Libra Horoscope Predictions March 2018

Libra in March 2018

The theme this month is work and fitness, and how your work life can impact on your health.

It is almost time for Spring if you are in the Northern Hemisphere, and Librans are ready for a fresh new approach to health and fitness – this is an ideal time to initiate a change in diet or even in the way you eat, i.e., moving from microwave to steamed or getting a pressure cooker. You may switch away from pastries and heavy food to salads and pulses. You need not adopt a strict new dietary regime; it is more about small changes that will make a big difference and can be exciting rather than daunting to implement.

Regarding fitness, you may find that a new job means that you are more active anyway regarding the role you perform. You may indeed change from a job where you did a large amount of driving to one on which you are more desk based, and thus have more of a chance to stretch and move about. If you are unemployed, you may well find work this month, and by having a job, you will lose weight and be more active.

Lifestyle choices are in focus right now, and you need to be more aware of how these affect your long-term health. It is not just about diet; although you can indeed look at reducing how much processed meat you eat, you may also look beyond diet to the amount of time you spend in the sun; exposure to noise pollution or back strain, etc.

Libra Career March 2018

A highly auspicious time for any Libran beginning a new job or a new role with your current employer. It is also a good time to recruit or sign up with an employment agency.

Work-life balance cannot be ignored right now – if you are continually under stress at work, and this is having a negative impact on your health; this is the month when you have the power to change that. You need to explore ways to break the cycle of stress and long hours. A new role at work or maybe the same role in a different firm could change your life. If you work for yourself, you should consider how you could outsource, hire an assistant or even a virtual assistant. You can also reduce your workload by carefully weeding out work you do for others which they should be doing for themselves – be cruel to be kind, and make sure you do not help out others at your own expense; let them stand on their own two feet.

Clear plans are important right now as you cannot be hopeful about a good outcome if you have not been systematic in your approach. Make sure you dot i’s and cross t’s and do it while you have the chance and not as an afterthought as that can take up far too much time.

At work and especially in creative fields, you are under pressure to show that your ideas can work and are practicable – this means your planning and implementation skills will be tested. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. In some cases, you will need to see if you can apply new skills that you have learned, and it may not be as easy as you thought, so allow yourself time for trial and error and practice.

A very gruelling month for those in journalism and media as you will have tight deadlines and targets and will have to follow strict guidelines – you will have more limited scope and resources to work with as well.

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