Pisces February 2018

Pisces Love February 2018

There is a desire for unorthodox romance and the pursuit of romance in a way that is unconventional. So Pisces are ready for a Valentine’s Day that is highly original and also action packed. You will not just sit back and allow this month to pass you by romantically, and you will do what you have to, to spice things up in your marriage and get the ball rolling in the bedroom.

Love this month is all about imagination, and Valentine gifts should be unique and personalised rather than mere material tokens. A piece of poetry or music will inspire you far more than chocolates or perfume as you want to know that there was thought or feeling behind it. Likewise, you will concentrate on giving your partner a Valentine’s Day that is memorable regarding the thoughtfulness and the initiative that you have taken.

Romantic attractions for those who are single can be sudden and casual, not necessarily lasting. Pisces are interested in new experiences with others this year and are unlikely to take the first person that comes along and settle into a relationship with them.

A lover must be a friend – new relationships have to have a strong intellectual element.

Monthly Horoscope 2018 for Pisces February

This is a very busy month, and you will have to show your ability to follow through and stick with things despite obstacles. Resolve and resilience will be tested, and yet the rewards can be great. Feeling a bit down is merely due to feeling tired more than emotional issues – it is very important to take supplements, i.e., ginseng. ginkgo and guarana and vitamin B with plenty of water to help you maintain energy levels. Avoid heavy meals that are rich in creamy sauces or pastry.

It is important to pace yourself, and you should remember to build up to things rather than hitting the ground running wherever possible. Career dominates this month, and social life can suffer; this should not bother you as you are very focused on achievement and happy to make sacrifices.

You do need to dig deep and back yourself this month as often the support you desire is not forthcoming, and tiredness can make you more vulnerable to criticism. Parental criticism can be more painful than usual as it may reflect your inner fears and doubts – this can help you to shore up areas where you lack confidence. Any criticism should make you more determined and should not dissuade you.

You should not allow yourself to be defined by what others say or think – this marks one of the first opportunities you have this year to draw a distinction between taking advice and criticism on board without becoming overwhelmed by it. No matter what others say and think, your life is your unique experience, and you should also be placing your unique mark on it, even if that defies convention and upsets conservative thinkers.

Pisces Career February 2018

Structured advancement is important in career – this is not a month where you will have an unexpected promotion or opportunity, this is a month where those of you who have worked many years to further your career can make a breakthrough. This month is very good for those of you making your way in organisations or public service that is very hierarchical and authoritarian. Morally you will be tested by some unusual situations where it is not clear cut what is right or wrong, and you will have to be brave in sticking to your guns and doing what feels right to you.

This month is very exciting for those of you who work in the art world as collectors, dealers or curators as you may have a chance to deal with many unusual and ancient pieces.

Aquarians who work in fields involving electronic art forms, i.e., music production, graphic design, video editing or any other art form that is heavily digitalized can have great success. This is also ideal for the development of computer programs to facilitate design and composition.

In any career, it is important to be seen to play the game – so that means networking with the ‘right’ people and going through the required motions. While this may seem annoying and even ‘fake’, it is a necessary evil. So do what you have to do, even if unpalatable, i.e., attending boring dinners and talks as it can still work in your favour.

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