Monthly Love Horoscope March 2018 for 12 Signs

Aries Monthly Love Horoscope March 2018

Whereas last month you found it hard to understand where your partner was coming from; this month you are highly attuned to his/her needs and are understanding the dynamics of the relationship at a deeper level. The deeper aspects of the relationship will come to the fore. Relationships that are built on superficial values will tend to crumble right now, but those based on true love and spiritual connection will experience a greater togetherness.

You can be very helpful to your partner this month, and you may look after them through an illness or help them with an issue at work – you will enjoy being selfless and putting yourself second.

Single Arians may well be attracted to someone due to a chemistry that is so strong that factors like age, distance, culture, etc. can have no bearing on the feelings that develop. Romantic feelings this month are very much based on a connection of energies and a feeling of destiny. For those of you who have recently had a bad experience in love, this month can have a healing effect that can lead to better relationships and greater self-awareness. Inner qualities matter to you right now far more than physical attributes, and you have a greater awareness of the inner nature of others.

Secret love affairs are possible this month – there may be unusual circumstances in your love life that mean your blossoming relationship has to be kept secret in the short term. Long distance relationships are also possible.

Taurus Monthly Love Horoscope March 2018

Your partner may feel a little insecure right now; this may partly be due to the time you are spending with friends. Dealing with other people’s insecurity and the way that insecurity makes them react, can try your patience. You are going to have to put a great deal of effort into the relationship, and this can in part be due to having to assuage fears and help your partner gain confidence.

This can be a very good month for relationships as long as you are allowed a degree of freedom. You need quite a large degree of freedom this year, not only in a physical sense but in an emotional and intellectual sense as this is a year of exploring and learning to know yourself better, and you cannot do that when you are always putting your needs second.

In marriages, both of you need to guard against taking each other for granted and being complacent – in fact, some time apart pursuing individual needs can also be the tonic you need. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Take responsibility for your own happiness this month and do not be reliant on your loved one’s emotional responses for your inner well-being.

New relationships can get off to a very fast start with a chemistry that gets sparks flying; however, if you are emotionally needy right now, the relationship may not be fulfilling for you. New relationships will be more adventurous and uplifting rather than cosy and romantic.

Gemini Monthly Love Horoscope March 2018

You and your partner may be working at cross-purposes – it may be that you are more ambivalent about where either the relationship is at or about where you both are heading. It may be that you feel a strong need to say “STOP, I need to have my say.” Another issue that may arise in relationships is that while you are trying to be as concerned and helpful to your partner as you can, he may not be responding to that, and that may mean your concern turns quickly into anger born out of frustration. You have to know when to back off and when you also need a mental rest from certain issues that your partner is going through; you cannot take everything onto yourself; at some point, he/she has to deal with what they are going through in their own way.

It is a stressful time for relationships this month, and you do need external distractions and some space – it is possible that space may be at a premium right now as you will tend to be thrown together by circumstances and the fact that you will need to deal with domestic matters as a team, but you still need to find ways to get into your own mental space so you can see clearly what is best for you and the relationship. Part of the reason for this stress in March is the fact that your relationship is entering a new phase, and you have yet to find your feet.

Newer relationships can be very up and down this month as you will be rather confused about the other person and they about you – it will be a classic case of “How will I know he really loves me?” but you will have to feel things out and go with the flow – you should avoid arguing even when you feel it is necessary and wait to see how feelings develop. It is likely that this person is bringing out a new side of you that you are not used to, and you are a little uncomfortable with that.

Cancer Monthly Love Horoscope March 2018

Tact and cooperation are essential this month – it’s not what you say but how you say it. Being pressed for time, you may choose the wrong words and may cause offense or hurt without even realising it. You can also be abrupt and irritable, and you need to think more about your partner’s needs as you may be a little focused on yourself.

This month is tougher for those Cancerians married or involved with people who are similar in nature, especially if they are Libra, Aries or Capricorn – the more similar you are, the more you will clash, especially over issues to do with the home and your respective parents. One of the problems in relationships is competitiveness – trying to outdo each other or oneupmanship. You need to back off with the competitiveness as it takes two to play that game, and as soon as one of you back away, this will immediately improve. Focus on being mutually supportive rather than trying to undermine each other.

Relationships, where you are both very different, can flourish right now and avoid some of the problems of competitiveness that very similar couples face.

In new relationships, avoid dating people in your profession or industry. For all Cancerians looking for new relationships in 2018, you will find that if you go for Scorpio, Taurus, Pisces and Virgo, you will have fewer challenges; relationships with Aries, Capricorn and Libra will tend to come with heavy karma and will require far more strength to make work.

Leo Monthly Love Horoscope March 2018

Relationships mean letting go this month. Especially in new relationships; you may have to let something go to move forward with the relationship – i.e. deciding which of you will give up their flat so you can move in together; your partner may demand that you lessen ties with former boy/girlfriends who you still have good relationships with; there may be issues to do with religion as well. These issues will challenge you to work out exactly how far you will go for this relationship – what you will give up and where the lines are. It can be a revealing phase in your life, and it will force you to analyse what really does matter deep down and where you are not prepared to compromise. There may be circumstances where you need to choose between your family or a parent and your new partner – we cannot be all things to all people, and yet sometimes those close want a big piece of us. We only have so much time, and so it can be a diplomatic exercise moving your attention away from one person to another, especially when you are in a new relationship.

Control and power issues will also arise in all relationships, both new and old, and you need to find different ways of dealing with them – more maturity and understanding of the core psychology is needed.

It can be testing to merge your values, and at times you can be miles apart in terms of your approach – you may need to be more accepting of your partner’s views and moral attitudes. This is most difficult when children are involved or even finances as you both have very different priorities. You need to start a new page in terms of how you deal with these issues – perhaps an ongoing discussion rather than acting behind each other’s backs. Be upfront, do not conceal your views, and try not to force for your own way at all costs.

If your sex life has become mechanical and unfulfilling, this is a month when you can turn that around and reignite a spark and some excitement; there is more passion and feeling in relationships right now, and conflict can actually be the gateway to better understanding and better sex.

The deeper side of relationships cannot be ignored, and so contentious issues will surface and will demand your attention – the trick is looking at old problems with a new perspective and taking them forward, not being dragged into the same old arguments.

Virgo Monthly Love Horoscope March 2018

March is a wonderful month for marriage and engagements. This month is terrific for forming new love relationships.

If things have been tough in your marriage this month, there can be a sudden improvement and change of fortunes. In any event, there is a fresh new feel to relationships with added spark and a renewed sense of love and compromise.

The last week of this month is auspicious for home moves, especially if you are moving to another country. A move to the country from the city may also herald a new phase for you both.

The theme is ‘a new start’ in relationships, and that new start may be precipitated by a new family member arriving, i.e. a baby or a new home, or one of you who is now able to spend more time with family due to a job change. Changes in your home life and relationship changes go hand in hand, and both mark an exciting new phase that offers more fulfilment and happiness.

Libra Monthly Love Horoscope March 2018

This is a testing time for relationships and commitment; loyalty and trust are all issues that will be put to the test. In some ways, you may want to reset the rules or lay down the law to your partner to make it clear what you will or will not tolerate. It can also be a time to reset boundaries and work through problems you are having – although the results will not come overnight. Problems that arise right now will linger and take time to get out of your system.

You may withdraw in relationships now partly due to your own doubts – it may well be that you are exaggerating problems, and yet you cannot be hurried, you can only work through things in your own time. This is a time where you need extra emotional support and some TLC from your partner as you are not at your highest ebb. You also need space.

If there is one thing Libra cannot stand this month in love, it is pressure or nagging – any form of control will alienate you and can damage new relationships.

You have great compassion for others right now and that taken too far can lead to a sense of being used, after which you almost have to withdraw and re-centre yourself. Balance and give and take in relationships is the key right now, and much of the month will be devoted to getting into a groove where you are happy with the respective giving and taking.

Relationships built on weak foundations will struggle with the demands of this month that are intense; good solid relationships will evolve and improve.

Scorpio Monthly Love Horoscope March 2018

Single Scorpio are taking chances in love as well this month – you may take the plunge and ask someone out, join a dating agency or propose. This is a time to be carefree in love, so be spontaneous and see what happens. Your love life is ripe with potential, and Cupid is just waiting for a chance to strike.

What is great about March is that it signifies a new start romantically: so if you are in a relationship and feel the spark has gone out, this month will bring the excitement back. By the same token, if you have held back emotionally in your relationship due to insecurity stemming from past relationships, this is a time when you can break free of those fears and take your romantic relationship to a new level.

Individuality matters to Scorpio in relationships, and you want to be seen as a person with a partner, rather than part of a couple – this can mean you are less compromising in the relationship and more confident about expressing your need for some freedom and more control over your life. This can be a liberating time for Scorpio who have felt a little dominated or even in the shadow of their spouse – circumstances will shine the spotlight on you and give you more personal power.

Sagittarius Monthly Love Horoscope March 2018

This month is very much about you and your personality – you have the ability to shape relationships for better or for worse by your attitude and approach. Sometimes you give off subconscious messages that are more powerful than what you are actually saying. You need to listen to feedback from your partner so that you can acquire greater self-awareness, as some of your behaviour patterns are so ingrained and automatic that you do not notice them. If you want your relationships to be more mutually supportive and loving, and you want your partner to be more responsive to your needs, then you need to understand your needs better and also your triggers. What makes you feel happy and secure and why? What makes you angry and why? There are many trigger issues linked to past relationships that still carry a shadow in your current relationships; this month is about tempering your own reactions and thereby engendering better and more supportive reactions from your partner.

Sagittarians are in need of depth and emotional closeness to feel secure, not only in the relationship but in life in general. And yet, you cannot expect others to provide what you cannot give yourself – this is why love in relationships starts with approving of and loving yourself. Love is an insideout experience. Love yourself, transform your love life.

Capricorn Monthly Love Horoscope March 2018

Good communication runs both ways, and you need to remember that in March – listen and try to understand; hear the words and the feelings and emotions behind those words. Sometimes, Capricorn focuses on the surface value of the words and not on what is really being said – read between the lines as often the truth is subtle.

Your need for sexual fulfilment may be frustrated due to the many hassles and last minute problems that crop up this month. It is not that you don’t feel amorous, but you are impatient, and may thus choose the wrong times to make a move. Your partner may not appreciate being rushed, and it may seem that you do not have time for the finer, more sensual part of lovemaking.

You need a certain amount of privacy this month, and if you feel as if your partner is constantly asking what you are doing or watching over your shoulder, you will feel both angry and resentful. Simmering tensions and emotions that bubble under the surface are a problem, which is why better communication can help. You need to keep communication to the point, as when conversations go on too long, they can descend into the trivial. Have clear, concise conversations and do not allow anger to build up – make it clear you need some space.

Aquarius Monthly Love Horoscope March 2018

Financial affairs between couples are complicated right now, and those of you who are getting together may have to have lengthy discussions about prenups – however, it can be very diplomatic and constructive. You should not be daunted in dealing with the money side of the relationship, no matter how hard it has been in the past, as you can make a new start.

New relationships that start now are very compelling and exciting; in fact, that can consume you and take you to a new level of awareness. Your senses are keenly attuned now, and so you can enjoy sex like never before as you can appreciate even the smallest touch or sexual nuance. You may be drawn to someone almost irrationally; it is a blind kind of love that is exciting, baffling and dynamic.

Aquarians do not like losing control emotionally; you like to stay somewhat aloof and rational, and yet you may find this new person makes you react more impulsively and erratically.

All relationships now are about opening you up and allowing you to experience emotional growth and a better understanding of the underlying emotions and dynamic at play in the relationship. Psychological games can only limit understanding, and so for any relationship to grow and prosper further, these need to be eradicated and that requires maturity and selfhonesty from you both. Events now in relationships are revealing regarding laying bare repressed hurts, emotions and manipulative actions – the great thing is that once revealed, they can be dealt with. Sexually, you need to look at every aspect of sex from foreplay, touching, timing, pace and anticipating the other’s needs.

New relationships may have to face barriers like distance, existing relationships (you or your partner may not have severed all ties with your previous partner) or parental disapproval.

Pisces Monthly Love Horoscope March 2018

Platonic love is very important this month. Loving friendships with the opposite sex can be extremely fulfilling and can fill a gap in your life emotionally. You may be more involved with a platonic friend than with your partner this month, and this could cause some jealousy. However, you have something your friend needs, and they have something to give back to you, and so it is mutually supportive and beneficial. Platonic friendships can give you what a marriage partner cannot right now.

You are trying to be all things to all people this month and for you it is not a bad thing as you are enjoying it and gaining emotionally – however, you may find your marriage partner or boyfriend does not understand this and feels neglected; you will have to use your diplomatic skills to explain that it is a phase, and it is working for you.

This is a month when Pisces are extremely attractive and quite enchanting – many may fall under your spell, and you should be careful not to break hearts as you may inadvertently lead others on. Be careful that your friendliness is not taken for more. Single Pisces will enjoy the company of many, but will be unlikely to start anything serious.

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