finishing what you start is vital right now, and you do not want loose ends and half-done projects hanging about. If it is clear that you no longer want to complete something you had begun, let anyone concerned know and cancel it – get it out of your hair. Librans are not the sort of people who do things if they are not enjoying them, although you can often delay in making that final break – use this month to call time on anything you lose interest in. This is also a very good time to analyse your bank statement for any direct debits or costs for items you signed up for and no longer make use of – various types of insurance, and also webinars and internet learning tools are like this.

February is a very good time for those learning trades and skills where you use your hands, from plumbing to painting to hairdressing.

Libra Career February 2018

This month is ideal for sales and promotion. If you are on a commission or franchise related scheme, this month will be an excellent one where your efforts will pay off financially. February is especially good for sales of cars, machinery, appliances and sports equipment.

Decisions about whether to buy or lease equipment or vehicles can be tricky this month and should not be made lightly; you should fully analyse the tax benefits of each option before you proceed. You should also be fully aware of your rights with leased property, i.e. who is responsible for insurance, repair costs, etc. and if there is a right to buy clause.

You should also take necessary steps to protect your property this month, and that means protecting your systems from hackers, security against burglary, and also making sure your intellectual property is not stolen. In an office situation, make sure that your ideas are recognised as your ideas and that someone else does not rise on the back of your hard work or creativity.

February is a very busy month for any of you who work in construction or do manual work outdoors – you can achieve a great deal and take on more work than usual.

Watch your outgoings carefully this month as although it is a good month financially, you may still have a shortage of cash due to timing issues on credit you offer or late payments from clients.

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