Libra Weekly Horoscope February 2018

Libra Weekly Horoscope: 29th Jan. to 4th February 2018

Between 1st & 2nd you’ll pass time in exchanging jokes and in merri-ment. May buy something new forthe house. You’ll get very many opportunities for progress. You’ll find ample time for relaxation. Between 3rd & 4th you’ll have full support from the high officials. You’ll get the adequate reward of your labour. Worries and tension will be much reduced. The coming phase may give you very good results. In the political sphere you’ll get a good hold. Between 2nd & 4th success in test/competition will be assured. Avoid all no. two dealings during this phase, although your rivals may not be able to stay before you. You’ll gain in knowledge and financially you’ll be very strong.

Libra Weekly Horoscope: 5th to 11th February 2018

Between 8th & 9th you’ll receive some adverse news about your some relation or friend. Be guarded against your enemies moves. In a fit of anger you may convert some of your close one into a bitter enemy. Business loss, clashes in the family, differences with the seniors will be the cause of your irritation, so try to be cool during this phase. Between 9th & 11th Feb. exalted Jupiter will help you settle your all govt. related cases. Progeny’s some act may make you feel proud. Positive thinking and brimful confidence will help you succeed in your endeavours, whose results will be quite beneficial. Banking, insurance and investment related activities will keep you busy between 10th & 11th but mentally you’ll feel quite satisfied. Senior family members will bless you, though you’ll tend to go astray from your mission. On 11th your business prospects will get more consolidated. Your boss and seniors will remain pleased with you.

Libra Weekly Horoscope: 12th to 18th February 2018

On 16th you’ll gain in your business or profession; may also recover your long held up money. You will be inspired to start some new work. Seeing the usefulness of old plan’s implementation you may take some vital decision as well. Between 17th & 18th you could be drawn in some controversy. Some mysterious events may interest you. Marital discord may also emerge. Some senior family member’s ill-health may make you visit hospital. You’ll worship Lord Shiv ritually during this phase. Between 16th & 18th Feb. guests may come. In the govt. or quasi – State matters you may attain partial success. A chance meeting with an old friend or associate may gladden your heart. Between 15th & 18th your court-cases related to property may be favourably decided. You’ll pass time in merry-making. On 18th your health may improve.

Libra Weekly Horoscope: 19th to 25th February 2018

On 24th you may succeed in love affairs. With your intellectual and mental abilities you’ll add to your profit. But between 23th & 25th you may also suffer heavy losses. During this phase you must take your decision after much deliberation. Any callousness in your professional work may have serious consequences. Between 24th & 25th no matter what the sphere be – economic, social or political – you will make valiant efforts which may give you favourable results later on. Your colleagues or seniors may be constrained to praise your intelligence and capabilities. In this favourable phase you may have a good monetary gain as well.

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